Super Bowl Betting Tips for First-Timers

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When it comes to American sports, no single event even comes close to generating the excitement that the Super Bowl produces at the end of each and every NFL season.

Sports fans all over come together to watch and see the league’s best battle it out in a game that will determine legacies for decades to come. Similar to the action that takes place on the field, the action that comes in on the sportsbooks is second-to-none.

Betting on the Super Bowl is a gambler’s rite of passage. If you’re putting some skin in the big game for the first time ever, these five tips should help you end the night a winner.

Before Anything Else, Find the Right Online Sportsbook

If this is your first time betting on the big game, it’s likely that you haven’t signed up for a number of different sportsbooks in the past. This is a major advantage for one reason in particular: bonuses.

Most sports bettors are able to take advantage of the bonuses offered by online gambling platforms, but typically they’re only available when signing up initially. What better time to utilize a high-dollar deposit match than on the biggest sports event of the year?

Below is a list of our top picks for online sportsbook that offer great bonuses and more!

Aside from bonuses, there’s another reason to shop around before settling on a betting platform. That reason, of course, is the different bet offerings.

One reason gamblers love betting on the Super Bowl is because it’s basically a prop bet national holiday. Everything from the length of the national anthem, to whether or not the first play of the second quarter will be a run or a pass, has odds on it. While more options doesn’t necessarily mean more profit (in fact, it could mean the opposite), it’s all about increasing your enjoyment of the game.

NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

If you’re simply looking to place a bet on the outcome of the game, using the spread or the moneyline, you should still seek out the sportsbook with the best odds for the play you want to make. Consider it this way: if you were going to take the underdog and it’s offered at +125 on one site and +135 on another, why would you pay more for the same bet?

All Super Bowl betting sites have some variance in terms of the action coming in. Because of this, the natural betting market will shift the lines slightly in order to guarantee a payout for the house. It might not seem like a big deal, but again, it just makes sense to use a site that has the best deal for your play.

Look at the Super Bowl Odds Before Betting Props

I know I mentioned that prop bets are the thing to do during the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless with your bankroll.

Because the sportsbooks are well aware of bettors’ affinity for prop bets during the Super Bowl, they can essentially “price gauge” without any consequences. Allow me to explain:

If there’s a betting option for who will have the most rushing yards, whether or not a team’s quarterback will have 250 yards, if both the over and under are -125 or -130, the value simply might not be there to make it a smart play. If you’re only going to make one or two prop bets, this might be okay, but if you’re making several, the unfavorable odds can add up quickly.

You probably aren’t going to find many prop bets that give you true “underdog” odds, meaning in all likelihood you’ll have to risk more than you stand to gain. With that being said, there’s a big difference between -105 and -130 – especially if you’re making five or six prop bets throughout the course of the game.

Don’t Forget About Live Sports Betting

Assuming that you aren’t an experienced gambler, it’s worth mentioning that you should keep the live betting option in mind.

Live betting, if you aren’t familiar, is best described as placing wagers on fluctuating odds that change as the game progresses. For example, if the Chiefs moneyline odds are -150 before the game starts, if they end up falling behind in the first quarter, they might shift to -110 or sometimes even a plus-money situation.

If you’re able to time it right, you could be getting a favorite at an underdog price. Obviously, you’re taking on some additional risk because, in theory, the team that began the game as the underdog has taken a lead.

If you do decide to go the live betting route, it’s best to make sure you’re making this determination before the game starts. Meaning don’t bet on either team until your first live bet.

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady

The biggest live betting mistakes happen when placing “contradictory” bets. For example, you don’t want to bet on the Chiefs before the game and then decide that the live bet odds are such that you now want to bet on the other team. Basically, if you bet on a team pre-game, that’s who you’re stuck with throughout the course of the game.

Yes, you can try to “hedge” your bet by betting on both teams at some point, but this has the potential to end in disaster – not to mention it makes watching the game itself rather unenjoyable.

Finally, if you live bet, make sure you’re actually watching the game and following the odds at the same time. If you’re able to do these two things and have some knowledge of how football games progress, you could be looking at a nice payday.

The “Public” Dilemma

Even if you’re not an experienced sharp with years of NFL handicapping under your belt, you’ve likely heard the philosophy “fade the public” in reference to sports betting. If you haven’t it’s not hard to understand. Fading the public simply means betting on the opposite side of where the majority of action comes in, because in theory, the sportsbooks beat the public more often than not.

The “fade the public” idea becomes more reliable when more action comes in on a game. If 10 people bet on something, the stakes aren’t that high for the sportsbook. If 10 million people bet on something, you can rest assured they aren’t going to want to take a bath on that event.

In nearly all cases the public will have a bias toward the favorite and the over. It makes sense – most people want to see points, and most people, quite frankly, don’t have the confidence to take the underdog.

I’m not saying you should blindly go with the under and the underdog, but depending on where the public comes down on it, you might think twice before siding with the generally “uninformed” betting population.

Don’t Forget About Super Bowl Squares!

You probably remember them from your very first Super Bowl party you attended with your parents as a child – I’m talking about squares, of course!

Many online betting platforms have brought back this time-honored classic that brings low-risk, high-reward gambling into the picture without having to shop around for a big enough piece to paper to accommodate 100 squares.

If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily have a feel for the teams playing in the game, but still want to cheer for something, “squares” allow you to simply root for the quarter to end with the right numbers on the scoreboard.

Super Bowl 55 Betting Squares

It’s easy enough to learn, and there’s really not much strategy involved. On a grid of 1-10 on both axes with each team labeled on one side, pick one of the 100 available squares. From there, you take the last digit of each team’s scoring total at the end of the quarter (first digit if a team is only in single-digits), and whoever has that square wins a quarter of the overall pool.

For example, the score at the end of the first quarter is ‘Packers 14, Patriots 10’ whoever has the 4 square on the Packers side and 0 square on the Patriots side would take home the money.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it takes no research whatsoever. For that reason, betting squares is a great option that everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy the Excitement of Super Bowl Betting

Whether or not you have any skin in the game, the final matchup of the NFL season is always an enjoyable watching experience. With that being said, having a few dollars riding on the outcome always increases the excitement.

If you’re new to betting, keep these tips in mind and you could be ending the football season on a high note.

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