5 Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets to Avoid

Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl 54, Super Bowl Trophy
Super Bowl 54 is almost here. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers in the most highly-anticipated sporting event of the year on Sunday evening from South Florida.

The Chiefs are steadily holding as slight betting favorites. Most online Super Bowl betting sites have settled on Kansas City as a 1.5-point favorite. The Chiefs are still attracting plenty of betting attention on the spread, while the 49ers’ plus-money moneyline odds are appealing, as well.

All in all, Super Bowl 54 looks like it will be one of the more entertaining games in quite some time. An entertaining game also lends itself to plenty of prop betting opportunities. Prop bets have become synonymous with the Super Bowl over the years. Each year it seems as though more and more props become available.

Obviously, this year is no exception. Identifying potential value in the odds is the first step toward becoming a successful football bettor. It’s also important to know when to avoid a bet. The following are 5 prop bets to avoid for Super Bowl 54.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl 54

The American Gaming Association says nearly $7 billion is expected to be wagered on Super Bowl 54. While plenty of those bets will be made at land-based casinos in states with legal sports betting, the vast majority of the wagered will be placed over the internet.

As you may expect, there is no shortage of betting sites out there with competitive lines and props ahead of Super Bowl 54. You want a site that offers fair odds, fast payouts and security. The sites we’ve listed certainly meet those criteria.

Will a Fan Run Onto the Field During Super Bowl 54?

  • Yes +700
  • No -2000

Liquid courage is a real thing. Every year, fans at all types of sporting events make the very poor decision to leave their seats and invade the field of play. We see it in soccer, baseball and football most often, but basketball games aren’t exempt, either. There are always fans that decide to have a little too much to drink during games, and a select few are dumb enough to try to run onto the field.

The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event in the United States every year. If you want to get your voice heard, doing something to get onto the broadcast during the Super Bowl is a pretty good way to do it. However, running onto the field of play is also a crime. Most people are smart enough to realize that a few minutes of airtime, even during the Super Bowl, isn’t worth the legal headaches that will inevitably follow. Plus, broadcasts have been avoiding on-field disruptions during games in recent years.

Super Bowl tickets aren’t cheap, either. Those that get to see the game in person are lucky to be able to attend. I seriously doubt someone would be wanting to flush that money down the toilet just to get onto the field. I would imagine Super Bowl 54 will go on without any fan disruptions.

Will There Be a 15-Minute Delay?

  • Yes +750
  • No -1500

There was a different kind of delay the last time we saw the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Back in 2013, Super Bowl 48 between the 49ers and Baltimore Ravens was delayed by about 15 minutes due to a power outage in the Superdome in New Orleans.

As they say, lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice. Miami isn’t New Orleans, but what are the odds that some sort of interruption will delay a second-consecutive Super Bowl involving the 49ers?

The NFL and the host city does everything it possibly can in order to make sure its marquee event goes off as planned and without any disruptions. They can’t account for every random thing that happens, but betting against a 15-minute delay seems like an incredibly even decision, even with the +750 odds.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo Throw for Less than 100 Yards in a 49ers Win?

  • Yes +750
  • No -1750

Patrick Mahomes is the driving force behind the Chiefs, but the same can’t necessarily be said about Jimmy Garoppolo for the 49ers. Garoppolo has more influence than someone like Trent Dilfer did for the Ravens when they won their first Super Bowl, but the Niners’ chances of winning don’t necessarily hinge on Garoppolo lighting up the scoreboard.

That was evident in the NFC Championship Game, when Jimmy G. threw just 8 passes in San Francisco’s 37-20 triumph over Green Bay. He accrued just 77 yards passing as Raheem Mostert and the ground game dominated the Packers. What are the chances we see a similar showing in the Super Bowl? Extremely slim.

Garoppolo never threw for fewer than 100 yards in any game this season until the aforementioned Green Bay game. The 49ers have gone 15-3 on the year (playoffs included) with Garoppolo serving as something of a system quarterback.

Garoppolo may throw for fewer than 100 yards, but it’s unlikely to translate into another win for the 49ers. Even at +750, pass on this prop.

Will Demi Lovato Omit a Word During the National Anthem?

  • Yes +900
  • No -3000

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira may be garnering most of the attention as the halftime entertainment, but Demi Lovato has been tapped to sing the pregame national anthem. Whether Lovato will take over or under 2 minutes to sing the Star Spangled Banner is a popular prop, but you can also bet on whether the singer will forget one of the words to the tune.

Even if she’s nervous to be on the big stage, it’s almost impossible to think she will actually omit one of the words. There have been plenty of anthem-related bloopers over the years, but not at the Super Bowl.

Betting “no” here seems like a no-brainer, but you’re essentially throwing your money away by taking those odds, too.

Will Any Player Get Suspended the Week of Super Bowl 54?

  • Yes +400
  • No -700

Unfortunately, NFL players have shown a tendency to run afoul of the law on occasion. There is a laundry list of high-profile players to have been arrested over the years, and we’ve seen a few disruptions in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. A player got caught soliciting a prostitute in the lead-up to the game one year. We also know the NFL isn’t shy about administering random drug tests to its players.

With the exception of Tyreek Hill, most of the players on both teams have stayed in the league’s good graces. Hill has faced some legal issues, but he has been on his best behavior since the league cleared him to play before the season began. With just 2 days until the Super Bowl, it’s hard to imagine any player makes the silly decision to potentially get himself into trouble.

No players will get suspended by the league-leading up to the game. Avoiding this prop altogether is for the best.