Roulette Facts I Wish I Knew as a Rookie

Closeup of a Roulette Table With Roulette Facts Written Over Top

Roulette was my first foray into the world of casino table games. It was a harsh and unforgiving experience, to say the least.

For many trips, I bounced from casino to casino, trying to find my lucky table. I burned through bankrolls trying to implement casino betting systems to no avail.

At the end of the unfortunate and prolonged sequence of losing battles, I was convinced casino gambling wasn’t for me. I gave up the fight for years and wasn’t sure if I’d ever set foot in another casino.

I was blessed enough to have a few acquaintances that became my gambling mentors and correct the course. Still, I meet many former gamblers who have been too discouraged by the losses to continue.

Hopefully, these 7 roulette facts I wish I knew as a rookie can help others avoid the steep learning curve.

The Differences Between Roulette Variations

In any casino on the planet, you’re likely to run into one or both of the primary roulette variations. These are the American roulette wheel and the European wheel.

Many people fail to recognize the difference between the two main roulette variations. It cost them money time and again. The two games look nearly identical, from the table to the available wagers.

Yet, there is one key difference. The European wheel is a single zero, and the American game cleverly adds another green zero to the equation.

This subtle change goes unnoticed by a majority of gamblers, and many more fail to understand how it affects the house edge.

The house edge for a European roulette game is only 2.7%. That’s a little high for table games but much better than slot machines.

The American roulette wheel, with its additional zero, leaps the house edge to 5.4%. That’s a huge difference where the house edge is automatically doubled.

So, players are destined to burn through their bankroll twice as fast. In other words, you need twice the bankroll to gamble for the same amount of time when you’re playing American roulette.

Unfortunately, European roulette is becoming increasingly challenging to find in land-based casinos. You may elect to only play online games to avoid the American roulette wheels.

Should you really be playing a game that’s exactly the same but cost twice as much to play?

You Can Maximize the Inside Bets

Gambling is all about entertainment. In my early days in the casino, I would’ve sworn it was all about making money.

I spent most of my free time trying to break the code and figuring a way to get rich in the casino. Admittedly, this didn’t stop along the way, but I’ve learned where to aim my efforts.

Still, for the average casino gambler, the objective should be to get as much entertainment as possible from your time in the casino.

One of the exciting ways to do this in roulette is by placing several inside bets. The numbers will pay out with fantastic odds of 35:1.

Roulette Dealer Collecting Chips

That makes the wins here seem much more thrilling than your standard even-money wagers like even/odd or red/black. Don’t get me wrong, the even-money bets can help float a bankroll and keep you at the tables longer.

That’s a strategy I often employ at the roulette table. However, your adrenaline will get pumping by betting the middle.

Additionally, you can spread your bets around more. So, if the table has a minimum bet of $5, that whole $5 must go on your even-money wager.

When you start betting the middle of the table, you have the ability to spread that out. Hit only one, and you enjoy the much higher 35 to 1 payout.

Betting Systems Can Destroy Your Bankroll

The first time I ever headed to a full-fledged casino was with a friend that was sure we’d beat the casino at roulette. He was so confident that I took an extra $300 out of my sock drawer to maximize my winnings.

The entire trip, he explained a simple roulette betting system where you double your bet after each loss. The plan is to eventually get a win that sets you back to even.

It seemed like the perfect plan; I couldn’t believe the casinos would allow such a blatant advantage technique. By canceling out all the losses, you keep every consecutive win.

Unfortunately, neither of us knew enough about casino games to spot the obvious flaws. I made it into my second hour before I hit a run of 6 consecutive losses that bankrupted me.

I walked back to the truck and slept until it was time to leave. I had the worst casino experience of my life and lost what was a ton of money to me at the time.

The ordeal made me sick for days; it still puts a pit in my stomach.

You can’t out bet the casino. You’ll either go broke or hit the table limits and miss the opportunity to break even. Either of these can be equally catastrophic.

Wheel Bias is an Antiquated Idea

There was a time where casino gamblers looking to get a leg up on the casino would track a roulette wheel for any imperfections that caused some numbers to come up more regularly.

Even in the best instances, these advantage gamblers faced a tremendous obstacle. There’s a wide range of numbers, and you can’t accurately predict the results regardless of how perceptive you are.

Roulette Wheel Closeup

Then there are the mathematical anomalies that come with games of chance. The wheel bias approach worked for only a few players but offered advantages nonetheless.

Due to the massive advancements in the way the roulette tables and the wheel are constructed, wheel bias is strictly a thing of the past. The casinos actually track the results of every wheel in the casino to ensure they are behaving correctly.

The House Edge is Higher Than Most Games

That first trip to the casino where I lost my tail trying to use the Martingale betting system could have been avoided. I had several opportunities to make better choices, starting with the game itself.

Before that infamous trip, I had only played slot machines. I knew roulette had a lower house edge than slot machines but had no clue how it stacked up against other table games.

As I covered earlier, double zero is the best you can hope for in most land-based casinos. That will give you a house edge of over 5% to combat.

So, not that much better than slots. Still, about half of what you face on penny slots.

Other table games like blackjack, Three Card Poker, craps, and baccarat have a much better shot of winning. Baccarat will shave the house edge to under 1.5%, and it’s as easy to play as slot machines.

Blackjack has a ridiculous house edge, to begin with, but when a basic strategy is used, it drops to only 0.5%. That’s before you get into the crazy benefits of card counting.

Roulette is a fantastic game that has a lot of entertainment potential. It’s just not going to give you the best opportunity to hold onto your money.

Had I known this as a rookie, I would have been parked at the blackjack tables. Yet, I’m a better gambler today because of the struggles I faced in the early days of my gambling life.

Betting Big is More Advantageous

There’s no way to overcome the standard house advantage in roulette. Over a long enough period, the math will always beat you.

That means players need to find other ways to get around the edge and make a profit. Although you can’t beat roulette, skirting around the edge can work in short bursts.

Given a small sample size, anything can happen. You could easily guess several times correctly in a row; it’s called luck.

Roulette Table With Stacks of Bets

The challenge you face is making the most of these lucky streaks. The best way to do that is by betting big and making shorter runs.

You may not be able to spend as much of your time gambling, but when things go right, you reap huge benefits.

There’s No Such Thing as Sequencing

Look, there’s no pattern to the numbers coming up on the roulette wheel. Each result of the roulette wheel is a random event.

The spin is entirely void of any future or past result, and it’s essential to understand that to its core. More critically, you need to accept that you can’t base a decision on any past result.

The gambler’s fallacy follows the logic that because a particular result hasn’t happened for a while, it’s now more likely to happen. Or it can go the opposite way depending on your outlook.

The basic notion that a specific result is more or less likely because of a separate event is the heart of the gambler’s fallacy. Strike the idea from your mind, and you’ll have better results in the casino.

In Summary

Looking back on all my previous mistakes is a hard pill to swallow. Roulette has plenty of outstanding qualities; I merely wasn’t prepared to face the game for real money.

Use the 7 roulette facts I wish I knew as a rookie to save yourself all the pain and suffering I endured.