The 3 Best Casino Games to Use Hole Card Spying With

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Smart gamblers know how to find profitable opportunities and know how to take advantage of these opportunities. Hole carding is one of the most profitable opportunities you can use when you gamble.

In this post, you’re going to learn what hole carding is, how to find the best hole carding opportunities, and the best three games for hole carding.

You can’t use hole carding every time you gamble, but it’s a skill that’s profitable when you can use it. So every gambler needs to know how to use hole carding so you can take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.

What Is Hole Carding?

Some casino games are dealt with at least one card face down in front of the dealer, called hole cards. If you know the value of at least one hole card in these games, you can make a profit. But, of course, you’re not supposed to be able to see the value of hole cards.

In most casino games, you never get the opportunity to see the value of a hole card. But in some games, you can see the value of hole cards if you know how to look.

In the next section, you’re going to learn how to find hole carding opportunities. Then you’re going to learn the three best games to use hole carding with when you gamble.

Casinos don’t want you to see the value of hole cards because they lose money when you see the cards. The casinos train their dealers to deal so you can’t see the cards, but some dealers don’t deal correctly. When a dealer doesn’t deal correctly, it gives you an opportunity.

How to Find Hole Carding Opportunities

The best way to find hole carding opportunities is to look for them. What I mean is that you have to use your eyes to see hole cards.

If you’re not watching the cards as the dealer passes them out and watching the dealer’s hands, you’re never going to see hole cards. So the first step is to watch the dealer and cards closely.

It helps if you sit in a particular seat at the table. For example, sitting directly in front of the dealer can be a good seat, or sitting in the seat opposite of the dealer’s dominant hand can also be a good seat.

If the dealer deals with her right hand, the best view might be to her left. But some dealers are more likely to flash cards to their dominant hand side. Of course, every dealer is different, but the seat directly in front of the dealer or all the way to one side of the dealer are the best options.

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The best way to see hole cards is to practice. When a dealer flashes a card, you aren’t going to see it for long. So you need to learn how to identify cards with just a glimpse of the card. You can practice this at home by quickly flashing cards.

As you watch dealers, you will identify the dealers who are most likely to show hole cards. Keep a mental note of these dealers so you can try different seats at their table every time you’re in the casino.


Imagine sitting at a live dealer blackjack table, and the dealer has a jack showing, and you have a hard 16. If you don’t know the value of the other dealer card, you’re in a tough situation. The best play is usually hitting your hard 16, but you can make a better decision if you know what the other dealer card is.

For example, if the other dealer card is a five or six, the most profitable play is to stand on your hard 16 and hope the dealer busts. But if you know the dealer has a 17 or higher, your only hope to win is to hit.

Blackjack offers the best opportunity for profiting from hole carding. More blackjack games are offered than other table games, and you can directly use any hole card information you get to make profitable decisions.

You have to be careful when using hole card information when you play blackjack. If you make plays that are too far from the way you usually play, the casino can figure out somethings wrong. Casinos don’t like losing money, and if they think you have an advantage, they’re going to take the advantage away.

The last thing you want to do is alert the casino that a dealer gives you information. The only way to continue taking advantage of a dealer who flashes hole cards is to keep the information from the casino as long as possible.

Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride poker is a game that can be profitable if you can see the value of at least one hole card. When you play, Let It Ride, you have to decide whether to pull a bet back or let all of your bets ride.

If you know you have a winning hand, you leave all of your bets out. But you often don’t know if you have a winning hand until the cards are revealed. So it’s clear you can make a profit if you know the value of at least one hole card.

You can make profitable decisions when you know you have a winning hand and when you know you don’t have a winning hand. For example, if you have a king and see a hole card is a king, you leave all of your bets out.

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But if you have a flush draw and know that you can’t complete a flush because a hole card doesn’t match your suit, you pull back as many bets as you can.

Let It Ride is better than blackjack for hole carding in some ways. The main reason why hole carding is better in Let It Ride than blackjack is because the casino doesn’t watch the Let It Ride tables for weird play as much as the casinos watch the blackjack tables.

In other words, it’s easier to get away with hole carding when you play Let It Ride than getting away with hole carding when you play blackjack.

Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud poker is a good option for hole carding for the same reasons as Let It Ride. Mississippi Stud poker has face-down cards, and you have to decide how much you bet at different times during the hand.

When you know the value of at least one hole card, you can bet more if you have a winning hand and bet less when you know you’re not likely to have a winning hand.

The casinos don’t watch the Mississippi Stud poker tables as closely as they watch the blackjack tables. You still have to avoid making plays that are too far from normal, but you can get away with a lot more playing Mississippi Stud poker than when you play blackjack.

Is It Dangerous to Use Hole Carding?

The main danger of using hole carding is when the casino figures out that they have a dealer that is flashing cards, and then replaces the dealer. You don’t want the casino to learn they have a dealer giving information away because if they replace the dealer, you can no longer take advantage of the situation.

Using your eyes and mind to make a profit in a casino isn’t illegal. For example, when you see the value of a hole card, you can use the information. But the casinos have the power to stop you from using the information if they learn that you have it.

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The casinos’ power might not seem fair, but the laws state that the casino can replace a dealer, and the casino can deny you service. Denying service means that the casino can make you stop playing any game, and they don’t have to offer a reason.

You won’t be arrested for using hole card information, but the casino might hassle you. So never tell anyone that you see hole cards, and never make it obvious that you have information that you don’t have.

In Summary

Hole carding is one of the most profitable tricks you can use in a casino. Unfortunately, most dealers don’t show their cards, but when you find a dealer who does offer a hole card opportunity, you need to be ready to take advantage of the situation.

Every time you’re playing at a casino table, keep your eyes glued to the dealer’s hands and the cards. Sit in different seats to see where you have the best view. And keep track of the dealers who give you the best opportunity to make a profit.