Reviewing the Historic Bullock Hotel in South Dakota

Street View Of The Historic Bullock Properties Deadwood South Dakota

Bullock Hotel, better known as the Historic Bullock Hotel, is another sensational option in Deadwood, South Dakota. And as the name implies, it’s better known as a good place to set up shop if you’re looking for an extended stay in Deadwood.

And although its name lacks the words “casino” or “gaming resort,” it has a bit of everything, including a casino floor, dining options, accommodations, and even a few events.

Sound interesting? If so, keep reading. Today’s post will tell you everything you must know about the Historic Bullock Hotel before you step through its doors and into another time. You get to experience a place full of history but with all the modern amenities.

We will begin our journey with a quick overview of the location before shifting gears and diving into deeper depths. We’ll discuss everything from the gaming to restaurants and even a few exceptional attractions throughout Deadwood, South Dakota.

Ready for the tour? Let’s go.

Overview of the Historic Bullock Hotel

The Historic Bullock Hotel features a modest number of casino games ranging across a few lower denominations. As a complimentary service, they also offer beer, wine, and sodas on the casino floor.

Their dining option, Bully’s, is a great place for a perfect brunch if you’re hunting for an intimate flair. Enjoy the darkened atmosphere here and be sure to ask the friendly staff about the restaurant’s epic history.

They also offer a fair number of events, so make sure you check the events calendar before you make your trip to both the casino and to Deadwood itself.

Now, you’re getting a much smaller casino here at the Historic Bullock Hotel. But as with a few casinos in the area like Hickok’s Casino, it’s well-known for its accommodations. Often, it’s one of those casinos you frequent overnight or in the early morning before heading off to one of the resort-style casinos in the area.

And while you’re stepping back in time by staying overnight at the hotel, you’re also in for a fantastic selection of guest services and amenities, which we will explain in the following sections.

But right now, let’s talk a little about the casino gaming offered at Bullocks plus a small history lesson on how it came to be.

Casino Games and History

The Historic Bullock Hotel’s casino offers a small number of gaming, even if it’s open 24 hours a day. They feature just a handful of machines that take on an old-school flair. In fact, their selling point comprises the “clink of real coins in the tray.”

They feature a modest number of themes, along with denominations that range between penny and $5 pulls. It’s not much, but if you need to fix your late-night or early morning gaming craving, it’s the perfect place to play your favorites, given its intimate setting.

Best yet, their flair is arguably among the most unique in Deadwood, featuring a Victorian-style atmosphere that coincides well with the history. And best yet, they’ll tell you the story of how slot machines found their homes in Deadwood.

Row of Vintage Slot Machines

Weeks after Charles Fey designed the first slot machine in 1887 and just two years after they built Bullock Hotel, the new devices were on their way to Deadwood. The website also states that Deadwood was the third jurisdiction in America to fully legalize gambling behind the kingpins of Vegas and Atlantic City.

And in November 1889, the full legalization took effect. Slots have remained a mainstay at Bullock and throughout the village ever since. So, when you come here, remember that you’re gambling in one of the first regions to legalize real money slot machines.

Such a tradition continues to this day right at the Historic Bullock Hotel.

Dining at Bully’s in the Historic Bullock Hotel

Bully’s serves as the sole dining option at the Historic Bullock Hotel. You’re in for more than an intimate outing here, and its high-class yet historic flair is a must-see when you frequent Deadwood, South Dakota.

Named for founder Seth Bullock’s lifelong friend, Teddy Roosevelt, the restaurant’s fireplace remains a historical relic reminiscent of the 1895 period with its woodwork and potter tiles. Plus, the artwork hanging from the wall also depicts the time period.

Apart from throwing back to the Victorian Age, you’re also in for quite the brunch in one of Deadwood’s finest establishments.

So, even if you don’t plan on staying overnight or making the Bullock Hotel your primary base during your stay in Deadwood, it’s more than worth checking out this elaborate eatery.

The Historic Bullock Hotel Events

You can always check the events calendar at the Historic Bullock Hotel to see what’s happening both at the property and in the nearby area.

They host a plethora of events that include weddings, social gatherings, conferences, you name it. So, if you’re planning on holding an event near Deadwood, consider instead having it right here in town at the Historic Bullock Hotel.

Its event space, along with the sheer number of available rooms which you can frequent, easily makes the location an attractive option. Speaking of accommodations, let’s discuss the rooms, amenities, and its historic atmosphere in the next section.

Accommodations at the Hotel

If you made it this far in today’s post, odds are, you’re looking to frequent the Historic Bullock Hotel for an extended stay. And the odds remain in your favor that you made one outstanding decision in doing so, given the history, amenities, and room options available.

Hotel Room

Accommodations at the Historic Bullock Hotel include impeccable guest services like internet, hairdryers, 24-hour casino access, a full-service restaurant and liquor bar, a non-smoking atmosphere, free parking, and bottled water. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can go short with a standard, classic room like the Classic King and Queen rooms. It’s perfect if you’re not looking to spend too much money for an extended stay.

Or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Queen, which features two queen beds, a desk, and some even feature a second vanity and sink. It’s a great option if you’ve come to Deadwood with a larger travel group.

If you’re looking to go long, check out the Luxury Jacuzzi Suites with a king-sized bed. These rooms feature spacious jacuzzis and showers, a king-sized bed, wet bar, refrigerator, microwave, sitting area, and you’re also in for a stunning view of Deadwood’s Main Street.

While you will find many phenomenal accommodations throughout the small town, a stay at the Historic Bullock Hotel may rank among the best.

Casinos Near the Historic Bullock Hotel

As mentioned, the Historic Bullock Hotel’s casino floor isn’t the biggest. But there are several fine casino attractions that boast larger gaming floors and table games.

If you’re interested in more options, you will find them in places like Cadillac Jacks, Hickok’s Casino, Deadwood Gulch, Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex, The Lodge at Deadwood, and Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming. These are just a few of the fine options you’ll find in the area.

Cadillac Jacks, Gold Dust Gaming, The Lodge at Deadwood, and Mineral Palace feature table games and a few even have live poker. So, if you’re looking to become the next table or poker-playing legend in Deadwood, make sure you check out those sensational casinos.

Non-Casino Attractions in the Area

If you know anything about Deadwood, South Dakota, it’s full of phenomenal attractions both inside and outside the casino realm.

Since it’s a relic of the Old West, make sure you carve a day out to explore Deadwood if you’re a fan of those Westerns and their folk heroes.

For a few historic relics that commemorate Deadwood as a part of the Old West, head over to Historic Old Town. However, you will also discover its many restaurants and live entertainment successfully intermingling innovation with tradition.

Mount Moriah Cemetery Deadwood

The Mount Moriah Cemetery holds actual graves of Old West folk heroes like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. The Adams Museum features even more history and preservation of the Old West and Deadwood’s time as a Gold Rush town in the 1870s. The same goes for the Days of ‘76 Museum.

Head over to the Mount Roosevelt Monument if you’re looking to catch stunning views of the Black Hills which nestle Deadwood. Best yet, it’s arguably the most pleasant place to take a hike in the area. And it’s more than worth it if you’re looking to connect with nature both from within and above.

And if you’re cool with traveling an hour away, visit Memorial Park and Mount Rushmore, one of America’s most iconic symbols.

Our Final Thoughts on the Historic Bullock Hotel

The Historic Bullock Hotel is a remarkable place to set up camp for your stay in Deadwood. They don’t have a large casino floor, but they offer plenty of games featuring new and old themes within a classic, Victorian-like atmosphere.

Their dining option, Bully’s, is also reminiscent of the era and is a fine place to have brunch.

You’ll also find a plethora of attractions both on and off the casino scene, featuring history and relics from the Old West at every turn. Even within the walls of a few of those casinos.

Have you spent time at the Historic Bullock Hotel? If so, tell us about your experience and summarize your vacation to Deadwood with us in the comments. We are looking forward to reading stories about your time in one of America’s most historic villages.