Six Simple Casino Gambling Mistakes You Can Fix in 5 Minutes

Man With his Finger up With Casino Games on Left

It’s a safe bet that you’re probably losing more money than you should when you gamble in a casino. This is a safe bet because almost every casino player makes mistakes, and mistakes lead to losses.

The best way to get better results when you gamble in casinos is to figure out what mistakes you’re making then figure out how to correct them.

I’ve put together a short list of six mistakes casino gamblers make and how to quickly correct these mistakes. You can fix any of these casino mistakes that you’re making in five minutes or less. Most of these can come down to having good self-control.

1 – Spending Money on Slot Machine Games

This mistake is never going away. You can see the evidence of this every time you walk into a casino. The real money slot machines always have more gamblers than all of the table games combined. But the slot machines are the absolute worst thing you can play in casinos.

The simple truth is that slot machine games have a higher house edge than other casino game options. This also means that the slots games have a lower return to player percentage.

What this means from a simple dollars and cents view is that you lose more money when you play slots games. That’s just how the number add up in slot machine games.

In the last two sections of this article, you’re going to learn about your two best options when you’re gambling in a casino. But you can pick any other popular casino game and get better returns than the slot machines give you.

The options covered later in this article do require the use of strategy to get the highest returns. But if you don’t want to learn how to use casino game strategy, there are still a couple options that are much better than slot machines.

The first option is mini baccarat games. All you have to do is bet the banker, and the house edge is up to 10 times better than slot machines. Another option is playing craps by making don’t pass bets and odds bets. This is usually 5 to 10 times better than slot machines.

2 – Not Using a Time Limit

Casinos are designed in a specific way, and this leads to gamblers playing too long. How many times have you gambled longer than you planned to gamble and ended up losing more money than you wanted to lose?

If you’re like me and almost every other casino gambler in the world, this has happened multiple times. But there’s a simple way you can fix this mistake.

Cell Phone Displaying Timer

You can simply set an alarm or timer on your smartphone. Make a decision about exactly how long you’re going to play in the casino before you start. Set the timer on your smartphone, and leave as soon as the timer goes off.

This is even more important when you’re winning. Casino games are designed to take your money, so the longer you play the games, the higher the odds are that the casino is going to win. When your timer goes off and you’re ahead, be happy to leave the casino with a profit.

3 – Not Using a Stop-Loss Limit

Another type of limit that every casino gambler needs to use is a stop-loss limit. Stop-loss limits are simple and they’re easy to use.

Your stop-loss limit is simply the maximum amount of money that you’re willing to lose in the casinos. This can be as high or low as you want, but you have to make a decision about it before you start gambling in the casino.

Now, all you have to do is put this amount of money in one place and keep the rest of your money in a different place. When you play table games, simply buy chips with your loss limit and you know you have to stop playing when you run out of chips.

You also have to be disciplined enough to never use any of your other money to gamble with. I know it’s tempting to chase your losses and that you often feel that you’re due for a win. But this isn’t the way that gambling works.

Sometimes, you get lucky and win, but you’re never due for a win. And chasing casino losses almost never works out. You usually just lose more money trying to win back the money you’ve already lost.

4 – Not Using a Stop-Win Limit

This doesn’t make sense to a lot of casino gamblers, so most of them don’t use it. But this is one of the few ways you can guarantee that you leave the casino with a profit at least some of the time.

A stop-win limit is just like a stop-loss casino limit except that you stop gambling when you get ahead a certain amount. And just like a stop-loss limit, you can set your stop-win limit at any number you want.

Man Holding Up a Stop Sign and a Man Pushing a Pile of Casino Chips

I usually set my limit at half the amount of my stop-loss limit. If you set a limit of $400, the stop-win casino limit would be $200.

This means that at any time I’m down $400, I quit playing. And at any time I’m up by $200, I stop playing.

Like most casino gamblers, I’ve been up many times and kept playing. This resulted in me losing all of my profits. While there’s not a perfect solution to this problem, you do leave the casino with a profit from time to time. with a reasonable stop-win limit in place.

If you hit your stop-win casino limit quickly, you can take half of your win and put it in your pocket and keep playing with the other half. But you don’t want to give all of your profit for the playing session back to the casino.

5 – Refusing to Focus on Blackjack

Blackjack is a great option for casino gamblers. You can learn how to play blackjack in just a few minutes, you can learn how to identify tables that have good rules, and you can use a strategy card to make sure you always get the highest return possible.

You can learn just about everything you need to know about blackjack in 12 minutes.

If you invest more time, you can study how to count cards. Learning how to count cards enables you to gain an edge over the house. When you have an edge, it means that you’re winning instead of losing.

Start by focusing on the rules and strategy. With these things, you can get a higher return than most blackjack gamblers. When you master these two aspects of strategy, start studying more about counting. You’re going to be surprised at how easy it is to start counting cards once you master the rules and strategy.

You can find blackjack games with good rules easily in mobile and online casinos. Unfortunately, counting doesn’t work when you play online blackjack. But you can still play with a low house edge by using strategy.

6 – Ignoring Good Video Poker Options

While blackjack is the main casino game that I recommend everyone plays, some casino gamblers don’t like to play table games. If you don’t like to play casino table games you still have a good option.

Video poker is a great casino game option if you want to play on a machine. In fact, there are a few video poker options that actually offer higher return rates and a lower house edge than blackjack.

Closeup Of a Video Poker Machine With Video Poker Wording

You have to learn how to use the right video poker strategy for the machine you’re playing on, and you need to learn how to identify video poker machines that have good pay tables. But when you learn these things, you can enjoy good odds playing video poker.

The issue is that there are too many video poker options to learn about all of them. The best plan is to focus on two or three different video poker games and learn as much as you can about each option.

Our Conclusion About These Common Mistakes

Casinos are set up to encourage gamblers to make mistakes. If you don’t know you’re making a mistake, you have no way of correcting it.

The six casino gambling mistakes listed in this article are common. In fact, the majority of casino players are making at least one of these mistakes. But you don’t have to continue making them.

See if you’re committing one or more of these mistakes, then fix them immediately! Fixing these errors is going to give you better odds and reduce your losses.