Staying in the Lap of Luxury in Macau: The Venetian

Exterior of The Venetian Macau

Macau has become one of the finest destinations of choice for players and casino lovers around the world. But 10 years ago, Macau wasn’t a topic of conversation for people in the same way it is today. Macau is not only one of the elite gambling meccas in the world, it is also one of the wealthiest regions, having the second-largest economy.

This region has over 400 years of history that make it a melting pot for Eastern as well as European traditions. Macau features one of the first restaurants to offer fusion cuisine, which is essentially a merging of two or more cultural influences to create a truly unique style of spices and cooking.

Macau is the birthplace of the world famous Macanese tradition of cuisine. Macanese is a blend of Portuguese and Chinese, and you’ll find tons of Macanese options being offered at restaurants across the region of Macau.

As a world leader in terms of massive, luxurious resort casinos, Macau has some of the most luxurious hotels and casinos that can easily give those in Las Vegas a run for their money.

The resort that will take center stage in this short post is the one and only Venetian in Macau, a place that I absolutely recommend if you are interested in staying in the lap of luxury during your time visiting this region.

If you are looking to make Macau your next vacation of choice and want to hear about one of the nicest choices available, then look no further! Let’s take a look at one of the best luxury resorts in Macau—The Venetian.

The First, Biggest, and Most Luxurious Resort Casino in Macau

The Venetian Macau’s main hotel tower was finished in July of 2007, and it opened only a month later on August 28th. When the hotel opened, it featured 3,000 suites, over 1,600,000 square feet of retail and outlet spaces, 1,200,000 square feet of convention space, and 550,000 square feet of casino floor space.

The casino itself offers 3,400 slot machines, 800 tables for the most commonly played table games, as well as a 15,000-seat entertainment arena.

The Venetian Macau is one of the largest casinos in the world, next to the WinStar World in Oklahome, that is. When Macau started down the road to becoming a world leader in the entertainment industry in 2002, it had been over 400 years since the city led the world in anything besides pork buns and pawn shops.

In the 1600s, Macau was a major player in Portugal’s East Asia trade routes and hoped to use the influence it had to be able to spread Christianity into more Asian territories.

Since the 1600s, Macau blended in with the rest of the Eastern world and really hasn’t had anything that would make it stand out.

Venetian Macau Atrium

That all changed dramatically after the final stages of The Venetian Macau were complete. The Venetian is usually one of the first places on visitors’ lists when embarking on the journey to visit “The Las Vegas of the East.”

The resort was constructed and designed to include literally everything a person could want to do. Theoretically, you can plan a trip to stay at The Venetian Macau and literally not have to see the rest of Macau yet still have a packed schedule every day.

From shopping to gambling, from accommodations to entertainment, the resort was built to meet all the desires of its lucky resort guests. Although the main function of the resort is a casino, The Venetian has been home to many other events and activities.

The resort served as the home of the Cirque du Soleil for a couple of years between 2008 and 2012. Many people that have stayed at The Venetian Macau have not even traveled there to gamble. There is just that much to do, which is exactly what the owners were hoping for when planning its construction.

Literally Lying in the Lap of Luxury

If you’re ready for a resort that is packed full of magnificence and magic, then look no further! Staying at The Venetian Macau allows its guests to discover new and fun sights, world-class shopping and dining, and a whole slew of entertainment options that can accommodate the entire family.

That’s right, The Venetian Macau is absolutely kid- and family-friendly! So, even though you’ll be staying in one of the most luxurious casinos in Macau, you can still bring the kiddos around and have a fantastic time.

Venetian Macau Suite

Staying at The Venetian Macau will give you over 3,000 luxury suites to choose from. There isn’t a room featured at The Venetian Macau that isn’t a suite! So, whether you’re looking for a getaway or wanting to go somewhere to celebrate something special, The Venetian Macau is sure to make your trip magical.

One of the more basic options available at The Venetian is the Royale Deluxe Suite. The warm and bright colored suites feature every possible amenity that you could possibly look for.

With their elegant grays or calm blues, creamy whites, gold accents, and marble baths, you’re sure to have an amazing night’s sleep in the king-sized bed and its luxurious bedding.

The Bella Deluxe Suites can comfortably sleep four people with its two queen-sized beds that are included in the package. “Bella” means beautiful in Italian, and one could say that beautiful is an understatement when stepping into the luxurious space that is offered inside the Bella Deluxe Suites.

The room includes more elegant gray and calm blue, dark woods, and elegant brocade wood paneling.  Every amenity that your heart could seek will be included with any suite package that you choose from. There’s free Wi-Fi, minibars, coffee, elegant bathrooms and bathtubs, and much more.

The Premio Royale Suite as well as the Premio Bella Suite are the upgrade from their predecessors that I have mentioned. The Venetian claims that a stay inside of their Premio suites is like stepping into the cultural beauty of Venice, Italy.

The iconic finishings are gondola-inspired and are crafted with rich dark woods, lush creams and ivories, and delicate fabrics. Both packages include either a single king or double queen bed size options.

Family Room at Venetian Macau

For the family that is looking into making their stay in Macau at The Venetian, the Famiglia Suite is going to be their best choice. Macau is a wonderful destination for families. With the Famiglia Suite, parents can have their own king-sized bed and marble bathroom, while kids can stay in a separate room with their own TV and bunk beds.

High-End Casino

Walking into the casino at The Venetian in Macau, you’ll feel like you are gambling in the heart of Sicily, Italy. This casino will blow your mind and make for an amazing evening. It measures 546,000 square feet and is divided into four themed and gaming areas.

The four popular gambling zones inside the casino include Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon, and the Phoenix. You’ll absolutely feel like you’re visiting the Far East while you’re gambling here.

The casino has miles of real money slots for the players that enjoy the popular casino game. There are over 6,000 slot machines inside the casino. It also features all of your favorite table casino games. From blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and high card flush, the casino at The Venetian will have tables fit for every  skill level.

Venetian Macau Casino Floor

The hotel portion of the resort offers something that only premium guests will be able to get their hands on. The Paiza Club is set aside for high rollers and has its own entrance, lobby, reception, and guests lifts that will transport guests back to their rooms.

The gaming area of the Paiza Club is divided between individual and private gaming rooms. Each room is named after major Asian cities and regions such as Yunnan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. The guests of the club can enjoy gaming in their own private casino inside the Venetian Macau.

The guests of the club have exclusive access to the club’s very own dining outlet, known as the Paiza Club Dining and Lounge. The guests of Paiza Club can visit the dining outlet 24 hours a day.

Have You Visited The Venetian Macau Before?

I am certain that books can be written on each different topic of this post. The Venetian alone is a big enough place that it could take a week just for a person to be able to experience everything that one of the largest casino resorts on the face of the globe has to offer.

Have you been to the Venetian Macau? Do you have an experience that you want to share? Or maybe there’s something I forgot to mention here that you’d like to provide some insight on. Either way, you can feel free to drop a note in the comments section down below!