Self-Control Tips for Casino Gamblers

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Every successful casino gambler shares one fundamental characteristic—discipline. Casinos are exciting places by design.

The casino games and our fellow players can draw us into an emotional state that proves to be detrimental to our bankroll. Keep it in check with these self-control tips for the casino.

Give Yourself a Break From the Casino

Spend any amount of time in a casino, and you’re sure to come across the borderline delirious gambler that has been up for a full day or more.

It’s easy to lose track of time or decide that you’re having too much fun on the casino floor to tear yourself away from the action.

Most gamblers have to travel to play in a casino. This means that most casino gamblers are also booking a hotel room for their trip. These rooms are often attached to the very casinos in which they’re gambling. So, use the room to recharge.

Getting the proper amount of sleep is an imperative part of performing your best in any task. Casino gambling is no different; you need some rest to stay sharp on the casino floor.

In fact, it can easy to overlook the toll an hours-long gambling session is taking on you both physically and mentally. Even if you’re only repeatedly pressing a spin button, your brain is subconsciously doing complex math problems constantly.

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Take a break and get off the casino floor for at least 30 minutes. You may decide to go for a nice walk outside in the fresh air or grab a bite to eat in the casino. The important thing is that you take care of yourself when gambling. It’s pretty common to be in the middle of one of these breaks when the wall is hit.

A friend of mine fell asleep at a bar one afternoon after we spent over 14 hours playing blackjack. He slept for a solid 18 hours and completely missed the casino on our final day of the trip.

Get the proper amount of sleep while you’re on your casino vacation. You’ll be amazed at the improvement it has on your gameplay.

Avoid Borrowing Money

If you’re searching for ways to make a bad situation worse, borrow money in a casino. Straight out of the gate, this is a losing proposition.

First of all, if you’re borrowing the money, you can’t afford to gamble with it. Your gambling bankroll should be set long before you ever walk through the doors of the casino.

Once your bankroll is gone, it’s time to call it quits. Savvy casino gamblers will even split their gambling bankroll down by the day. So, if you have a $1,500 bankroll for a three-day trip, your daily bankroll is $500. Some players will break it down further into a morning and afternoon session. Now, let’s suppose they win in the morning, that’s great. They have the entire $500 to play with that evening.

Conversely, if they lose the $250 in the morning, they still have $250 to gamble with that afternoon. This type of bankroll management is a fantastic way to ensure you aren’t left watching TV in the room while your friends are gambling.

Borrowing money makes the tough situation of being broke far worse by compounding your losses. You’re almost assured of losing the money you borrowed, and bad loans are a good way to ruin an excellent friendship.

Have Strict Gambling Limits

Setting limits for your casino gambling is one of the most critical habits to develop as a gambler.

Before you get to the casino floor, you should have strict limits on time, which I covered earlier. As you likely know, you’re going to have a difficult time finding a clock on the casino floor.

I recommend setting the alarm on your smartphone. This way, it’s out of sight and out of mind until your time has expired for the session. Savvy gamblers know that there are two more equally important limits to set during your casino adventures.

The next limit you’ll want to set for obvious reasons is a loss limit. Having a solid loss limit in place will ensure that you don’t completely drain your bankroll and start to consider borrowing money from your friends or family.

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Before you can figure out an appropriate loss limit, you must first have a basic understanding of casino bankroll management. In addition to a loss limit, it’s important to set a win limit. Somehow, the idea of a win limit seems counterintuitive to many gamblers.

Don’t you want to win as much as possible? Obviously, yes. Ideally, you’d continue to win into perpetuity. However, the reality of casino gambling is that there’s going to come a point where a series of losses will wipe out any wins you’ve accrued.

Your best bet is to have a number on the board that, when hit, signals that it’s time to walk away from the casino floor and live to fight another day.

The most vital aspect of setting limits comes down to your ability to strictly adhere to them. Make realistic and obtainable goals.

Save the Booze for Later

Look, nobody is functioning at peak performance while drinking at a casino. Casinos aren’t giving their customers free drinks as a gesture of goodwill. They understand that alcohol lowers inhibitions and leads to careless mistakes on the casino floor.

Do yourself a favor and save the booze for after you’re done gambling for the day. This can be tough for some players. They want drinks, and they’re free now. If they wait until they’re in the bar or lounging by the pool, the price goes up drastically.

So, they get completely hammered. I’ve seen it firsthand on more than one occasion. A player starts off steady playing blackjack for $10 a hand. After a couple of drinks, they begin to vary their bet size.

Gamblers may begin to bet $25 per hand for a few before dropping back down to $10. Suddenly, they’re four drinks in and realize they’ve lost $100. Well, betting $100 per hand is a good way to get back to even. They lay $100 on the table, and just like that, they’re down $200.

This reckless behavior isn’t limited to bet size either. Some players will make silly bets with an insanely high house edge. This is the phase where players go from making even money bets in roulette to placing chips in the middle of the table.

Drunk players love betting on zero. Skip the booze while you’re at the tables, and you’ll stretch your bankroll as far as possible. If you can’t gamble without having a cold drink, keep the alcohol to a minimum.

Thankfully, the casinos are open 24 hours a day. Nothing stops you from taking a mid-day nap to sleep it off if you do overindulge.

Never Chase Gambling Losses

Chasing losses doesn’t just happen to drunk players. One of the biggest mistakes that gamblers make is chasing losses.

This can come in several forms, but here’s how it typically goes down: Let’s say a player is gambling conservatively for a few hours. They incur the normal losses with a few wins.

At this point, nothing catastrophic has occurred, and they are playing steadily. Still, a switch seems to flip in their minds, and disaster ensues.

From out of nowhere, they begin to focus on their losses and double down. As you guessed, this has the opposite of the desired effect, and their losses begin to grow dramatically.

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Throwing good money after bad is a surefire way to ruin your gambling session. Chasing losses is often followed closely by a trip to the ATM or asking to borrow money from friends. Both are strictly off-limits.

What can be as destructive are the rare instances when chasing losses pays off. The player then associates chasing losses with a quick and easy way to mitigate gambling losses.

This will inevitably lead you down a dark path. Avoid chasing losses, no matter how strong the urge to shoot your shot becomes.

Stick to Casino Games You Know

Casinos are full of colorful and exciting games. It’s easy to get drawn into the excitement going on around certain tables.

It’s vitally important to stick with the games, you know. That’s not to say you shouldn’t expand your knowledge of casino games, but you should do your research and practice from home.

Trust me, learning to play Texas Hold’em in a casino poker room on a whim is going to be an expensive lesson.


Casinos are full of costly temptations. Keep it in check by using these self-control tips for the casino.

Your bankroll and your overall health will greatly benefit from keeping your gambling habits disciplined and consistent.