Roll to Win: The New Digital Craps Game in Las Vegas

Aruze Gaming Logo With a Harrah's Las Vegas Background

Craps hasn’t changed much since it entered casinos in the mid-20th century. This lack of a change is largely good when considering that craps is still one of the most-popular casino games.

Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see new variations on casino classics for variety sake. Developed by Aruze Gaming, Roll to Win is a unique take on craps that’s now heading to Vegas gambling floors.

The following post covers how this real money craps game works along with its advantages and drawbacks. It also discusses if Roll to Win will ultimately be a keeper or in and out of casinos quickly.

How Does Roll to Win Work?

Debuting at Harrah’s Las Vegas, this game works like normal craps for the most part. It features the same markings/boxes as a regular table and sees players roll the dice.

However, one look at digital craps will show that it’s indeed different in some ways. The table features a hard glass surface and has the ability to display animations. During a hot roll, for example, electronic flames will shoot across the table.

Players don’t make bets using casino chips. Instead, each gambler has their own LED screen, which displays various bets and helpful information. They insert cash into their personal station and begin placing wagers.

Speaking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Bailey Schulz, Aruze President Rob Ziems believes that the unique table and LED screens will catch on with players. Ziems said:

“Having the entire field made of LEDs allows us to do things that traditional tables simply can’t do. The reaction has been very positive, and we’ve heard the table has frequently been full.”

Why Is Harrah’s Introducing Digital Craps?

Harrah’s is the first in line to trot out Aruze’s new craps game. According to Harrah’s general manager Dan Walsh, the casino predicts that players will take to this game’s “approachability and exciting features.”

Part of the approachability aspect is that players don’t have to immediately know craps just to enjoy this game. Instead, they can use the help section on their LED screen to learn rules and odds. Ziems explained:

“All table games can be a little intimidating for new players, and craps is one of the most complex, by letting players learn at their own pace, we are helping a new generation of players discover how exciting a great craps roll can be.”

Pros of Playing Digital Craps

Buzz already surrounds Roll to Win for a reason. Below, you can see the big reasons why this game is drawing so much publicity.

Digital Craps Is a Great Learning Experience for New Gamblers

Craps is one of the toughest games for new players to learn. It features dozens of bets and a complicated format that includes come-out rolls and point numbers.

If you’ve never played craps before, then land-based casinos are normally bad places to learn. Most beginners prefer learning through online craps.

However, Roll to Win offers a stress-free way to learn in brick-and-mortar casinos. It features helpful electronic options that are geared towards new players.

You can select options on the LED screen’s menu to bring up the rules and odds behind different bets. Eventually, you’ll gain an understanding of the various wagers and learn the complex board.

It’s Like a Combination of Online and Live Craps

Both land-based and mobile craps have their merits. The brick-and-mortar version is more exciting and offers one of gaming’s best social experiences.

Online craps, meanwhile, allows you to conveniently gamble through a phone app or PC. It provides an info screen that explains the bets and odds as well.

Roll to Win Craps Table

Digital craps combines some of the best elements of live and mobile craps. It lets you and friends play in a land-based casino. This game also offers helpful stats and odds that aren’t available at a normal casino.

There’s No Need for Cash or Chips

In a regular craps game, you exchange cash for chips. These chips come in different denominations and indicate how much you’re wagering. If you place two green chips ($25 each) on pass line, then you’re risking $50 total.

Of course, this process is somewhat inefficient—especially when many players are at the table. Digital craps improves the process, though, with electronic betting.

You merely need to insert your cash into the closest terminal to begin playing. All of your wagers will be tracked electronically, thus eliminating the need for chips.

Earn Cool Casino Comps

Casino comps are definitely one of the best parts of gambling in Las Vegas casinos. You’ll be able to pick up these rewards through Roll to Win.

Each bet will count towards craps rewards just like in a regular game. By playing long enough, you can earn free drinks, meals, and more.

Cons of Playing Digital Craps

Roll to Win looks like it could potentially be a successful game. However, it does have some drawbacks, including the ones covered below.

Digital Craps Has a Less Classic Casino Feeling

The feeling behind craps is one of the biggest reasons why people play this game. Some gambler appreciates playing a classic game the way it’s been played for several decades.

Digital craps disrupts this model to a large degree. Rather than taking place on a standard felt table, it plays out on a glass table with electronics underneath.

You may be somebody who appreciates the flames shooting across the table along with the betting terminals. On the other hand, you might simply like craps the way it is.

It Could Lower the Number of Regular Tables

According to Ziems, Aruze’s plan is to put Roll to Win in several more Las Vegas casinos within the near future. The company wants to continue its expansion after this point.

Roll to Win Craps at Harrah's Las Vegas

If Aruze’s plan works, the number classic craps tables could eventually go down. Of course, some casinos may still feature both versions. Others, though, might reduce their number of classic tables if the digital version is going well enough.

The Novelty Effect

Roll to Win certainly has some aspects that improve upon traditional craps. It offers an easier environment for learning the game and also eliminates the need for cash and chips.

At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t radically change the craps experience. It merely provides embellishments to the game—some of which may be considered novelty effects.

You may totally appreciate the changes that digital craps brings. Just don’t go into the matter expecting a revolutionary new version, though.

Will Roll to Win Be Successful and Stick Around?

Nevada features over 300 craps tables across 95 casinos, with most concentrated in Sin City. That said, craps is one of the more popular games in the Silver State and beyond.

Aruze has a good potential fanbase to work with already. It stands a solid chance of success if players are open to playing a different type of craps.

Some gamblers who wouldn’t otherwise play the game might try Roll to Win. After all, the latter has modern elements that could draw a new crowd.

Whether digital craps will be around for the long run, though, remains to be seen. Aruze is currently running a trial in hopes that casinos will see the potential in their game. Ziems stated:

“These early installations will all be field trials, required for regulatory reasons. Once those are complete, we plan to install in every location with craps games. Our goal is to get Roll to Win Craps in every casino that allows craps.”

Ziems seems rather confident about Roll to Win’s chances. The players, though, will ultimately determine whether this game is worthy of a permanent spot on casino floors.

The Future of Playing Craps

Most casino table games have remained as they are for decades or even years. Craps falls into this category because it still retains its classic elements.

Roll to Win offers some dramatic changes that stand to shake up this long-time favorite. It provides a glass/electronic table, LED screens for betting, and slots-style bill acceptors.

I don’t think that digital craps will replace the classic version any time soon. After all, most people play table games because they like the traditional feeling.

However, Roll to Win could certainly earn a spot in some casinos. It’s friendlier to beginners and has flame animations that’ll interest casual players.