Teleport Yourself Across the Pond to WinStar World Casino’s London Gaming Plaza

London Gaming Plaza at Winstar World Casino and Resort

The London Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino and Resort boasts perhaps the finest selection of casino gaming of any of the nine plazas at the venue. It’s also well-versed on the food and drink side. So, if you’re looking for the gaming plaza that resembles an all-in-one casino, the London Gaming Plaza is it.

It’s a close call between London and Beijing, given the diverse array of gaming to go along with food and drink options. Plus, if you’re gaming at this plaza, odds are you will venture to the other plazas and amenities at WinStar World Casino.

Today’s post focuses mainly on the London Plaza, however. Though I will touch on the other eight plazas in the last section of this post.

Are you ready to discover what makes the London Gaming Plaza one of the most popular at WinStar World Casino? Keep reading.

Overview of the London Gaming Plaza

You will find perhaps more gaming options here at the London Plaza than the others, as implied in the intro of today’s post. They feature electronic gaming, plus a few high-stakes areas, tables, and even Mega Frenzy Bingo. If you’re looking to kick your gaming up a notch, this plaza will call your name.

And as also mentioned in the intro, you will find a few good dining options here. The first one, Chips ‘N Ales, comprises an outstanding variety of British fare, along with classic American eats. Or if you’re in the mood for global cuisine, check out Gran Via Buffet.

Like the New York Plaza, you will find several outstanding amenities here at the London Plaza. Many of which have something to do with the many promotions offered both here and in the other casino venues at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

Things get even sweeter if you sign up for a Club Passport Card. You gotta love those loyalty programs, right?

Anyway, you’ll also find outstanding accommodation options, whether you’re one who loves to relax in luxury at the WinStar World Hotel, or if you’d rather camp out in primitive style or in your RV outdoors.

Now that you know a little about the London Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino, let’s dive deeper in depth, beginning with its sensational casino floor.

Gaming Experience at the London Plaza

Sure, you’ll find the latest and greatest electronic gaming devices here at the London Gaming Plaza. But there are a few exciting amenities here that set London apart from the rest of WinStar World Casino’s other eight plazas.

You’ll find the Lightning Link Lounge powered by 360 here, along with two high-stakes areas called the Crown and Regal. If you’re looking to take your casino gaming to the next level, enter the high stakes realm and see if you can hit it big on those pulls.

Lightning Link Lounge at Winstar World Casino and Resort

The London Plaza has built itself for the high stakes gamer in you. And odds are, someone’s hitting the jackpot here. And it might just be you.

Besides their outstanding array of electronic gaming and high-stakes areas, the London Gaming Plaza also boasts a fair number of live dealer table games. Test your luck and skills against the area’s best in games of Blackjack, Jackpot Hold ‘em, craps, roulette, and Criss Cross Poker.

Oh, and another perk to this plaza – they also offer private table gaming rooms. If you’re looking to up your game not just at the slots, but also the tables, the London Plaza just gave you another reason to play.

Lucrative Promotions Offered

You will find a stellar list of outstanding casino promotions at the London Gaming Plaza. Best yet, these promotions are also good for the other eight plazas at WinStar World Casino, so if you don’t want to confine yourself to London, you don’t need to.

However, things get even sweeter when you receive a Club Passport Card. As a member of Club Passport, you won’t just get to take full advantage of all those exciting promotions at the London Gaming Plaza and the other eight venues; you’ll also earn tier points every time you sit down to play.

Sign up before you step into any of the venues, approach your favorite electronic gaming machine or table game, and play. The more you play, the more points you will earn that you can use toward a variety of outstanding casino comps and benefits at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

You can now enter exclusive giveaways, receive invites to exclusive events, qualify for discounts at the hotel, waive golf green fees, and so much more. Keep earning those points, and real smooth perks and benefits will find you, even if luck did not take your side during your gaming sessions.

With that said, it pays to play at the London Plaza and WinStar World Casino.

Finest British Fair in the Area

The London Gaming Plaza offers two outstanding dining options as mentioned in the overview of today’s post. Dining options include the popular Chips ‘N Ales, in which you can immerse yourself in the finest British fare in the area.

Enjoy the pub-like atmosphere at this popular venue that features moderately priced food. Along with the finest British cuisine, you’ll also find a dynamic selection of Irish and American fare. Pair your food with your favorite craft or cocktail, and kick off a relaxing evening at WinStar Casino’s London Plaza.

Hit the Gran Via Buffet, which you will stumble upon near both the London and the Madrid Gaming Plaza. If you’re coming from either, it’s a great place to fill up. Or, if you need a midday pit stop or a late-day dinner featuring the finest food from around the world, Gran Via is the place to be.

Like Chips ‘N’ Ales, you will come across moderate prices here. However, this buffet restaurant requires no reservation nor special dress code, so come in as is and enjoy all it offers.

London Gaming Plaza Amenities

The London Gaming Plaza offers a few more amenities than most of its counterparts. Here, you will have access to cashiers, ATMs, bar service, self-service drink stations, plus Players Club Kiosks. You may also wish to take advantage of WinStar World Casino’s many amenities when you’re not on the gaming floor.

This section will cover the more popular ones.

You will find three places to stay at WinStar World Casino and Resort. Whether you’re looking to rest and relax in luxury, or if you’d like something more economic, or even an RV park and primitive camping, you will discover all of it here.

Winstar World Casino and Resort Golf Course

Go relax at the spa or play a round of golf at the WinStar World Golf Course, then spend some time at the clubhouse after you play (and hopefully win) your game.

Head over to the Rome Gaming Plaza if you have some entertainment cravings. You’ll find the event center at the Rome Plaza, and WinStar World Casino always books world-class acts in music and comedy. So, see who’s invading the stage when you set out to WinStar World.

If you stay on site, you also have access to the pool, walking trails, shuttle services from the RV park and primitive camping, and so much more. You literally cannot beat the amenities offered at WinStar World Casino near the London Gaming Plaza.

Oh, and if you won some money over at the electronic games or tables at the London Plaza, make sure you visit those on site retail options and reward yourself in style. But if you’re looking to stick to the casino gaming while at WinStar World Casino, check out the next section for a quick overview.

Other Gaming Plazas at WinStar World Casino

Don’t just limit yourself to the London Gaming Plaza. If you’re gaming for an extended period of time at WinStar World Casino and Resort, check out some of the other gaming plazas at Winstar World Casino and Resort and discover your favorite. If you’re looking for diverse gaming opt for the New York, Vienna, and Beijing Gaming Plazas.

The New York Plaza will give you off-track betting options besides their electronic gaming. You will find a bit of everything minus the off-track betting in the Vienna location. If you’re looking for the ultimate table gaming experience, head over to the Beijing location.

However, you may opt for more intimate settings. If this is the case, check out Rio, which has a no smoking policy, Rome if you’re looking to add entertainment into the mix Paris, Cairo, and Madrid Gaming Plaza. They’re all smaller outlets, but if you’d rather not deal with crowds, they’re perfect locations.


The London Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino and Resort offers much of what you will see at a typical casino resort. You have a diverse game room featuring a variety of electronic gaming, table games, and even high stakes areas.

Along with the outstanding gaming options, you have two food and drink outlets just waiting for you to frequent. And best yet, you have three accommodation options to choose from along with a plethora of amenities within walking distance.

And don’t forget about the other eight gaming plazas, where you will discover a unique atmosphere in each.

Have you visited the London Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. And let us know if you visited the other casino plazas! Feel free to share which one is your favorite.