Save Your Cash for the Casino: 10 Best Freebies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign and Free Sticker With a Vegas Background

Taking a casino gambling trip to Las Vegas can really take a toll on the bank account. You’ll have to budget for travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and an array of ancillary charges.

That’s before you ever hit the casino floor. Depending on the length of your trip and game preferences, you could need a four-figure bankroll.

So, before you rush out to buy tickets for Carrot Top, these are the 10 best freebies in Las Vegas. Save your cash for the casino.

1 – The Wynn Atrium

The Wynn Resort & Casino is one of the most lavish properties in the United States. From the moment you pull up to the luxurious resort, you’re immersed in the finer things.

The Wynn Atrium is sometimes overlooked in favor of the Bellagio Gardens. However, the vibrant floral display at the Wynn gives the Bellagio a run for its money.

A casual stroll through the indoor jungle is a fantastic way to spend an hour off the casino floor and out of the desert sun. The beautiful indoor garden even has a lifesize carousel built from over 100,000 individual flowers.

The Wynn Atrium in Las Vegas

Don’t worry, while you may expect to wait in line for hours for such an attraction, the crowds at the Wynn are typically manageable. Though, if you are visiting during the holidays, you should anticipate larger than usual crowds.

The best part of the experience is that the botanical display won’t cost you a dime. So, you can save your cash for the casino.

2 – The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Perhaps the most iconic sign globally, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, is a must-see when visiting Las Vegas.

Many tourists completely forget about the sign. They get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of the casinos and Las Vegas shows, missing this wonderful landmark.

If you’re driving in from Los Angeles, you’ll pass the sign just south of the Mandalay Bay. The sign’s location off the Strip puts it out of mind for some.

You will not want to miss this photo-op. Be sure to get there early to beat the crowds. From mid-afternoon to late in the evening, you may see some incredibly long lines to get the perfect picture.

Of course, nothing commemorates a Vegas vacation like a group photo in front of the historical icon. Remember, it’s Las Vegas, and there’s no telling what you could see.

3 – Fremont Street

Fremont Street is a must-see for Las Vegas newbies. The overhead light show, Viva Vision, is enough reason alone to visit the thriving area.

However, there’s much more to the Fremont Street experience than just the massive overhead display. You’ll be blown away by the various performers on the main drag.

Various impersonators, artists, musicians, and other street performers are ready and set to entertain the masses. While the entire experience doesn’t have to cost you a thing, I’d suggest breaking a $20 bill before the trip for tip money.

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

Fremont Street is also a fantastic place for grabbing inexpensive souvenirs for family or friends. Several small shops operate solely on the backs of t-shirt and trinket sales to the tourists.

Don’t be alarmed by the screaming thrill-seekers whizzing overhead. The SlotZilla is part zip-line, part rollercoaster, and slings visitors on a thrilling ride high above the action below.

You won’t have to open the wallet at all on your trip to Freemont Street, but for a few dollars, you can really boost the entertainment factor.

4 – The Fountain Show at Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is world-famous for its illustrious fountains. Evel Knievel chose the fountains at Caesars for his infamous jump, but the Bellagio Fountains are the popular draw today.

The fountains fire their water hundreds of feet into the air over the beautiful Lake Bellagio. The choreographed dance the water does is set to some very “Las Vegas” music.

Featuring songs from Sinatra to the King himself, Elvis Presley, and even some of today’s most popular hits. The Bellagio Fountain Show has become one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas, and crowds stop their busy days to enjoy the shows.

Besides being absolutely free, the show changes every time. I can assure you after you’ve seen the show once, you’ll be even more excited to watch it a second time.

Be sure to show up early. The crowds form quickly, and if you’re looking for a premium vantage point, you’ll need to arrive at least 20 minutes before showtime.

The Bellagio could probably charge admission and still draw sell-out crowds. Fortunately, the wonderful show won’t cost you a penny.

5 – The Volcanic Mirage

The Volcano Show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino is an experience you shouldn’t miss. You can catch the eruptions three times a night in front of the Mirage.

The Mirage’s show is definitely a departure from the real thing. In fact, you’re in more danger of catching a chill from the spray of water on a cool night than any lava.

Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas

However, the show does feature several large explosions, which can bring the heat if you’re close to the action. For that reason, I recommend keeping small children towards the back of the crowd.

Regardless of the show’s obvious absence of actual lava, the Mirage impresses with their use of water and lighting. The entire show has a pre-historic feel to it, though the Mirage hasn’t added dinosaurs to the mix yet.

6 – The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

You may not have shopping on your list of top activities for a Las Vegas trip. Visiting extravagant shops is probably further down your list of things to do in Vegas for free.

Don’t miss out on the opulent setting at the Grand Canal Shoppes of The Venetian Las Vegas. This high-end retail space is a reproduction of Piazza San Marco or Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.

You can spend hours walking the massive mall while admiring the architecture and enjoying the various performers. One of the most romantic date activities in Vegas is the gondola rides at the Shoppes.

Unfortunately, the beautiful rides aren’t free. There’s still plenty of window shopping and sightseeing to be done while keeping your wallet firmly closed and in your pocket.

7 – Ethel M Chocolate Tour

Only 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip is the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Here you can enjoy a self-guided tour around the interesting factory and see how the chocolate is produced step by step.

Visitors can even register for a private tasting room experience. It’s a chocolate lover’s paradise, reminiscent of Willy Wonka himself.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Las Vegas

The tour has plenty to offer members of the group without a sweet tooth. Everyone should check out the expansive Cactus Garden at the factory.

The multi-acre attraction is among the largest botanical cactus gardens in the world. During the holidays, the Cactus Garden turns into one of the most impressive lighted attractions in all of Nevada.

8 – Caesar’s Palace Architecture

For a fabulous and free excursion without ever leaving the casino, check out the gorgeous architecture of Caesar’s Palace.

The Roman-inspired theme at Caesar’s Palace is worth a trip, even if you’re staying at another property.

Grab a cold beverage and have your camera or cell phone ready to snap pics of the beautiful scenery. If you get bored, you can hop onto the casino floor for a few hands of blackjack or slot machine pulls.

Exploring the massive casino property can serve as a great strategy for extending your casino bankroll or just taking a cooling-off period after a tough run on the games.

9 – Pinball Museum Hall of Fame

Okay, this one isn’t completely free. In Vegas terms, it’s as close as you can get, though.

The Pinball Museum Hall of Fame is one of the coolest attractions in town. Best of all, it will give you hours of entertainment for mere pocket change.

Pinball Museum Hall of Fame in Las Vegas

The museum features classic pinball games dating back to the 1950s and even has some of the most iconic arcade games in history like Super Mario Bros.

All of the games cost between $0.25-0.50. So, you can make $5 last all afternoon. Just be sure to wear a belt; having all of those quarters in your pocket can really droop the pants.

10 – Take a Walk

You don’t need to spend money at the High Roller to take in some spectacular views in the desert oasis. Grab a bottle of water after the sun goes down and take a long stroll down the Strip.

Las Vegas offers some of the finest people-watching on the planet. You really never know what you’re going to see.

Street performers and party-goers offer a fun mix if you’re up to it. Of course, you’ll also have all of the beautiful attractions to view and commemorate via photos.

Taking a sunset walk is my favorite freebie in Las Vegas.


As you can see, there are plenty of free things to do in Las Vegas. You don’t have to blow all of your cash for the casino on attractions while on vacation.

In fact, these 10 freebies will have you in the casinos longer with all of the extra money you’re saving.