Slot Machines That Sports Fans Would Love

Soccer and Hockey Player With a Slots Background

Sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling on the planet. The lavish casino sportsbooks are drawing in a completely new and unique customer base—the sports fan.

Many of these new customers have little to no previous casino experience. So, how the casinos approach these new gamblers is key.

Slot machines have begun to fill that void. Below, you’ll learn all about why slot machines are fun for sports bettors. We’ll also provide you with the best real money slots that sports fans are sure to get a kick out of, and we’ll share some tips for beginners.

What’s the Point of Slot Machines?

If I’m strolling through a store and see anything golf-related, I get the urge to stop. My curiosity is piqued, and I check to see how badly I need the item. Even if I have zero intention of buying it—because it’s probably useless anyway—I’m still going to give it the serious deliberation it deserves.

And I suspect this is how most sports fans feel when they stroll through the casino floor headed for the sportsbook. I am not the same obsessive sports fan I was in my 20s. I still pay attention loosely, but I’m not the jersey-wearing hardcore fan you would find in sports bars and sportsbooks across the country.

Break Away Deluxe Online Slots

The avid sports enthusiast is every bit enamored with their teams and sports as much as I am with golf. Possibly more so, I’ve never smashed a TV because Tiger missed a 12-footer for birdie.

So, as the sports fans ponder the benefits of casino games versus sports betting, it’s natural to want to get in on a game. Nobody enjoys standing on the sidelines, but where do you even begin?

Some of the sports fans haven’t picked up dice in years. Others couldn’t tell you the difference between blackjack that pays 6:5 instead of 3:2. Still, slot machines don’t require complex strategies or much know-how at all. Enter the sports-themed slot machines.

Why Sports Fans Will Love These Sports-Themed Slots

The simplicity of action is the key advantage of this new wave of sports-themed slot machines. Players get the full effect of the loud sounds and bright flashing slot machine lights without the complicated learning curve.

You can find a sports-themed slot machine that is tailored to nearly any genre you prefer. The wide variety of games available makes these welcoming to everyone. And you will find everything from classic sports like basketball and soccer to adventure sports and auto racing.

Many of these sports-themed games will transport you into a massive stadium full of cheering spectators. Some games will cheer you on as you score a huge goal. Others have fans getting on their feet as you launch the massive uppercut that floors your opponent and launches an exciting and lucrative bonus game.

The slot machine companies have even gotten in on the licensing of real sports icons and leagues. These added touches give the games a more authentic feel. Having true-to-life sports legends also further sells the idea to skeptical or standoffish sports fans.

Lucky Angler Online Slots

That’s not to discount the games offering colorful fictional characters. The games do have a way of drawing you into the action. You begin to connect with the characters in the same way you watch players on the field. You become invested more than just financially; it gets your emotions involved, just like you do with sports.

Of course, the games are full of thrilling bonus games that can lead to a decent payday. Unfortunately, they’re still slot machines, and you’ll be looking at a return to player of 93% to 95% on the high end and closer to 90% on the bottom of the scale.

Slot machines are known for their rapid spin cycle, and if you’re not careful, you can wipe out a $20 bill in minutes. The ease of use and alluring graphics draw players to the slot machines, and they can be a nice distraction if your favorite team lost the game. Or maybe they didn’t cover the spread.

Top Slot Machines for Sports Fans

I’ve compiled a collection of the most common sports-themed slot machines I see in the casinos. Return to the player may actually vary significantly depending on where you’re playing. For that reason, I’m going to focus on gameplay and slot machine features.

1. Lucky Angler

This aquatic adventure will pit you against foes from the watery depths below. Lucky Angler brings the great northern tradition of ice fishing to gamblers in every corner of the world.

Your main objective is to get as many matches as possible, making it easier by the game’s 15 paylines. The big catch comes in the form of the golden fish, not to be confused with goldfish.

The prized golden fish stays put until it fails to produce any more winning lines. You’re in for a pretty nice return when you snag this golden fish.

Playing Lucky Angler is a fun and exciting challenge filled with engaging features. The bonus spins seem to rarely end, perfect for refilling the coins after sustaining a losing streak.

2. Super Sumo

I have never participated in a sumo match, not even those giant sumo suits you can rent for parties.

That hasn’t stopped me from having hours of fun playing this sumo-themed slot machine. The game features five unique sumo wrestlers, all portraying different levels of joy and pain.

Super Sumo Online Slots

The cartoon characters of the game are what endeared it to me the most. The giddy Wild Sumo shakes with excitement as you are launched into bonus spins, where the more of his Wild Sumo brothers join, the higher your payout.

Sumo wrestling isn’t at the forefront of many casino patrons’ minds. Still, you don’t have to be a sumo fan or even a wrestling fan to enjoy this enjoyable slot machine.

3. Break Away Deluxe

Hockey began migrating into the United States in the 1990s, and hockey fever was here to stay. Suddenly, high schools across the South began offering hockey as a sport.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. Canada has its own night of the week dedicated to the sport; it’s the country’s national pastime. Even Las Vegas, the desert oasis where temperatures regularly climb into the triple digits, has their own NHL team.

It likely comes as no surprise that the slot makers would recognize the buzz about betting on hockey. Break Away Deluxe sports a unique five-by-five reel layout.

You’ll fight to break away from your opponent’s defense and take your shot at glory. The payoff can be tremendous if you trigger the bonus.

The max payout for the bonus game is 3,200 times your original wager. This can quickly turn your fortunes for the better and fill your pockets with a load of cash.

4. Football Star Deluxe

This soccer-themed game represents the most popular sport on the globe. While the title may be somewhat misleading to American football fans, the game is pretty good.

From striking wilds to bonus spins and multipliers, Football Star Deluxe provides a plethora of ways to win.

Football Star Deluxe Slots

This bonus spin trigger multipliers that increase your wins by over 3,000 times your starting bet. Soccer may not be on your list of favorite sports. Still, these games soar in popularity during the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics.

Casino Slots Tips for the Newbie

Again, these slot machines can be an excellent way for sports fans to wade into the waters of casino gambling. There are some precautions you should know if you’re new to casino gambling.

  • Slot machines eat your money faster than any game in the casino. It’s important to take your time and enjoy the game.
  • Don’t play so slowly that fellow gamers are afraid you’re asleep. But if you enable the auto-spin feature, you’re essentially burning money.
  • Use the same disciplined bankroll management that you apply to your sports betting. Never play for more than you can easily afford to lose, and resist the urge to chase losses.

Finally, have fun. If you sit down to a slot machine and quickly become bored or aren’t enjoying yourself,walk away.


You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy the slot machines that sports fans are sure to get a kick out of. Quite the contrary, these games are entertaining for any slots enthusiasts on the floor, too.

Still, these fun sports-themed games can be an excellent way to kill some time on the casino floor and feel like you’re part of the party.