The 2 Best Las Vegas Hotels Without Casinos

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When I was a kid, Las Vegas was not a place where families would plan their summer vacations. Las Vegas, even ten or twenty years ago, was a hotspot for casino and show-goers as well as a place that men and women both often would enjoy their bachelor parties—it wasn’t exactly family friendly. Thankfully, there are now plenty of Las Vegas hotels without casinos attached that families can spend their time in if they want to enjoy Vegas.

Although Las Vegas is still a place for bachelor parties (as well as a place for casino and show goers), it doesn’t have that “anti-family” vibe that it used to have.

Nowadays, Las Vegas is a place for families with children just as much as it is for partiers and gamblers.

There are more and more exciting events and attractions that parents can take their kids to added on the strip each year. In 2020, you’ll find more family resorts in Las Vegas than ever before. If you are thinking of places to take the family to for your next family vacation, don’t let the idea of heading to Las Vegas slip through the cracks!

When trying to choose the right place for everyone to crash after a busy (yet fun and exciting) day, you might want to look into a few resort or hotel options that don’t include a casino. Here are two of the best Las Vegas hotels without casinos.

1- Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Casinos can definitely be a problem for families who are visiting Las Vegas and just want to focus on the kids for the trip. Maybe you are a family that brought young children to Las Vegas. The thought of staying at a hotel or resort that has smoking inside due to the 24-hour, round-the-clock operating casino is probably not the greatest idea.

Thankfully, Las Vegas does have a number of high-quality hotels that don’t have a casino and are perfect for families (or just visitors who are sensitive to cigarette smoke or simply don’t want to inhale secondhand smoke for hours at a time during their trip).

The Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas is an absolutely fantastic friendly friendly resort that keeps the kids away from the casino nightlife and loudness while still being close enough to actual casinos (in case Mom or Dad wants to sneak off after the kiddos fall asleep to play a little poker or blackjack).

You can find the Four Seasons Hotel sitting on top of Mandalay Bay Resort, occupying the top 5 floor floors of the resort. This gives the Four Seasons the feeling of being far away from the craziness and nightlife of Vegas.

The kids will be able to sleep fine without hearing crazy yelling or drama from people who have had too much to drink at the casino, but you’ll still be right in the heart of Vegas and within walking distance of all the casinos that the adults might actually want to visit (and within walking distance of all the attractions of Las Vegas that the kids want to see, not to mention all the great shopping that’s available for people of all ages).

Four Seasons Las Vegas Pool

You will be even more thrilled when you hear that the entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel uses doors that are actually totally separate from the entrance to Mandalay Bay. No stumbling into all those partiers that Las Vegas is famous for while carting the kids to and fro across the city!

Being on the top 5 floors, it is obvious I suppose that the entrance and lobby to the Four Seasons is different to that of Mandalay Bay. But even still, it is nice that while staying here, you will have the seclusion of not having to deal with all of the traffic from the guests coming in and out of Mandalay Bay. Even your average patrons who aren’t drunk can be a little overwhelming when there’s thousands of them to deal with.

Mandalay Bay is a 43 story luxurious resort and casino that is extremely famous and popular on the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts International, while the Four Seasons Hotel is independently owned and operated inside Mandalay Bay tower.

Another great benefit that most families will appreciate is that even though you have a more private stay at the Four Seasons, you are not going to have to travel far to find fantastic food or entertainment.

The Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay are just south of (and an easy walking distance from) all of the entertainment and incredible food. The amenities featured at the Four Seasons are on a level that tops what you are going to experience at even one of your nicest local hotels. That is to be expected with any hotel that is 5 star and considered a AAA Diamond hotel.

You can let Mom slip away for the evening and enjoy a relaxing night at the decadent spa featured at the Four Seasons while enjoying marble bathrooms and hotel rooms that are each inspired by the art of a wide variety of famous and successful artists throughout the ages.

Where the Four Seasons really catches people’s attention is the level of customer service that you are going to find from every single employee inside of the resort. They take customer service to a level that you’re just not going to find anywhere else.

Known as the Four Season’s “anticipatory service,” the staff can literally almost anticipate every single need that could be had from any guest. You’ll be headed home from your stay wondering if all of the employees had some kind of psychic power. How exciting is that? I’m not kidding about this. This is a well-known bit of information about this hotel that is going to blow your mind and make you feel like some kid of movie star, the kind of person who has personal servants always attuned to their every need.

That should say a lot about the level of customer service that you’re going to be dealing with at the Four Seasons hotel. One of the greatest features for a family that is out on vacation is that the parents don’t have to typically stress about cooking dinner, unless of course you decided to take everyone out on a camping trip in the middle of the woods.

Not having to cook is a great stress relief, and what better way to enjoy that more than getting to eat at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, featured inside the Four Seasons. The steakhouse gets fantastic reviews. I know that one of the most exciting meals for a lot of families while on vacation is breakfast—Veranda’s breakfast buffet at Four Seasons will never disappoint. There are many varied and delicious options for everyone, making not having to cook even more of a treat.

2- Palms Place Hotel and Spa

Another popular option for people who are wanting a luxurious experience in Las Vegas that allows their night to end away from a casino is the Palms Place Hotel and Spa. Three towers are present inside the large Palms Casino Resort complex, one of those towers being the Palms Place Hotel and Spa.

If you’re looking to save money while on your trip in Las Vegas, then choosing Palms Place is definitely going to be one of the more affordable options for you. It seems like the closer you are, or if you are staying on the strip, then the more you are going to end up paying per night at whichever hotel you choose.

Palms Place Las Vegas Pool

Part of the reason that Palms Place is more affordable is its off-the-strip location. Don’t let that be a deterrent for you if you were hoping to spend a lot of time on the strip.

Palms Place Hotel and Spa offers a free shuttle that can get you to and from the strip. Be aware that the shuttle will stop operating usually after 9PM. That might be an inconvenience for someone who plans on gambling at one of the many casinos that are featured on the Vegas strip until the wee hours of the night.

Many families that stay at Palms Place love having the distance from the loud and energetic Vegas strip, especially if they brought young children with them. Taking kids to shows and amusement parks and shopping can add up fast when it comes to trying to stick to a budget. Kids definitely are not cheap. Palms Place is an even better idea in this regard due to how much money can be saved from having a hotel a little bit further away from the Vegas strip.

Do you know of other hotels without casinos that are popular in Las Vegas? Let me know in the comments.