Sad Facts About Casinos

Sad Man Pointing and a Casino Graphic

I’m like many gamblers when it comes to casinos. I enjoy going to the casino and I like the idea of winning more than I lose at the casino. But I learned several sad things about casinos years ago. And now I look at the casino an entirely different way.

The list of 7 sad facts about casinos in this article isn’t meant to get you to stop playing in casinos. These facts are presented here so you can understand just what you’re dealing with, and hopefully so you can find a better way to play at the casino.

Casinos Are Cash Machines

Two of the most profitable businesses in the world when they’re run correctly are banks and casinos. Banks keep your money and pay you nothing, or a small amount, and then use your money to lend it to other people at a higher rate of interest. As long as a bank is smart in how it operates, it cranks out a constant profit.

Real money casinos are very similar to banks. A well run casino is a cash machine for the owners. And even a casino that isn’t run especially well is likely to be profitable.

All casino need to do is offer games that have an edge and make sure that they don’t get cheated. The only other ingredient a casino needs for profits is gamblers willing to place wagers. It’s almost impossible for individual gamblers to overcome the casino profit machine.

Rewards Clubs Aren’t Designed to Help You

I want to make something clear before you read the rest of this section. If you’re gambling in a casino and they offer any type of VIP program, no matter what it’s called, you should be a member. You should earn every perk and comp that you can when you gamble.

Players Club Desk

But you also need to understand that rewards clubs are not there to help you. The only reason why rewards clubs exist is because casinos determined that if they offer a rewards program that gamblers who belong to the club gamble more often and they gamble longer when they play.

The key to using a rewards program is to sign up and take what they give you, but to never gambler more often or longer than you intended to because of the club.

Casinos Are Designed With a Purpose

The sole purpose of every casino in the world is to make money. Casinos don’t exist to give you a chance to win money and they don’t exist to entertain you. These are just the marketing vehicles use to make money.

Every single thing in a casino is designed with profit in mind. And this is never going to change. And this doesn’t mean that you should stop gambling in casinos, but you do need to be aware of why casinos are designed the way they are.

The most profitable casinos use psychological tricks on everything from where games are placed to where people walk to get to different places to maximize profits. You can’t change the way casinos are designed, but you can be aware of it to avoid them taking advantage of you.

You Have No Great Options

When you walk into a big casino it looks like you have plenty of options. You can play on many different types of slot machines or grab a seat at many different table games. You might be able to find a poker on or a place to make a sports wager.

But all of these options have one thing in common, and you already learned what this is. Every option in the casino is designed to make money for the casino at your expense. You can do some things to change how much you lose, but there are few things that you can do that put the edge in your favor.

You can learn more about a few games that you might be able to change the odds on in the last section in this article, but the fact is that there are really no great options in the casino.

Nothing Is Really Free

Have you ever received free drinks or a free ticket to the buffet or a free hat in a casino? If you play in casinos long enough and/or play in many different casinos, the odds are that you get something for free every once in a while.

I don’t know how many hats I’ve got over the years from casinos, but it’s too many to count. I usually wear a hat when I gamble, and the casino knows if they give me a hat I might wear it and give them some free advertising.

Casino Floor With a Variety of Machines

The point I’m trying to make is that nothing in a casino is really free. If they give you a hat or a shirt it’s because it’s a form of advertising when you wear it. If they give you free drinks it’s because they know that gamblers who drink while they gamble play longer and lose more money.

If you play for 5 hours and get a free buffet ticket, they know that you’re likely to play for at least 5 hours the next time you gamble so you can get another free meal. And the money you lose over 5 hours of play is far more than the cost of the buffet to the casino.

Whenever you receive a casino comp, take a close look at the situation to see how it really benefits the casino.

Finding an Advantage Is Problematic

Even though everything you’ve read so far paints casinos in a bad light, there is some hope. You don’t have to continue losing every time you go to the casino.

It’s never going to be easy, but there are ways to gamble in casinos that give you an improved chance to win. For example, some casino players know how to count cards when they play blackjack. These players can make money at the blackjack table.

Of course, it’s not easy to learn how to count cards, and even if you do the casino is going to kick you out if they catch you. But counting cards isn’t the only advantage you can find in a casino.

Casino Blackjack

The key is to understand that there are ways to find advantages. Then you just have to find at least 1 way and learn how to use it. Just keep in mind that casinos do everything they can to make this difficult, because all they’re interested in is continuing generating piles of cash at your expense.

In addition to counting cards, some poker players make money, as well as some sports gamblers. And some progressive jackpot games reach a high enough amount that they can become profitable to play. These are the best places to start when you’re looking for profitable ways to play in a casino.


Almost everything about casinos is sad when you take a close look. Most people go to the casino looking forward to the experience, yet they tend to leave with less money than they started with.

The main reason for this is because casinos are designed to be cash machines, and not in your favor. Reward’s clubs and free drinks aren’t really free. Everything is working against you.

Once you understand this you can start taking steps to change the game. You might decide to quit going to the casino or you might decide to find ways to use the casino to improve your chance to make a profit.