Strike Gold at Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Café

Hotel Room AT Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe

Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe is yet another one casino in Deadwood. And as with each of Deadwood’s casinos, you’re getting something with a unique flair rich in history.

You’ll come to know this location in Deadwood more for its inn than its casino, which more commonly known to visitors as a gambling hall. The hall features only a handful of slot machines and not much more.

However, today’s post will focus more on the inn, along with the on-site cafe, and a unique feature called Today’s Nugget.

Given its small number of casino games, we will cover the gaming within the overview before we dive deeper in-depth with the cafe, inn, Today’s Nugget, plus two sections worth of attractions near this gem in Deadwood.

If you’re interested in lodging here at Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe, it’s a great place to start your tour of Deadwood.

Overview and Casino Gambling

Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe features one of the smallest slot machine selections in Deadwood, so odds are, the actual gambling itself is not the primary draw to this casino.

However, they feature themes that have stood the test of time along with the most popular new themes. Further, they have multiple denominations that range from penny bets to $1 pulls.

Their cafe and inn provide better draws, as implied in the intro above. The cafe remains well-known for its breakfast options, so it’s a great place to begin every morning in Deadwood. Plus, you can always play the slots before or after a quick breakfast if there’s an open seat.

The Country Inn features some of the “best rates in Deadwood,” so if a budget-friendly stay is on your agenda, it will serve as your top option. Plus, it’s just steps away from some of Deadwood’s larger casinos.

Also, make sure you check out Today’s Nugget, which features all the happenings not only at Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe but also the events in Deadwood. It’s a fantastic way to get the inside scoop before you book your trip to the area, but more on that in another section.

The Gold Country Inn Cafe

The Cafe at Gold Country Inn features arguably the best breakfast in Deadwood. And since the inn and cafe serve as the major draws here, it’s no surprise that many tourists start their day at the cafe.

They serve a variety of traditional breakfast dishes that range from omelets, eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, French toast, and biscuits and gravy. If reviewers are of any help, and they often are, they recommend the hash browns. If you’ve tried the rest, prepare to indulge in the best.

Large Spread of Breakfast Foods

They also serve corned beef, muffins, oatmeal, croissants, and cereal if you’re looking for something faster as opposed to a traditional hot breakfast. They serve breakfast until 1:30 PM, so even if you’re a late riser or if you had a late night, you can still enjoy a hearty start to your day.

While the cafe closes at 1:30, they also serve a limited lunch that includes burgers, signature sandwiches, and the ever-popular chicken salad.

Gold Country Inn

The Gold Country Inn offers some of the finest rates in Deadwood, plus a peaceful and clean setting. Their 53-room hotel has remained a popular staple in town for Gold reason, given their affordability. They offer contemporary comfort, large-screen televisions, and free Wi-Fi, among other amenities.

And as mentioned in the overview, it’s only a short walk away from the other casinos in Deadwood, along with a variety of area attractions that we will touch on in the sections below. Oh, and if you’re not up for a walk, you can always take the trolley, which makes several stops at the inn.

Best yet, their convenient parking lot offers free parking, so you need not worry about arrangements. Just park your car and explore Deadwood.

Today’s Nugget

Today’s Nugget at Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe features all the latest happenings at both the location and in Deadwood. It touches on seasonal news, such as reasons to stay in Deadwood during specific holidays over the calendar year.

Today’s Nugget also touches on other events that occur in town, like the Annual Forks, Corks, and Kegs Event.

And they even give you a few history lessons, such as their “Come to Deadwood, Where the West Is Still Wild” which you can read by visiting the site.

So, if you’re looking for rabid entertainment during your time in Deadwood, be sure to check out Today’s Nugget. You will discover plenty of local events, along with updates on Deadwood’s area attractions, the town’s many casinos, and more.

It’s especially true if you’re looking for background on the town of Deadwood that only the town’s locals can tell.

Other Casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota

There are over 20 casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota, with each varying in size, scope, and atmosphere. This section will run down a few of our favorites in town. All of which are in proximity to Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe.

First up is Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort. This resort features 240 real money slot machines, craps, and roulette tables, along with blackjack and live poker. You’ll also discover five dining options that feature a unique flair. It’s a great place to have dinner, and it gives you a decent variety on the casino floor.

Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort is among the smaller floors, featuring a little over 100 slot machines. However, they have some amazing vacation packages, ranging from spa, golf, ATV, horseback riding, and even snowmobiling. If you’d like to expand your horizons beyond the casino, Deadwood Gulch is where it’s at.

Street View Of Gold Dust Casino & Hotel In Deadwood South Dakota

Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex has just 75 slot machines with multiple denominations from penny bets to $25 pulls. You’re also getting a fair share of table gaming that includes live dealer blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold‘em, Three-Card Poker, and roulette.

The Lodge at Deadwood owns 280 slot machines, along with multiple blackjack games, Three-Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold‘em. Along with their Grille and Sports Bar, The Lodge at Deadwood is also a phenomenal place to catch the big game if there are any nearby.

Mineral Palace and Gaming features perhaps the widest variety of slot machines in Deadwood, with 320 on their casino floor. Their denominations range from penny bets to $25 pulls, and they have a variety of table gaming. There’s blackjack, Three-Card Poker, and Double-Deck Blackjack, just to name a few.

Saloon #10 is the place to be if you’re a fan of the Old West and you’d like to step back in time. Slots act as a primary draw, but they have perhaps the finest poker room in Deadwood. Their steakhouse is also the best place in the area for dinner; be sure to try it out at least once during your stay.

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex features quite a history, along with 225 outstanding slot machine games for you to enjoy. They also boast six phenomenal table games, including blackjack, Roulette, Let It Ride, Three- and Four-Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold‘em.

Nearby Local Attractions

If you know anything about Deadwood, South Dakota, the town features so much more than just a hot casino scene. With its reputation as an Old West and Gold Mining town, it takes pride in its 19th-century flair.

Places like Mount Moriah Cemetery, which serve as the burial sites of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane among other heroes of the American West, is a phenomenal place to frequent for an outdoor history lesson. The same goes for the Adams Museum, which has done a spectacular job preserving the area’s history.

The Days of ‘76 Museum and Broken Boot Gold Mine touch more on the region’s history during the Black Hills Gold Rush that began in 1874 and peaked in 1876.

Oh, and a trip to Deadwood is never complete without a stroll down Historic Old Town. Here, you’ll find plenty of relics from the region’s past, along with what it offers here in the 21st century. You’re getting the atmosphere of the Old West along with a modern flair.

Our Final Thoughts on Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe

At Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe, you will strike gold in more ways than one. Oddly, this is one of those casino venues with a lesser focus on the casino floor, and more on the amenities offered. However, in a town like Deadwood and its casino selection, it’s bound to come up.

But if you’re looking for an affordable stay in Deadwood, Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe should top your list as the place to set up base camp. From there, you have a plethora of other casinos and nearby attractions to invade. All of them remain just a short walk away.

Have you been to Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall & Cafe? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us in a little on your vacation in the area. We can’t wait to read your stories.