Smallest Casinos in Las Vegas History

Las Vegas Sign Graphic With Downtown Casinos

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World for a good reason. The lavish monstrosities that dot the Strip are celebrations of excess.

That scene is excellent, and you can’t visit the famous Las Vegas Strip without ever running out of new things to see and do. Many of the casinos here measure over 100,000 square feet.

That’s 100,000 square feet of the gaming floor. The extensive amenities and massive hotels consume far more space. What about the crowd that prefers a more intimate gambling experience?

Let’s look at the smallest casinos in the history of Las Vegas. These casinos all measure in under 35,000 square feet but manage to offer tons of fun.

Silver Sevens

Silver Sevens is a casino treasure located 13 miles off the Strip in Paradise, NV. The casino floor is only about 33,000 square feet, but the fun you’ll have is immeasurable.

Silver Sevens casino has nearly 500 of the latest cutting-edge electronic gaming machines crammed into its small space. These are lauded as some of the loosest slots in Las Vegas, and the return to player is exceptional.

Silver Sevens Casino in Las Vegas

This is especially true for the lower denomination machines. You can make a small bankroll last much longer here than you’d expect.

The diminutive casino even has its sportsbook where players can place wagers on anything from the ponies to the Super Bowl.

Obviously, table games are an essential part of any Las Vegas casino. Silver Sevens offers any game a player could ask for and more.

One of my favorite things about this smaller than most casinos is that you’ll always see 3 to 2 payout on blackjack.

Four Queens

Four Queens is part of the exciting Fremont Street Experience. The casino floor at Four Queens measures in at a hair over 27,000 square feet.

While the casino floor may be small, the casino experience is full size. For starters, you’ll be steps away from all of the thrilling attractions on Fremont Street.

Then there are the slot machines.

Slots enthusiasts can enjoy over 1,000 of the latest games to hit the scene. Much like the other small casinos on the list, Four Queens has fantastic RTP on its slot machines.

You’ll find all of the popular casino table games at this grand casino. The poker derivative games are more popular here than some of the smaller casinos.

This small distinction puts Four Queens right in the sweet spot between the larger crowded properties and those with limited options.

Main Street Station

Main Street Station is the downtown Las Vegas casino everyone should be visiting. The property has everything you could need for a fantastic gambling adventure.

You’ll find a nice assortment of eateries at Main Street Station, and there’s a brewery where you can try craft beers and bites.

Main Street Casino Las Vegas Front

Main Street Station also offers all of the great slot machines players expect when they visit a Vegas casino. You can choose from over 800 of these electronic games spread across the 27,000 feet of gaming space.

The table games will keep you entertained and have all of the most popular games. So, finding a table with standard rules and low buy-ins will be easy.

There are several choices when you’re gambling downtown, and Main Street Station should be a stop for anyone looking for a refreshing change.

Las Vegas Club

The Las Vegas Club is a Sin City institution. This Fremont Street staple has tons to offer, including the 23,000 square foot casino floor.

The Las Vegas Club originally opened in 1930 and is among the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. The slot machines at Las Vegas Club are famous for their low volatility.

The low volatility ensures that players can enjoy a long gambling session without ever blowing through their bankroll.

Table games at the Las Vegas Club offer friendly table rules like 3 to 2 on blackjack and single zero roulette wheels.

Las Vegas Club Casino is currently undergoing a facelift and rebranding. Still, when the Las Vegas Club 2.0 opens its doors as Circa, the small casino’s charm will almost certainly not be lost.

Pioneer Club

Now we’re entering the realm of the tiny casinos. At 19,500 square feet, Pioneer Casino in downtown Las Vegas is the sixth smallest casino in this gambling mecca.

The Pioneer Club and its iconic cowboy sign are some of the most instantly recognizable sights in Las Vegas. You’ll find the Pioneer in what’s now part of the fabulous Fremont Street.

Pioneer Club Las Vegas

For decades the Pioneer stood as a legend in the Vegas sun. That legend continues to this day as the Cowboy poses above the pedestrians below, taking photos and enjoying their beverages.

Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon

Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon was the long-lived boutique champion of Las Vegas casinos.

Bill’s Gamblin Hall and Saloon offered all of the casino action that Vegas visitors crave on an 18,000 square foot casino floor. Bill’s has closed, making way for more modern luxury boutiques.

The Cromwell has quickly become one of my favorite Las Vegas hotel-casinos. The luxury boutique has one of the finest mixes of dining, accommodations, and gaming globally.

Unfortunately, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon have gone the way of many other small Las Vegas casinos. It seems like a tremendous undertaking to try and compete with the giant properties of the Strip.

However, The Cromwell allows its tradition of excitement to live on, and you will not be disappointed by a stay here the next time you visit Las Vegas.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale not only made for a fantastic James Bond film starring Daniel Craig as 007, but it was also earlier a great parody on Bond. The movie featured Peter Sellers and Orson Welles spoofing the British super-spy.

However, Casino Royale is an authentic place on the Vegas Strip. The casino at this Best Western property measures slightly over 17,000 square feet.

Still, Casino Royale packs a big punch in a small package. The slot machines range from the penny slots up to $5 per pay line in all of the favorite titles.

Casino Royale Las Vegas

Casino Royale also has some of the cheapest progressive slots in Las Vegas. For the casino gambler trying to stretch their dollar in Vegas, Casino Royale is an excellent choice.

The table games shine at Casino Royale. It’s one of only a handful of Las Vegas casinos that offer 3 to 2 payout on single deck blackjack. You’ll also get up to 5x odds in craps here.

They also have a progressive jackpot on 3 Card Poker. This exciting game is excited with the prospect of hitting a giant payday on any given hand.

Overall, Casino Royale is one of the best values in Las Vegas. It’s certainly a top contender on the Las Vegas Strip.

Luckily, the small casino eliminates much of the larger crowds from other properties.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island Casino, located off the Strip is one of the best small casinos in the world. Despite having less than 14,000 square feet of the casino floor, Ellis Island never makes you feel cramped.

It has an expansive open feel, like a much larger property. Some of this is perhaps by design.

Ellis Island is as much of a brewery as it is a casino. The brewery at Ellis Island pumps out several seasonal varieties and is a massive draw for tourists and locals alike.

Players love Ellis Island for its $5 blackjack and roulette tables which are open 24 hours a day.

Gold Spike

The quaint Gold Spike Casino measured in at under 8,000 square feet. Located downtown, it was forever associated with the Oasis hotel.

Unfortunately, the slot machines and table games have been pulled. However, if you’re searching for live music and fun games, the Gold Spike is still around.

You’re not going to find casino games at the Gold Spike, but the venue has transformed and updated its image as an adult playground.

Gold Spike Las Vegas

There are several spaces for guests to relax and unwind with a drink and play fun games with friends.

The Gold Spike is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get out of the casinos for a night and have some outdoor or indoor fun with the group.

Greek Isles

The tiniest of all Vegas casinos was, for many years, the Greek Isles Hotel Casino. This property later became the Clarion Resort Hotel and Casino but has since closed permanently.

In its day Greek Isles was full of colorful characters that seemed to transcend time. The 7,000 square foot casino floor was packed with over 300 slot machines.

Many machines were between $0.01 and a nickel. When you cater to the bargain shopping casino crew, you’ll generate some great people watching.

It’s a shame that Greek Isles had to close their doors, but Vegas is full of small casinos where players can beat the crowds.

Small Casinos Are a Big Part of Las Vegas History

The list of smallest casinos in Las Vegas’ history range from the eclectic to the luxurious, with everything in between available to gamblers. Many of the iconic spots have long ago closed their doors for good.

Still, tons of great hotel-casinos on the much smaller side give you a taste of what some Las Vegas gamblers preferred in a simpler time.