Roulette Games in Las Vegas

Closeup of a Las Vegas Roulette Wheel and a Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Vegas is home to around 430 live roulette games. That makes roulette the second most popular table game, after blackjack and its 1,976 live tables.

Though roulette’s popularity has slipped over the past few decades – Vegas is home to some 122,000 slot machines at last count – it’s still a major source of casino revenue. Casinos won around $405 million from roulette players in 2021, and industry analysts expect that number to grow over the next decade.

This post is all about roulette in Las Vegas, outlining the game’s rules, the best and cheapest places in Vegas to play roulette, and giving general coverage of the city’s roulette scene.

Las Vegas Roulette Rules

There’s no such thing as “Las Vegas roulette rules,” but that doesn’t mean I can’t describe a typical roulette game as it’s played in Las Vegas casinos.

Obviously, there’s some variation between casinos. Some of that gets further coverage later in this post. But if I had to describe a typical Vegas roulette table, I’d do it in simple terms. The game is played on an American wheel with two green spaces. It requires a minimum bet of $10 and sets a maximum bet of $2,500.

Everything about Las Vegas roulette is standard in terms of American roulette games. The table minimums are probably higher than what you’d find in smaller casinos in the rest of the country, and casinos host a few unusual game variants you won’t find anywhere else. But for the most part, roulette in Vegas plays a lot like roulette in Tunica or Atlantic City.

You can find European roulette in Las Vegas, and this post covers some of that form of the game. But, for the most part, playing roulette in Nevada means playing a double-zero wheel.

The Best Roulette Games in Las Vegas

I chose my favorite three places to play roulette in Las Vegas, based on their variety of games and the games’ price points. Here are my picks for the best three Vegas casinos for roulette players:

Roulette at MGM Grand

My favorite place to play roulette in Vegas is MGM Grand. It’s my personal favorite because it has the most variety. On my last visit, I counted 16 roulette tables on the casino floor, and I’m sure there were some high-limit games in the VIP section, which I didn’t visit.

I spent most of my time at one of the casino’s two French tables. French roulette is European roulette with a couple of additional rules and betting types. The version at MGM grand has the lowest house edge of any roulette table in the casino – outside bets give the casino an advantage of just 1.35%. The minimum is $25 on both French tables. That’s the casino compensating for the low house edge on outside bets.

MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas

MGM Grand runs a bunch of traditional American roulette games, and these have a $10 minimum. The last time I was there I counted at least ten of these games, making it by far their most common roulette table. In the past, I’ve also seen one or two roulette tables at MGM Grand with a $3 minimum, and both were double-zero games.

Roulette at ARIA

Some people really like the whole modern luxury thing going on at ARIA Resort & Casino. Usually, I don’t spend enough money at the casino to gamble in such a luxe spot, but I like the mix of high and low limit games at ARIA.

ARIA runs one French roulette game, with that infamously low house edge on even-money bets, but the minimum bet is $50, which is way outside my comfort zone. I’ve gambled at ARIA with some wealthy buddies, and they had no problem dropping $50 or more per outcome on roulette.

Gamblers like me have at least ten low-limit tables always running at ARIA. Their website says they host mostly double-zero American roulette games with a $15 minimum bet, and occasionally double-zero games with a $5 minimum bet.

Roulette at The Cromwell

Craps players already know The Cromwell as the home of the best craps game in Vegas, maybe it’s time roulette players check it out, too. Like ARIA, The Cromwell does a good job of offering roulette at different price points.

Entrance to The Cromwell Las Vegas

The Cromwell runs a European single-zero roulette game (not French roulette, but still better odds than the American game) with a $25 minimum bet. The casino also runs at least ten American games, and these have either a $2 or $10 minimum bet.

Cheap Las Vegas Roulette Games

Below are notes on where to find inexpensive Vegas roulette games, some of which are right there on the Strip, while others are a bit further off the beaten path.

  • The Cosmopolitan runs 13 roulette games around the clock, and most of them are $10 minimum American-style games. They maintain one low-limit table, with a minimum bet of $3.
  • Mandalay Bay has an American game with a $3 minimum bet. It’s a typical double-zero roulette wheel, with not-necessarily-great odds, but it sure is cheap.
  • Flamingo Las Vegas has the cheapest regularly-run roulette game in Las Vegas, an American roulette table with a $1 minimum bet. They also run a bunch of tables with a $10 minimum bet – 10 of them the last time I was there.
  • OYO Hotel & Casino is a short walk from the Strip, tucked in between Tropicana and MGM Grand, and it runs one $5 minimum bet American roulette game daily. By the way, OYO is also the closest thing you’ll get to $1 blackjack on the Strip.
  • Ellis Island Casino is another Strip-adjacent property with cheap roulette. It’s about a 10-minute walk from Bally’s. They have maybe a half-dozen American roulette games with a $10 minimum bet, and sometimes run games even cheaper. Ellis Island also has $5 blackjack and $5 craps tables if you want to do some budget gambling across several games.
  • Any time you see one of the Station Casinos (Boulder Station, Sunset Station, etc.) you should probably check it out. Most of these casinos host low-cost table games as a matter of course. I’ve played $5 American roulette at two or three different Station properties, and I’ve heard rumors of occasional $1 games during the daytime.

Electronic & Stadium Roulette in Las Vegas

Every casino I was in on my last couple of Vegas trips runs some form of electronic or stadium roulette game. You can see these games from far away – they tend to have big screens and several different player stations for betting.

These games almost always have a low bet minimum, $5-$10 seems to be the standard. These games don’t have dealers, so the games are cheaper for the casino to run. Unfortunately, these games also have typical Vegas roulette rules. That means they’re all American-style games with two green zero spaces. You won’t normally find a European or French roulette game in electronic or stadium format.

Some people enjoy playing a game without a dealer. It’s a more private experience, and the betting limits are usually lower than what you find at a casino’s live dealer games. But if you enjoy roulette for the camaraderie and the live-action, you may not appreciate the shift to an electronic version played for the most part on a video screen.

In Summary

Vegas is the spiritual home of American gambling, and as such it offers as wide a variety of roulette games as you’ll find anywhere in the country. You can have lots of different experiences playing roulette in Las Vegas – grinding it out for a few bucks per outcome at low-limit tables or dropping hundreds of dollars per spin in a VIP lounge.

If you want to play roulette in Las Vegas, it helps to know what to look for, where to play, and how to play. It would be a shame to spend some time gambling in Vegas without playing at least a few rounds of roulette. Though roulette play has long since been eclipsed by slot machine and video poker spending, the game is still important to casinos.