Reviewing the Best Casino Perks Programs

VIP Card With Sushi and Nightclub Background

For the casual gambler, a casino perk program is a great way to save a few dollars for a buffet dinner or gain the right to throw away another piece of junk mail. For the veteran gambler or the savvy traveler, a casino perk program is a magnificent way to save some money while getting down to gambling.

Just about every casino out there offers some type of loyalty or perk program that will offer you discounts, rewards, coupons, etc. purely for signing up. Of course, the more you spend, gamble, or lose, the better the rewards and perks you’re likely to obtain.

Of course, not all perk programs are created equal. That’s why we decided to take a look at six different programs across the country to see what offers they might give. These offers are subject to change, but they give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up.

They can also be used as a guide for figuring out what to expect when you sign up for programs at casinos of roughly equivalent size. With that said, no matter when you gamble, sign up for their perk program. It only takes a few minutes and you’re going to get something that will save you money.

In the end, it’s always worth it.

M life Rewards

Of all the casino rewards programs, M life is arguably the most comprehensive, far reaching, and generous program amongst any perks program in the world. M life is the rewards program associated with the MGM Grand chain of hotels and, as such, has a reach as far and wide as MGM movies.

Why is it so comprehensive? First, the M life program travels with you.

You want to stay in Las Vegas? Stay at the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano, Circus Circus, etc. Is Atlantic City your destination? Stay at the Borgata. Not in the US? Party at the MGM Grand Macau or Cotai.

All of these hotels use the M life Rewards program, which means if you’re wherever the big hotels are, you can start earning rewards using M life.

M Life Rewards Cards

What kind of rewards are available via M life? Well, the more you spend on hotels, dining, or gambling, the more points you get. Points can be spent on table games, slots, video poker, spa treatments, hotels, etc.

Also, M life has tiers. The more you spend, the higher your tier. The higher the tier, the more bonus points you receive and the more free stuff you get like complementary parking, priority check-in, and even free cruises for platinum members.

If you want to earn points even faster, there is an M life credit card so you can earn points for every dollar you spend.

Total Rewards

Total Rewards is another rewards program that covers a lot of different casinos, though they are only located in the continental United States. There aren’t quiet as many options for Total Rewards as in M life, but the hotels do include places like Caesars Palace, Rio Hotels and Suites, Nobu Hotel, etc.

Total Rewards does have one advantage, however. While it lacks an international footprint, it does offer a lot more casino options outside major gambling centers. For instance, you can find locations in Southern and Northern California, New Mexico, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, etc. Therefore, you can be adding on to your Total Rewards points outside of the major gambling areas.

Caesars Total Rewards Logo

Sadly, we all don’t live in Las Vegas or AC, so it’s nice to know we can be building up points in places that may be a little closer to home.

Like M life, Total Rewards has tiered benefits. At the lowest tier (Gold), members can get access to coupons and free vouchers, discounts at hotel buffet restaurants, etc. Higher tiers gain more access to special dinners, events, VIP hotlines, priority check in, etc. Seven Stars® members can also get free cruises, which is nice, too.

Fan Club

The Fan Club is very similar to Total Rewards in that it offers a great mix of local places to gamble and earn points with a few destination casinos thrown in for good measure. If you want Las Vegas hotels, you can use Fan Club at Eldorado, Circus Circus, and Silver Legacy. In Atlantic City, you can use this perks program at the Tropicana.

You can also find locations in Missouri, Tahoe, Greenville, MS, Black Hawk, CO, and other cities as well.

This gives you an even better chance of earning points no matter where you live. That makes this program one of the best for non-Vegas residents.

The giveaways are also nice, as you get the standard perks from other programs and, on certain days, free gift giveaways, which is not something you see with other programs.

Identity Membership and Rewards

Identity is the rewards club of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino. It’s definitely smaller in scope than some of the other casino rewards programs, but it makes up for it with its offerings and the transparency it gives to members.

If you want to know how to earn points in this program, it’s easy to figure out. Just go to the site and you can see how many points you receive for each dollar, then you can see how you redeem those points. It’s a nice touch.

With that said, you earn points through the standard means: spending money at spas, hotels, restaurants and stores, playing slots (with extra points for those at higher tiers), and playing poker.

Points can then be redeemed for credits at hotels, spas, restaurants, shops, slots, or video poker. Also, higher tiers get you additional benefits like two-for-one tickets and buffets, valet parking, airline transportation, etc.

Also, you can convert your points into Marriott Bonvoy points and use them to stay in other hotels, which is a nice perk.

The real advantage of Identity, though, is that the points accumulate quickly, especially if you can get to Sterling Tier, where you start earning double points on slots. That will only boost your point accumulation if you’re a slots player.

Affinity Gaming’s A-Play Club

Affinity Gaming is a series of casinos throughout the Midwest (including Missouri, Iowa, Colorado) and some smaller casinos in Nevada. A-Play is a smaller program, but it’s kind of the tiny lion that roars.

It offers a tiered reward structure, like the other programs, starting with a Red Card and ending in Platinum tier.

The nice thing about the A-Play Club is that they are transparent as well in how they give out points for activities (in this case, they all revolve around playing, not buying things). With that said, higher tier members get access to room discounts, event invites, point multipliers, VIP lines, waived fees, etc.

If you’re a fan of smaller casinos or aren’t in the Nevada area, this is a program you should strongly consider.

WinStar’s Club Passport

The WinStar is the largest casino in the United States (and just happens to be located in Oklahoma). They’re large enough that they offer Club Passport, a program that rewards you for playing and for winning.

Points are earned through play and can result in entries into special giveaways, backstage access to events, discounts on hotel rooms, golfing and meals at the Gran Via Buffet, and other benefits.  You also can get free bonus play by signing up.

This program may be limited in scope, but if you ever plan to gamble in Oklahoma, this program offers tremendous benefits.

Exterior View of Winstar World Casino


As you can see, nearly every casino out there either offers their own rewards program or is tied into the perks program of their corporate parent. What’s even more important is that none of the programs above cost any money to join, but all of them can save you money.

Really, the key to determining which is the right program for you is knowing where and how you gamble.

If you travel a lot and can’t commit to spending a lot of money at one casino, something like the Identity Program or Club Passport might not be for you because they focus on a small number of properties. Also, if you plan to gamble away from Las Vegas, M life may not be the best the option for you.

If you have a computer with autofill or about 10 minutes to spare, you can sign up for all of these programs and start earning casino comps.

Then, it really becomes a matter of deciding whether you will take advantage of the rewards program that’s offering the best deal that week or if you want to try to increase your tier. Either way, you really can’t lose. You’re going to save money and have a good time, and that’s what really matters.