10 Simple Tricks to Get the Most from Your Money in a Casino

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Life hacks are one of my guilty pleasures. The subtle ways that tasks can be simplified or an experience may be enhanced are things I genuinely look forward to learning.

For gamblers, tips and tricks can lead to a more rewarding experience in the casino or sportsbook. These hacks also have a prominent perk of saving you money.

Sadly, the gambling sites and forums are full of misinformation that only leads many gamblers down the path of more significant loss and frustration. I hope that we can avoid a lot of that by narrowing the focus down to select tricks that have been proven to work time after time.

Here are 10 tricks to get the most from your money in a casino.

1 – Only Play Tables with Low Limits

One of the finest ways to get more from your money in the casino is relatively apparent. Playing games with low limits will keep you in the game longer and help your bankroll go farther than ever before.

The house edge slowly works against you when you play casino games to eat away at your bankroll. The games take a small percentage from every bet, but the larger the wager, the more the house edge can work against you.

For example, playing 100 hands of baccarat while betting $10 per hand on the banker will cost you about $11 on average. The house advantage for that particular bet is a minuscule 1.06%, so the burn won’t be too bad.

However, when you raise your minimum wager to $25, the casino’s take immediately jumps to an expected $27 for the same number of hands. Stick to the tables with low minimums, and you’ll be able to get more entertainment for your money in the casino.

2 – Stay Away from Machines Near the Bathrooms

I pride myself on not buying into casino nonsense or urban myths. Yet sometimes, there’s enough credence to the claims to merit some attention.

One of the areas where casino hogwash blurs the line of casino fact concerns how slot machines are laid out on the casino floor. People will try to convince you that the games in one casino area should patently be avoided while other areas are prime for the taking.

Las Vegas Slot Machines

Generally, I ignore this kind of casino chatter. Still, the fact is that casinos absolutely will set different returns to players on different machines.

Furthermore, high-traffic areas like the bathroom are typically going to pay lower. The casino knows players will drop a few bucks in while they wait for a friend.

3 – Bring Your Blackjack Strategy Card to the Casino

If you’re playing blackjack in the casino, you should be doing at least one of two things. Ideally, you’ve learned to count cards and are now a profitable gambler.

For everyone who hasn’t become a proficient card counter, you need to use a basic strategy card for every blackjack hand you play. Blackjack’s basic strategy reduces the house edge by more than half in some instances.

That can lower the house edge to a mere 0.5% under the right conditions. When you’re only facing a house edge half of one percent, even when you’re losing, you’ll feel like you’re winning.

You can use the chart right at the table, so no need to spend hours learning complicated formulas. Still, be sure that you’re not bogging down the game.

4 – Always Avoid the Side Bets on Table Games

One of the ways casinos are able to influence bettors into losing more than the standard house edge is by offering side bets. These side bets are typically sold as a way for players to earn a better payout than the traditional game or mitigate their losses on an individual hand.

Unfortunately, there is rarely any valid value for the punter. At most, you’re going to be able to use insurance in blackjack, but only when you’re counting cards.

Don’t let the casino fool you into handing over more of your money. Stick to making the standard wagers, and you’ll avoid a lot of the unnecessary losses from casino side bets.

Split Image of Two Different Baccarat Tables at the Casino

You can do a lot of good by learning the various house advantages for different wagers on your favorite games. That will keep you out of a lot of trouble because you’ll know the math and how it’s working against you.

Stop burning through extra money and get more bang for your buck in the casino.

5 – Maximize the Benefits of Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are fantastic. If you’re not familiar with online casino deposit bonuses, they are one of the finest marketing tools to impact casino gambling in my lifetime.

When a player creates an online casino account and makes a deposit with an online casino, the casino will match their deposit op to a certain amount. In many instances, the casino will double or even triple a player’s initial deposit.

Use these bonuses to get the absolute maximum out of your money in the casino.

6 – Only Play the Games You Enjoy

One thing that veteran gamblers often forget over time is that casino gambling is meant to be fun. When we don’t step in our own way, casino gambling can remain a fun-filled activity until we’re gone.

What’s the point of casino gambling if you’re not having a great time?

That’d be like going on vacation to the most boring place on earth, burning money. At least you’d have a cool story to tell by visiting the boredom kingdom.

Stick to playing games that you love. The whole point of recreational gambling is to be entertained, and when you’re being entertained, the house edge is merely the cost of that enjoyment.

Sometimes, I’m guilty of painting gamblers with a broad stroke, and some pundits will either label you an advantage player or a sucker. The only suckers are the casino guests that hand money over and get zero satisfaction in return.

7 – Spend Your Session Playing Craps

One of the most excellent games in the entire casino is craps. The craps tables in buzzing casinos are the epicenter for fun.

However, many novice gamblers shy away from the game because they don’t quite understand the basics of craps. That’s a solid strategy; you should never play casino games that you don’t understand.

Luckily, the basic bets of craps are incredibly straightforward. Furthermore, the two bets I’m going to cover have a house edge of under 2%.

When playing craps for real money, you should primarily focus on the Pass Line, and the Don’t Pass Line. These are the two main wagers in the game of craps, plus they are easy to follow.

Closeup of a Casino Craps Table

Betting the Pass Line is betting with the shooter. Whenever the shooter wins, you win.

Betting on the Don’t Pass Line is going against the shooter. So, when they lose, you win.

Most players bet the Pass Line as a sign of solidarity, but the Don’t Pass has a slightly lower house advantage. Stick to making one of these wagers at the craps table, and you’ll be able to enjoy endless hours of entertainment.

8 – Learn to Get the Most from the Player’s Card

Earning casino rewards via the casino’s loyalty program is a no-brainer. The casino is basically gifting players freebies merely for playing the games.

If you want to receive the most benefit from your money in a casino, signing up for the player’s card ranks pretty high on the list of priorities. Due to the fact that you’ll want to earn comps on every wager you make, it may be the first thing you do in a casino.

You’ll earn rewards based on every dollar you wager in the casino. Best of all, you may be able to up those rewards by betting heavier while the pit boss is around.

So, it may not be a horrible idea to start your session by betting a little heavy, and once the pit boss has, you set up, dropping back down. That will get you earning coms at an even faster rate.

9 – Have a Few Drinks on the House

The casino will gladly give players free drinks while they’re playing the games. In some cases, it’ll be in your best interest to save the booze for after your gambling session.

However, when you know you’ll only be in the casino for a few hours, taking advantage of the casino’s gift will get you the most for your money.

Variety of Colorful Cocktails in a Casino

The only real danger that comes from the free drinks is the chance that you could overdo it. That can lead to trouble for your bankroll.

10 – Chat the Dealer Up

I really enjoy talking to casino dealers; they’re all unique and have interesting backstories. I also love to win.

Chatting up with a dealer can have a few benefits depending on how you want to approach things. For the beginner or novice gambler, having a dealer that likes you can be instrumental in learning the game.

Dealers know the games well because the casinos insist on it, and they play the games for up to 10 hours a day. A friendly dealer is usually happy to give you a few pointers along the way.

More advanced players can catch the dealer slipping and make full use of hole carding techniques.

Regardless of how you make the best use of the dealer, they are a valuable asset to have in your corner.

Our Conclusion About These Casino Tricks

Casino gambling is a tricky business. The house has every advantage against you, and the line between winning and losing is incredibly fragile.

These 10 tricks to get the most from your money in a casino won’t guarantee any wins. However, you’ll get the most value for your dollar, win, lose, or draw.