Reviewing Little Six Casino in Prior Lake, Michigan

Little Six Casino Front

Little Six Casino is yet another fine casino option in the Shakopee area. Also found in Prior Lake, Minnesota, and not far from Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake Casino, Little Six can trace its roots all the way back to 1982 when it served its formative years as a bingo hall.

It’s also the sister casino of Mystic Lake Casino. So, if you’re looking for even more ways to win in the Prior Lake area, head over to Little Six and see what they got going on.

Today’s post will cover all the goods regarding the casino. If you’re interested in Little Six over its sister, or if you’re looking to pay the casino a visit, this is a post you must read.

We’ll start with an overview before going in-depth with everything you’ll find here, including the casino gaming, dining, promos, events, and even accommodations. Let’s begin.

Quick Look

Little Six Casino features a plethora of casino games, ranging from slot machines to blackjack. They also have a solid dining outlet called the Little Six Restaurant. Featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner combos, they also have a solid bar at the location, too.

Along with fun promotions, Little Six provides an even greater number of ways to win at their casino. Be sure to consider joining Club M whether you’re gaming it up here or over at the larger Mystic Lake Casino.

As you can probably make out, Little Six is a smaller casino that offers a more intimate experience as opposed to what you will find at Mystic Star.

So, if you’re craving fun casino games in the area but you’re not a fan of the crowds that you will come across at Mystic Star, you have a good alternative here.

Gaming Floor Decisions

Casino Gaming at Little Six features what they tout as the “loosest slots in Minnesota with 95% payback.” They’re also adding the latest and greatest games to the mix, so expect to find a few new themes and games that you can fit in with your favorite classics.

Some of their newest slots include Lunar Festival, Dragon Link, and Dancing Foo. They also feature many progressive slots such as Wild Bluebells, Sphinx, and Hot Shot Progressive. But the fun slots aren’t the only things to get excited about over at Little Six Casino.

If you’re in the mood for blackjack, you’re in some serious luck here. Head over to one of their many blackjack tables where they welcome players of all skill levels.

Casino Floor With a Variety of Machines

Games range from the two-deck to the four-deck, and six-deck variety. They feature the friendliest dealers who will welcome and introduce you to the game.

They also feature the only $1 blackjack bet in Minnesota. If you’re just learning the game, playing Blackjack in this smaller, more intimate setting that Little Six Casino offers is a good way to go.

Since you’re looking at a smaller gaming floor here at Little Six, if they don’t have the games you’re craving, you can always head over to Mystic Lake for the slots and blackjack.

They also feature bingo at Mystic Lake along with pull-tabs. So, there are more ways to have fun, play, and win in the area.

Wine and Dine

Little Six Casino has one restaurant that serves as a hub for all of your dining needs.

If you’re at Mystic Lake Casino but you’re craving a more intimate atmosphere, taking a trip to the Little Six Restaurant is definitely a good option. From 8 AM until 11 PM, they serve breakfast featuring steak and eggs, eggs, your way, and even a build your own omelet option.

If you’re interested in the lunch and dinner options, you have more than a few solid choices at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for appetizers, smaller portioned meals, salads, or even burgers, and sandwiches, Little Six Casino Restaurant has what you’re hungry for.

They also feature a fine bar menu featuring your favorites like fish tacos, Wisconsin cheese curds, soft shell tacos, hamburgers, reubens, seasoned tater tots, flatbreads, and so much more.

Pair the bar menu with a fine beverage featuring craft beers on tap, beer, and specialty cocktails. They also feature red and white wine, seltzer cocktails, rum, and even coffee specials.

Whether you’re looking to start your day before the casino gaming or if you’re looking for a break in-between games or dinner after the games have ended, Little Six Casino Restaurant is a fine, all-in-one establishment sure to satisfy your cravings and fill you up.

But if you’d rather have more variety or if you want a specific preference, then head over to Mystic Lake Casino where you will find 8 other awesome food options plus an additional four bars.

Bonuses and Promotions

“Bright Lights and Big Thrills” is the motto when Little Six Casino describes their promotions. Ranging from promos like Cold Hard Cash, Swipe and Win, and others, you have a lot to get excited about.

But don’t forget to sign up for Club M to take full advantage of the promotions they throw your way at this fine casino venue.

Happy Man Holding Money With a Bonus Graphic

What is Club M? It’s the best way to play and win back loyalty points for all the time you put into your favorite slot and table games at the casino. Dining at one of the on-site locations and even staying in the nearby hotel will allow you to earn points that will transform into solid perks and benefits.

Best yet, you can sign up for Club M for free and use the card at either Little Six Casino or Mystic Lake Casino. So, if you’re considering floating between the two locations during your time in the Prior Lake, Minnesota, area, make the easy decision to join Club M.

Work your way through the tiers by playing your favorite slot and table games, or even by booking a hotel room. The more you stay, play, and dine, the more luxurious the perks and benefits become at this thriving casino establishment.

Start off as a Signature Member and earn discounts on Club M Bingo and the Buffet over at Mystic Lake. Work your way through those tiers and you can take advantage of fuel discounts, reserved parking, priority valet return, cruises, and even priority lines throughout the casino.

Yes, it most definitely pays to play when you join Club M. And whether you’d rather play at Little Six Casino, Mystic Lake, or both, you will walk away having earned something even if you didn’t hit that jackpot.

Where to Stay and What to Check Out

The best place to stay in the area is the hotel at Mystic Lake. Whether you’re spending more time at Little Six or Mystic Lake, be sure to book a room at the sister location because, as mentioned in the above section, it will earn you a few more tier points and benefits.

Best yet, you’re relaxing in luxury with 766 rooms to choose from, and it’s the premier hotel in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

Whether you stay in the Promenade Tower, Lobby Towers, or Suites, you’re getting top-of-the-line comfort along with luxurious beds, huge windows, and even sun bay seating.

Are you looking to get out and explore the area a bit? As mentioned, you’re in the Minnesota and Saint Paul area, so you have the Twin Cities to explore if you’re looking to go long and don’t mind crowds. But if you’d rather stay local or out of the large cities, you also have several fun activities to look forward to.

As mentioned, Mystic Lake Casino is just down the road. And Canterbury Park is another good option if you’re looking to get your horse racing fix going for the evening. Canterbury Park also offers a larger variety of card and table games. If blackjack isn’t your thing, Canterbury Park is another alternative.

A few off-site or non-casino attractions include Cleary Lake Regional Park, Wilds Golf Club, the Vintage Gypsy, and Playworks. But don’t forget to check out the Mystic Showroom and catch a concert or The Meadows at Mystic Lake.

Set a day aside and explore the Twin Cities. Perhaps you should explore locally for another day. And top it all off with a fun outing at Mystic Lake Casino or Canterbury Park.

Little Six Casino Overview

Little Six Casino is Mystic Lake Casino’s little sister. Heck, even the name has a bit of a ring to it. But it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate setting as opposed to the larger one that Mystic Lake brings.

So, if crowds aren’t your thing or if you’re just looking to get away from everyone for a while, consider heading over to Little Six instead of Mystic Lake. And given their nice payouts at the slots, you may have just made a phenomenal choice.

Have you been to Little Six Casino or its bigger sister Mystic Lake? Let us know if you made the trips in the comments section and tell us about your experiences. We can’t wait to read your stories.