Six Alternatives That Are Better Than Texas Hold’em Poker

Dealer Dealing Cards At a Texas Hold'em Table

If you want to develop gambling skills that guarantee long-term profits, Texas Hold’em poker might be the best option. But developing these skills can require years of work, and some gamblers aren’t willing to put in this much effort.

The six gambling alternatives covered in this article can also offer long-term profits, and they don’t take as much effort as building winning poker skills. This doesn’t mean that these alternatives are easy. In fact, they all require work, but none of them require as much work and effort as Texas Hold’em.

1 – Blackjack Card Counting

If you take a little time to study how math works in blackjack, you can see that it’s a proven mathematical fact that you can use card counting techniques and systems to make a profit.

The profit from counting is based on learning when you have an advantage, which happens when there are more high-value cards left in the deck than low-value cards. When this happens, you bet more, and your long-term profits in these situations outweigh your losses.

The main reason why you have an advantage when there are more high-value cards than low-value cards is because you get paid more than 1:1 when you receive a blackjack. This isn’t the only reason why you can play with an advantage, but it’s the most important reason. And this is why you always have to play where the table pays 3:2 for a blackjack. Tables that pay 6:5 eliminate most of this advantage.

Card counting is simple, but many gamblers think it is too complicated to learn. Instead of remembering every card that gets played, all you do is track the ratio of cards, high verses low. To learn how to do this you can pick up a book or two that covers counting, then practice your skills until you can do it. This takes some time, but it’s easier than learning and mastering all of the strategies you need to win at the Texas Hold’em poker tables.

2 – Betting on MLB Games

Some gamblers who bet on sports are able to make long-term profits. This isn’t easy, and it’s extremely difficult if you focus on the wrong sports. In this section and the next section you’re going to learn about two of the best sports to focus on.

Many sports gamblers start by betting on football and soccer. Popular football leagues are the NFL and NCAA. The problem with focusing on these leagues is that this is where the majority of bets are made, and the sportsbooks don’t make many mistakes.

MLB White Sox Tim Anderson With Sportsbook Background

Major League Baseball, of MLB, games are a good place to focus your attention as a sports gambler. During the regular season, there are many games on the schedule every day, and you can almost always find a game or two that offers value.

Winning MLB gamblers learn how to evaluate games, hitters, teams, and pitchers in ways that show them when an offered line has long-term value. Smart MLB gamblers also learn how to take advantage of run lines, which are unique to baseball betting lines.

3 – Betting on NBA Games

The next sport to focus on is the National Basketball Association, or NBA. Just like MLB, the NBA isn’t as popular with gamblers as football, and there are many games every day during the regular season.

While you still have to learn how to evaluate NBA games, the real key to profit is finding lines offered by sportsbooks that offer value.

When I say value, what I mean is finding lines that would show a profit if you made the bet hundreds of times. Of course, you can only bet the game once, which means that sometimes you lose. But when you find enough games and lines that offer value, you win more often than you lose which creates a long-term profit.

This might sound a little confusing, but as you improve your skills at evaluating NBA games, and betting on the NBA, you’re going to find it easier to spot lines that offer value. Finding value is the skill that leads directly to profit. And the way to identify value is to learn how to evaluate games and players to the best of your ability.

4 – Omaha Poker

Omaha is a variation of Texas Hold’em, though most poker players view it as a standalone game. In Omaha you receive four starting cards instead of two, and you have to use two of those cards in combination with three from the board or community cards to make a hand of five cards.

Omaha strategy is hard to master, but it’s easier to learn and master than Texas Hold’em. The reason why this is true is because it’s easier to use math when you play Omaha, because you know the value of more cards in play.

If you don’t like to use math, poker probably isn’t the best gambling choice. But don’t mark Omaha off your list until you investigate the math you need to use. The math isn’t too complicated for most gamblers to learn if they want to learn, and you can make as much in long-term profit from playing Omaha as playing any gambling game.

Closeup of an Omaha Poker Hand

You can’t find as many good books covering Omaha as Texas Hold’em, but there are a few good books on playing poker in general. You can also find some good information covering winning Omaha play online.

Omaha is also available in a high low version, which can be even more profitable for smart poker players.

5 – Some Video Poker Variations

Most video poker variations can’t show a long-term profit for gamblers. But a few can. The few video poker variations that you can beat require the use of specific strategies, just like most gambling games. But it’s much easier to use perfect strategy when you play real money video poker than when you play Texas Hold’em poker.

The reason why it’s easier to use perfect strategy in video poker than in Texas Hold’em poker is because you don’t have to guess the best plays in any situation. You can get a list of every strategy play for video poker games, based on the variation.

For example, you can get a strategy list specifically designed for Deuces Wild and a strategy list specifically designed for Jacks or Better.

You always have to follow the strategy playlist exactly. But this isn’t all you have to do. You also have to learn how to identify the video poker variations that can show a profit. This requires studying pay tables for each variation so you know which pay tables to use and which pay tables you should avoid.

6 – Hole Card Spying in Blackjack

Hole card spying is a little-known strategy that a few blackjack players use. It can be more profitable than anything listed in this article, including Texas Hold’em poker. And it doesn’t require as much skill or practice. The problem is that it’s not always a viable option.

You can learn where to look and how to look for hole card spying opportunities. When you learn these things, you still won’t find a lot of opportunities, but when you do find an opportunity you’re going to make large profits.

Multiple Blackjack Hands on a Table

The basics of hole card spying are that some dealers don’t deal the cards properly, and this leads to the dealer showing the value of some cards to players sitting in certain positions if the players are paying attention.

Take a minute to think about how much better you could play blackjack if you knew the value of the face down card of the dealer. Blackjack games have a small house edge to start, so to make a profit you don’t have to move the edge too far to get it into your favor.

In fact, if you only saw the hole card value every once in a while it can be enough to make a long term profit.

In Summary

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the few gambling games that some players make consistent profit from playing, but it’s not easy to do this. In fact, it takes so much work that many gamblers aren’t willing to do everything they need to do.

The six alternatives to Texas Hold’em poker listed in this article also take some work, but they aren’t as hard. And they all can be profitable, just like Texas Hold’em poker.

Blackjack games offer a couple different ways you can make money, and a few video poker variations also can show a profit. Sports betting can be profitable, but you have to know the right sports to bet on.