Sights to See Near Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland

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Live! Casino & Hotel is Hanover, Maryland’s finest attraction. And the entertainment complex is so great you can make an entire vacation out of just visiting it alone. But if you’re looking to go sightseeing or if you’re up for a shopping spree or even a festival, this area offers all of the above.

Here, you will find about a half-dozen parks in the area, two of which we will cover in the post. Some of Maryland’s largest shopping malls are also hanging around, plus the area puts on a legendary renaissance fair.

And finally, the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail is more than worth the hike.

Here, you will find the ultimate collage of nature, shopping, and festivities. While Maryland casinos are a great place to start, you need to dig deep to turn your stay at Live Casino & Hotel into the ultimate vacation destination.

Let’s discover the area.

Sandy Point State Park

Sandy Point State Park is the ideal place to begin. One of the Chesapeake Bay’s most prominent public recreation areas, you will find Sandy Point at western end of the gigantic Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

This park is also the ideal location if you’re into swimming, as its swimming beach attracts over one million annual visitors. It also serves as the home of the Sandy Point Farmhouse, one of the most historical structures in Maryland.

Standing 1,000 yards from the park’s beach is the Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse, yet another historical structure in the area.

Sandy Point State Park

Apart from the amazing structures that you will find here, what else is there to do?

If you’re into activities that involve the great outdoors, there is never a shortage. Here, you can immerse yourself in fishing, crabbing, hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. You will also find a nature center, boat rentals, and a marina store at the park.

The avid hiker in you will love what you will discover at the adjacent Corcoran Woods, which features a solid four miles of hiking trails.

Oh, and if you’d love a thrill, take part in the park’s Polar Bear Plunge in January. It’s quite easy. You just have to run into the bay. But it’s well worth it, as proceeds raise money for the Special Olympics.

Patapsco Valley State Park

If nature, scenery, and history are your great pastimes, then another fantastic place to sightsee is located in the Patapsco Valley State Park. The Thomas Viaduct serves as the park’s signature monument and you can view it as you turn into the park.

Built in 1835, the Thomas Viaduct now graces a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Patapsco Valley State Park comprises a grand total of 14,000 acres and holds the honor of being Maryland’s first official state park.

Like Sandy Point, you have a lot to get excited about if you venture to this park.

Activities include hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding, and picnicking. If you’re an avid hiker, the Baltimore Sun once named this park as its “Best Place to Hike” in 2007. So you know you’re in for something special when you venture here.

The park also houses two swinging bridges. So if you’d like a unique treat, head over to them. The first bridge is one you can cross to discover the ruins of the five-story Orange Grove Flour Mill, which burned down in 1905.

The Cascade Falls also call Patapsco Valley State Park home. Located in the Orange Grove Area, head over to a marked trail at the last parking lot, and you will find what you’re looking for.

Westfield Annapolis Mall

If you hit a slots jackpot at Live! Casino & Hotel it’s time to put that money to work. Or, perhaps you’re just in the mood for the ultimate shopping spree. Whatever your primary motive, you will find nearly 1.5 million square feet worth of retail space that will provide you with the ultimate shopping destination.

Westfield Annapolis

The mall also features an 11-screen movie theater, so if you’re in the mood to catch a flick on a day or an afternoon off from the casino, you know where to turn.

With all the retail, entertainment, and dining options present at this location, you can turn a stroll to the mall into a day to remember. But Westfield Annapolis is just one of two area malls to get excited over.

Arundel Mills Mall

If you thought Westfield Annapolis made for the ultimate shopping experience, it is the smaller of the two malls in the area, with Arundel Mills offering two million square feet of retail space encompassing 225 stores which features 14 anchors, as opposed to just two anchors at Westfield.

It’s really up to you whether you prefer the smaller, less crowded attraction (Westfield) or the bigger but far more crowded Arundel Mills Mall.

This post is entitled ‘6 Sights to See Near Live! Casino & Hotel’ and it’s called this for a reason. It’s because this mall, as large as it is, covers just a single floor. Could you imagine running laps around this thing?

Arundel Mills Mall

Arundel Mills, as of December 2020, holds the title as the largest mall in Maryland. So if you believe bigger is better, you’re getting the best Maryland offers as far as malls are concerned.

Oh, and did I mention the mall is within walking distance of Live! Casino & Hotel? Yep. You don’t even need to leave your coveted parking spot if you’re looking to venture to Arundel Mills.

What can you expect to find at Arundel Mills?

If you name it, the mall has it. Cinemark Theatres, Books-A-Million, TJ Maxx, Burlington, Old Navy, Best Buy, anything. Arundel Mills will provide.

So head on over for shopping, window shopping, people watching, and see how many laps you can make it around this mall. Once you’ve walked your 10,000 steps or have gotten your fill with the many shopping and entertainment options, brace yourself for another round of casino games at Live! Casino & Hotel.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Alright, if you’re in town for ye olde Renaissance Faire and if you want to step back to a time we knew, Arundel County is where it’s happening.

So trade in that casino attire for a tunic or perhaps even knight’s armor and get ready to have the time of your life at the Renaissance Fair. Spread over 27 acres, you’re looking at the second largest Renaissance Fair in America as of December 2020, so you know you’re in for something special.

Founded in 1977, the Maryland Renaissance Festival lasts from the last weekend in August and often to the last weekend in October. So if you’re in the area for this window and you love everything about the Renaissance, place this fifth sight right at the top of this sightseeing itinerary.

Maryland Renaissance Festival Jousting

The festival focuses on King Henry VIII of England within an English Tudor village full of woods and fields that will make you feel like you took a time machine back to the English countryside.

Here, you will find 42 food outlets featuring authentic Renaissance-era garb plus 130 craft shops that reflect the era. You will also stumble upon 8 stages featuring plays from the era, several taverns, and a kids area.

Baltimore & Annapolis Trail

Since this is a sightseeing post, we had to include the most breathtaking sights around. We’ve discussed state parks and what you’ll find there, the largest malls in Maryland, and a fair that will take you back to the 15th century.

The last stop on this tour will take you to the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail. Established in 1990, the B&A Trail acts as a rail trail (meaning it used to be a railroad) that runs 13.3 miles and offers a scenic tour of the area if you’re up for mountain biking, hiking, running, or just if you’re taking a stroll.

Along the trail, you will discover parks, neighborhoods, and diverse trees and streams that will keep your eyes busy throughout the journey. You’ll also glimpse the Marley Station Mall and the Ranger Station.

And if you love history, you will find historical markers throughout the area and if you love astronomy, you will enjoy the NASA-sponsored Planet Walk. Think of it as a museum in a manner of speaking that contains displays and descriptions for each planet plus the sun.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate scenic tour when planning your casino trip, a jaunt at the B&A Trail is the place you need to circle in red.


Live! Casino & Hotel contains arguably the best sightseeing options in Maryland. Or at least in an area of Maryland not named Baltimore.

So when you venture to Live! Casino & Hotel, be sure to set aside a few days to go sightseeing, hit the state parks, the trails, malls, and fairs. Even if luck isn’t on your side at the casino, it’s a guarantee you will have fun seeing what’s going on in the surrounding area.

Have you played at Live! Casino & Hotel? If so, did you visit any of the surrounding sights? Tell us about your experience in the comment. We are always looking to hear from you.