Sensational Destinations Near Kiowa Casino

Kiowa Casino Logo and Attractions

Kiowa Casino is a Kiowa Tribe-owned casino in Devol, Oklahoma. Best yet, it’s one of those resort-style casinos in which you can stay and play for a week and never get bored. However, the time may come where curiosity gets the best of you and you want to explore the area.

Today’s post will give you a few outstanding ideas of where to look. But since Devol is a very small town in Oklahoma, most of what you see in today’s post is in nearby Wichita Falls, Texas, about 20 minutes south of Devol.

So, if you’re looking for a bit more travel, your best bet is to have fun at Kiowa Casino for a day or two, then explore the surrounding area of Wichita, which provides several sensational destinations in proximity to Kiowa Casino.

Are you ready to discover those destinations? Let’s get started.

The Falls in Lucy Park

Head over to Sunset Drive in Wichita Falls and you will run right into one of Wichita Falls’ finest natural settings. If you plan on heading to the River Bend Nature Center, Museum of North Texas, or the World’s Smallest Skyscraper (all with their own sections below), it makes sense to visit the Falls on the same day.

While the Falls in Lucy Park provide enough scenery to spend a few hours gazing at, they also offer several mountain biking and hiking opportunities. So, if you’re interested in exploring North Texas’ natural setting, head over to Lucy Park and you will satisfy the craving.

To see the falls themselves, expect to hike about a half-mile, so it’s just a quick jaunt from the park’s entrance. And once you have finished hiking, biking, and nature watching for the day, grab something to eat at the nearby Hibiscus Cafe, McBride’s Steakhouse, or the Back Porch Draft House.

Backdoor Theatre

If you’re in Wichita Falls and uninterested in returning to Kiowa Casino for entertainment, you can always head to the Backdoor Theatre. Head over to 501 Indiana Avenue in Wichita and you’ll run right into this vibrant and historical theatre.

A small group operates the place, but reviewers cannot get enough of the productions here. Despite their small size, they go out of their way to put on entertaining events regardless of the time of year. You’re also getting a fine, local flair here, considering most of their actors live in and are from the area.

Newsies Musical Backdoor Theatre

Like many local theaters, you’re stepping back in time when you visit Backdoor Theatre. Their interior provides a historical setting, so definitely enjoy this attraction that has withstood the test of time while you are here.

When planning your casino trip, consider visiting multiple locations on the same day. A visit to the Backdoor Theatre is a great place to combine visits to the Pro Wrestling Museum, the World’s Smallest Skyscraper, and the Museum of North Texas, as each are within a five-minute walking distance.

Riverbend Nature Center

This is a great destination to pair with a trip to Lucy Park, given their proximity to one another. This nature center, which you will find at 2200 3rd Street in Wichita Falls, provides 20 acres of environmental education fit for the entire family. If you’re looking for a more family-oriented destination, check out the nature center.

Among their interactive and educational activities, you will find lessons on environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. Head over to the Bryant Edwards Learning Center, which holds over 100 live exhibits featuring amphibians, reptiles, and insects from all over the world.

Head over to the 7,000 square-foot conservatory, featuring animals native to the region like prairie dogs, fish, turtles, butterflies, and more. Best yet, prepare to lose your breath at the prairie-like landscape featuring actual prairie grass and plant life.

And if you’re in the mood for more hiking, the nature center also features 17 acres of forested regions, including more trails. It’s yet another good way to immerse yourself in the outdoors of North Texas.

The World’s Smallest Skyscraper

You will find the destination at 701 La Salle Street, and it’s one of those street side attractions that won’t take as much time out of your day as the other destinations on today’s list. It’s a great visit if you’re on your way to or from the Museum of North Texas, the Iron Horse Pub, or the Pro Wrestling Museum.

Or if you plan on eating at nearby restaurants like the Gidget’s Sandwich Shack, McBride Land and Cattle, or the Gypsy Kit, stop at this nearby attraction first.

The World’s Smallest Skyscraper

You can stop by and have a look, or if the owner is present, they may even let you go inside and tour the place. Make sure you type the address into your GPS, because it looks like nothing more than another building. In fact, you may think it’s the location of an old, abandoned business.

However, this place boasts quite a history, so if you have the opportunity to talk with the owner, do so, and they will tell you an interesting story about the place.

Wichita Falls Brewing

This is the sensational destination to frequent if you are interested in trying some of the region’s finest local crafts. You will find it at 701 Indiana Avenue in Wichita Falls to find arguably the best beer in America. No, really, because they opine that there isn’t enough good beer to go around.

To remedy the problem, they build the brewing company and they invite both locals and tourists from across America.

Wichita Falls Brewing offers a family-friendly atmosphere, beer that you will crave every time you visit the area, plus food from local trucks if you would like to pair something with America’s finest crafts.

It’s a great place to frequent after you have had some fun for the day throughout Wichita Falls, or if you’re heading over after a long day of real money gambling over at Kiowa Casino. So, head on over, enjoy the atmosphere, and find your newest favorite flavors of beer in the Wichita area.

Museum of North Texas History

If you identify as a history buff, you will love the Museum of North Texas History. It is at 720 Indiana Avenue, so it’s a great destination to pair with a trip to the brewery. Here, you will discover a mixture of local history fused with a Western flair.

Some say it’s hard to find given its lack of signage next to the awning over the front door, and it’s one of those places that you must ring the doorbell to gain entry. But once you’re in, brace yourself for the history lesson of a lifetime if you’re into local and Western history.

Museum of North Texas History

You will find many displays throughout the location, featuring past area farmers and ranchers, along with print information that will give you a deeper background on the surrounding farms. They also collect photos of aerial photography dating back to the 1920s, a collection of cowboy hats, and more.

Most who have frequented the venue state that they have an interest in local history, but many reviewers have said that this destination has a collection that will interest any age and interest level.

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

This is perhaps the greatest attraction in Wichita Falls if you’re a fan of professional wrestling regardless of the era. Head over to 712 8th Street, and lose yourself in the collections and exhibits featuring some of sports entertainment’s most memorable figures.

Many reviewers have stated the venue is best if you’re an old school fan of the sport. So if you grew up during the Golden Era of the 1980s or the Attitude/Monday Night Wars Era of the late 1990s, odds are you will have just as much fun here as you would at Kiowa Casino.

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

For many of you, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum will grace the top of your to-do list when you venture to nearby Wichita Falls.

And even if you aren’t a fan of the sport, stop by and gain a firsthand look at the evolution of pro wrestling from the cult following of yesteryear to the international success it has enjoyed following the Attitude Era as we head deeper into what I think they have now dubbed the Reality Era.

Experience the Sights Near Kiowa Casino

Okay, so since Wichita is a bit of a metropolis, odds are, you may spend over a day away from Kiowa Casino visiting all these attractions. Whether you’ve visited the area to immerse yourself in nature, had caught a show at the theater, gone sightseeing, or visited the pubs or breweries.

As you can see from today’s post, you’re getting a few exciting places to visit in one city near one of Oklahoma’s best casinos. So, if you need a complete vacation as opposed to a weekend getaway at the casino, you now know seven sensational destinations to have fun and pass the time.

Have you visited Kiowa Casino? If so, did you venture into the nearby Wichita area? Tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you visited any of the destinations above or ventured to another area of town. We look forward to reading your stories.