The 10 Hottest Attractions Near Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa

Attractions Near Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa Oklahoma

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa is one of a few rock-solid casinos in the area. And on today’s list of the 10 hottest attractions near Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, you will find three of those casinos listed over two sections.

Besides the other Tulsa-based casinos, today’s list includes places of art, nature, history, and sports. Therefore, regardless of your interests, you’ll find a few popular things to do in Tulsa when you’re looking to take an afternoon or even an entire day off from the casino.

Are you ready to discover what awaits you beyond the confines of Hard Rock Tulsa? Keep reading for more information.

1 – Osage Casino Tulsa and Sand Springs

If you’re looking for another outstanding casino in the area, check out Osage Casino Tulsa. Like Hard Rock, you will find a variety of slot machine, table games, video poker, and more.

Along with their exceptional selection of games, Osage Tulsa also has two great dining options, along with stellar promotions and a decent loyalty program called Club Osage. Best yet, you can use your Club Osage Card to maximize the promotions offered both at the Tulsa and the nearby Sand Springs location.

You’ll find a more intimate casino gaming experience at Sand Springs, with about 550 electronic games. They don’t offer table gaming, but they have an adequate dining option that specializes in serving pizza.

While you’ll find a few more Osage Casinos in the area, these two are right in Tulsa County, so you won’t go far if you’re looking to add variety to your casino gaming experience.

2 – Philbrook Museum of Art

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll love the Philbrook Museum of Art. Featuring an Italian-inspired collection, the Philbrook Museum of Art also contains Native American, European, American, and Asian-inspired exhibits.

Even if art doesn’t pique your interest, you should still come on out and visit the lush gardens that surround the premises. It offers a calming, natural experience that serves as a great getaway if the slots and table games didn’t go your way at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa.

3 – Gilcrease Museum

You’re combining the likes of an art museum with natural gardens at the Gilcrease Museum, sort of like what you’ll find at the Philbrook Museum of Art. However, unlike Philbrook, you’re looking at the world’s largest museum comprising art from the American West.

So, you don’t need to be an art enthusiast to enjoy this establishment. You just need to love the Old West. Here, you’ll find dozens of sculptures and other works of art that also include Native American-inspired artifacts.

Gilcrease Museum Tulsa Oklahoma

And as mentioned at the top of this section, you’ll find more than a fair number of natural gardens surrounding the perimeter. Even cooler, each garden depicts a different time period. So, if you’re a history buff, it’s also worth checking out this illustrious cathedral of green.

4 – Cave House

A landmark in Tulsa since 1924, the Cave House once served as a chicken restaurant. It saw its best years early on during the Prohibition Era, where alcohol became the drink of choice. If you’re an architecture enthusiast, odds are you’ll find the building’s quirky layout amusing.

However, TripAdvisor tells the tale that Cave House comes with its own variety of tales. The tour guides will keep you here for a while if they know some of the more interesting stories. They also warn you to call ahead of time before you arrive. The guides don’t work regular hours and operate on appointment-only.

5 – BOK Center

Here, you will find a stellar entertainment lineup either at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa or at the Osage Casino Tulsa. However, if you’re not satisfied with the entertainment going on at the casinos, BOK Center operates as perhaps the best concert venue in the city.

But the BOK Center goes far beyond just being a normal concert venue. Suppose you found some fine entertainment at the casinos and may think that you don’t need to head into this venue. Wrong. They still provide ECHL Hockey action, featuring the Tulsa Oilers, affiliates of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

So, make sure you check out that event calendar at Hard Rock. If you don’t like the scheduled entertainment, see what’s going on at the BOK Center. You can find a hockey game, a show, or even an open skate here at this multi-purpose venue.

6 – Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa Zoo brings you animals from all corners of the Earth. On 85 acres of real estate, come on out and discover why the Tulsa Zoo has remained a staple in the area for close to a century. If you’re in town with the family, this is also a great place to venture, as it offers something for all ages and interest levels.

Besides a fantastic display of the Animal Kingdom, you’re also in for an educational experience when it comes to natural sciences and conservation. The zoo also hosts several recreational activities throughout the year, so odds are, you’re in for an entire day of fun when you go exploring in one of Tulsa’s oldest landmarks.

7 – Woodward Park

Woodward Park is yet another phenomenal location in the area to connect with nature. Immerse yourself in Oklahoma’s woodlands, featuring deciduous trees, colorful flora, open fields, rock formations, forested trails, and so much more.

You’ll also find a few clear ponds, impeccable sculptures, waterways, fountains, and evergreens.

Woodward Park in Tulsa Oklahoma

Plus, many reviewers on TripAdvisor have stated that Woodward Park is the finest place in the area for a picnic. If you’ve had enough of the casino’s dining options for the day and wish to take your lunch or dinner outside, this is the place to do so.

And make sure you stay late and catch the stunning sunsets. You won’t find a better spot in the entire viewing area.

8 – Guthrie Museum

If you’re a fan of the great Woody Guthrie, then you’ll love this museum. It houses his most famous works, and it also preserves the most interesting aspects of his life.

Like a few attractions listed above, the Guthrie Museum serves as an educational facility fit for the entire family. And whether you know much about Guthrie, prepare to be blown away with the amount of information the staff will present to you in one of Tulsa’s most unforgettable attractions.

You’ll learn about Guthrie’s advocacy among many social issues and the role he played in American History. Also like many of the attractions listed above, you will spend at least two or more hours here, so carve out an afternoon if not an entire day before you visit the Guthrie Museum.

Brace for an unforgettable journey depicting the life of one of America’s most fascinating icons.

9 – Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe is one of those cool attractions that will blow your mind if you don’t know its intent.

You’ll find the Center of the Universe in a brick circle right in the middle of Tulsa. Walk right up to it, talk to yourself, and wait for the echo. Like I said, your friends and family who don’t know about the effect are in for quite a thrill. And expect to be startled, even if you know what’s coming.

Center of the Universe in Tulsa Oklahoma

And best yet, if you’re not keen on staying away from the casino floor for long, this attraction won’t take over 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

10 – River Spirit Casino Resort

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa is one of the grandest in the area, but make sure you stop at River Spirit Casino Resort for even more casino thrills.

They feature over 3,000 electronic games, and they have both table games and even a poker room. You’ll find seven food and drink options, along with another 50,000 square feet of gaming space at the popular Margaritaville, so the fun never ends here.

Besides the outstanding gaming and dining, you’ll also find outstanding entertainment options along with accommodations if you choose to stay somewhere other than Hard Rock Tulsa. Besides the luxurious stay, they also have a resort pool, cabanas, and even a spa at the site.

Featuring a tropical theme right in America’s Heartland, a trip to River Spirit Casino Hotel and Resort is a must, even if you’re getting more than enough exceptional thrills at Hard Rock Tulsa.

Our Final Thoughts on Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa is one of the finest gaming venues in Oklahoma.

But given its location in Tulsa, it’s also just one of many outstanding attractions. You’re looking at quite the vacation when you venture to Hard Rock if you decide to explore the surrounding Tulsa area.

Complete with sporty attractions to those of nature, art, and recreation, and even more casinos, you can spend two weeks here without growing bored. So, if you’re planning a casino vacation, seriously consider venturing to Hard Rock Tulsa and kick off an epic getaway.

Have you ventured to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa? If so, did you visit any of the above attractions or the other area casinos? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We can’t wait to read your stories.