The 4 Types of Blackjack Players

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Frank Scoblete is probably the most well-known gambling author today, and he provides a great deal of good advice. But I don’t agree with everything he puts out.

In one article I read of his, Scoblete broke down the universe of blackjack players into three groups. The three groups were counters, strategy players, and “stupid” players.

I personally believe there are actually four types of blackjack players, and because I don’t believe in labeling a particular group of people “stupid,” I’ve categorized it a bit differently.

It’s also important to understand that you get to choose which type of player you are when you play casino blackjack. You may belong to one of the four groups listed below, but if you don’t like which group you belong to, you can move to another.

Keep reading to find out what type of blackjack player you are, and how you can move to a different group if you want to.

1 – Advantage Blackjack Players

The most successful group of blackjack players are advantage players. This includes good card counters, hole card players, shuffle trackers, and ace sequence players. This group is the only type of blackjack player that wins in the long run.

It’s important to understand that some card counters don’t actually do it well enough to win.

While there’s nothing wrong with counting cards in a way that’s not perfect, it does kind of defeat the purpose if you try to do it and don’t put in enough effort to do it well.

The only things keeping strategy players from joining the advantage player group are lack of knowledge and effort. Anyone who can learn to play perfect blackjack strategy is capable of joining the advantage player group.

2 – Perfect Strategy Blackjack Players

This group of blackjack players understands the rules, and they use the best possible strategy in every situation. When I say “understands the rules,” I mean they know which combination of available rules offer the lowest house edge and they always try to play in games with good rules.

When you use perfect blackjack strategy combined with good rules, you keep the house edge lower than 0.5%. This is a smart way to play, and when you earn comps while playing, you can play blackjack with the lowest possible edge without being an advantage player.

Casino Chips Along Casino Table, Blackjack Cards Floating

The truth is that everyone that isn’t an advantage blackjack player should belong to this group. This is because it only takes about 15 minutes to learn the difference between a table with good rules and bad rules. And you can use a strategy chart or card while you play to make sure you always make the best possible play.

In truth, there’s absolutely no excuse to belong to one of the two groups below. If you’re not an advantage player and aren’t in this group yet, take a few minutes to learn about blackjack rules and get a strategy card. This will be the most profitable step you’ve ever made in your gambling career.

3 – Ignorant Blackjack Players

Ignorant is a word that’s often used in a derogatory way, but it simply means you don’t know something. Many blackjack players are ignorant because they don’t know how the rules change the house edge and they don’t understand how powerful basic blackjack strategy is.

With the vast amount of information available today, you don’t have to remain ignorant. This is especially true about blackjack and other casino games.

You can access more information about gambling than ever before. You can read books at the library, buy books in bookstores and online, and access thousands of pages of information online using your phone or computer.

When you start playing blackjack, you’re ignorant. As you play, you learn more about the game. You’re already moving out of the ignorant group of blackjack players because you’re reading this page. Make the next step and join the perfect strategy group that I discussed in the last section.

4 – The Worst Blackjack Players

Sadly, it seems like most blackjack players fall into this group. This is the group that Frank Scoblete puts the “stupid” players in. Players in this group make poor playing decisions based on the way they feel or based on past experience that isn’t backed up by mathematical facts.

Players that take insurance in blackjack and do things like splitting face cards and fives are in this category. If you don’t know why these plays are bad, you should learn why. Or you can continue playing the same way that you play now.

Making mistakes and bad plays at the blackjack table doesn’t hurt anyone but you. Bad plays cost you money, drain your bankroll faster, and are a waste of time and money. The worst thing about it is that it’s not hard to move from this group to the perfect strategy group.

Casino Blackjack Table

Players in the perfect strategy group never take insurance, never split face cards or fives, and make every single playing decision based on the best possible outcome. Blackjack strategy has been designed using computer programs that calculate the best possible play in every situation. The plays are based on solid mathematical principles that don’t leave any room for variation in play.

You can’t judge a blackjack player by a single hand. While all perfect strategy blackjack players should be making the same plays on every hand, when you move to the advantage play group you learn there are certain times when altering your play is more profitable.

While it’s true that you should never take insurance as a strategy player, there are only a few times when it’s the best play as an advantage player. The difference is that the advantage players know for a fact when it’s the best play based on math, and everyone else is just guessing.

How to Change Your Group

The only two types of blackjack players that you should be are advantage or perfect strategy. If you don’t belong to one of these two groups, you can change it today. Do it now. I’m serious! There’s no reason to remain in the ignorant or worst player group.

Join the Perfect Strategy Group

  1. Start by learning how blackjack rules change the house edge.
  2. Once you learn how to find games with good rules, use a strategy card or chart, like the one down below:

Blackjack Strategy Chart

Once you master the rules and strategy, you can start working toward joining the advantage player blackjack group.

Join the Advantage Player Group

Don’t start thinking about advantage play until you master strategy. Without perfect strategy, card counting won’t help you as much.

  1. Find a card counting system and learn everything you can about it.
  2. Practice your chosen system until you can use it perfectly.

I recommend using either the Hi Lo blackjack card counting system or the Red 7 or KO system. The Hi Lo is the most popular and is proven to work.

The main difference between the Hi Lo and the Red 7 and KO is you don’t have to make a second number conversion using the Red 7 and KO. Some players find this easier.

It’s not hard to be a good blackjack player. It’s not even really hard to be an advantage player. It just takes a little bit of work and dedication. The most important thing is to understand where you are now and decide that you want to change.

Once you decide to move up to a higher group there’s plenty of information available about how to do it. All you have to do is find it, and I’ve given you everything you need here.


Now that you know what type of blackjack player you are, have you decided to change your group? If you’re in one of the last two groups, I urge you to move up to the perfect strategy group. I’ve shown you how easy it is to change, so there’s no excuse to stay where you are.

If you’re already in the perfect strategy group, consider adding card counting to your strategy. It’s easier than most people believe and within a couple of weeks, you could be playing break even against the casino or better.