Reasons You Should Never Learn to Gamble at a Casino

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There are several ways you can learn to gamble.

Some gamblers start playing card games at a young age; others are introduced to it during early adulthood. There are even those who don’t get started until much later in life.

Usually, a fledgling player’s interest is piqued by a friend, family member, or even a college roommate. The learning process might begin at a dining room table before Christmas dinner or at a local dive bar before karaoke night.

Whatever the case may be, there are many routes gamblers take to arrive at the same destination. While there isn’t necessarily an ideal way to learn to gamble, there’s one that’s arguably the worst.

The method in question is learning to gamble in person at a land based casino.

Despite its apparent pitfalls, this learning process seems to be a crowd favorite among portions of the gambling population. Whether they’re learning a particular game, or how to gamble entirely, a casino is their classroom of choice.

Without allocating too much brainpower to this idea, it begins to seem logical, maybe even ideal. But, the more you consider it, the worse it appears.

For anyone contemplating learning to gamble inside a casino, consider any other alternative. If you’re unconvinced, here are six reasons you should never learn to gamble for real money at a casino.

Gambling Can Become a Costly Learning Experience

In an ideal world, learning a skill should be as inexpensive and effective as possible. Why waste money acquiring a skill if you could do so for free?

By deciding to delay the learning process until your first trip to a casino, you’re likely throwing away money. It’s hard enough to win money at the casino, even for gamblers with decades of experience.

Sitting down at a table not knowing how one goes about winning a certain game is about as illogical as it sounds.

New Casino Table Game

You might learn something new with each hand, and eventually develop some sort of strategy. But, along the way, you might notice that your bankroll has become significantly smaller.

Certain games are better suited for completely inexperienced players than others. These can be learned in just a few hands, meaning losses likely won’t be as severe.

Other games, however, require players to have a firm grasp on the rules and strategy if they aspire to win. If you happen to pick one of these games, that decision could prove to be costly.

Beginner’s luck can only get you so far.

You Might Impact Other Casino Gamblers

Professional gamblers tend to treat newer gamblers with respect and courtesy, most of the time. That’s because the novice in question normally has some basic knowledge that influences their decisions.

The presence of one of these players might result in the occasional minor delay and slight setback. But, that’s part of the business, and it’s rarely a cause for controversy or tension.

However, gambling with someone who has absolutely no gambling experience to speak of is a different story.

Beginner gamblers can often cause games to grind to a halt, throwing off the tables’ rhythm in the process. Once that energy is altered, there’s no telling what will follow.

Under the best circumstance, gamblers are accommodating to the novice and offer assistance as they learn to play. But, some players are less agreeable and tend to react poorly to disturbances.

Sometimes a particular gambler might determine that the newcomer is the reason for their woes. Before they arrived, things were clicking, and everyone was making money.

But, the second they sat down, the table’s luck changed. While this way of thinking is obviously misguided, it’s a popularly held misconception.

It’s Easier to Learn From Home With Online Gambling

In an age when anyone with a computer can access any piece of information in seconds flat, learning about gambling is simple. There are a variety of quality resources all around the internet that can help people get started on the right foot.

Not only can you research the rules and strategy of every casino game, but it’s also possible to get in some free practice time.

Person on Laptop Playing Online Poker Game

Playing on a computer is much different than gambling in person, of course. However, any amount of experience can benefit you and help you work through some early speed bumps.

The knowledge you gather from the internet will likely take some work to apply when gambling. But that’s part of the process and shouldn’t discourage you.

Learning at home will be more comfortable and productive than doing so at a casino. You’ll be able to retain more information, which can instill a sense of confidence before you decide to start gambling.

You’ll Likely Receive Bad Gambling Advice

By deciding to learn from the comfort of your home, you put yourself in control of the situation. You can determine which tips, tricks, and pieces of strategy are worth considering and which ones are not.

By gambling from home, you can instantly cross-check and verify any questionable advice you might come across. In doing so, you can save yourself from picking up erroneous information and bad advice.

However, the same cannot be said for those who decide to learn on the fly. Casino table games are full of gamblers, gamblers who may or may not be worth listening to.

Nonetheless, many are prone to offer their own opinions about certain games, style of play, and sage gambling wisdom.

Their intentions might be good, but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified to offer advice.

A problem that might arise when learning to gamble at casinos is that you won’t know how to distinguish between good and bad advice. If you’re unfortunate enough to follow some of this foolish guidance, you will likely lose money.

Casinos Are Full of Distractions

People venture to casinos for a variety of reasons. It could be the pursuit of money, entertainment, free alcohol, or a distraction from monotony.

Gambling at a casino is a perfect way to distract yourself from the rigors of day-to-day life. They are, in a sense, a source of non-stop distraction.

Casinos are in constant motion; there’s rarely a time when things are tranquil and still. That sounds great for anyone trying to forget about a long week of work but is less than ideal for someone interested in learning.

View of a Casino Table Games Pit

Those gamblers who are serious about learning to gamble at a casino table will face an uphill battle. Even if they are fed quality information, there’s a good chance it will only go in one ear and out the other.

The sights, sounds, variety of people, and general pandemonium do not make for an environment that’s conducive to learning.

No One Enjoys Losing

Losing money is often frustrating and even embarrassing. But, it’s a basic fact that if you gamble for long enough, you’re going to lose.

As I said in an earlier point, even the best of the best lose from time to time. So, someone with significantly less skill and experience is destined to fall on their face at some point.

Walking into a casino with a pocket full of money and a head completely devoid of any gambling knowledge is a disaster waiting to happen.

That money will slowly but surely disappear and any false sense of confidence will fade. While there’s no shame in losing money at a casino, it’s still an uncomfortable experience.

Instead of exposing yourself to any embarrassment and monetary setbacks, consider reading up on some games before you gamble. Even devoting as little as 10 minutes of time will benefit you greatly.

Learn Casino Games the Right Way

Learning to play casino games when there’s money on the line is ill-advised. Even the most basic games can trip beginners up, resulting in early losses and potential embarrassment.

Not only could you end up costing yourself some money, but you can also adversely affect those gambling next to you.

Some gamblers have a way of letting minor inconveniences snowball into significant issues. Unfortunately, an unknowledgeable gambler makes for a prime target if things begin to go downhill.

There’s a significant amount of information aspiring gamblers must pick up at some point. Attempting to do so in the middle of a casino will prove to be counterproductive due to the countless sources of distraction.

Instead, consider reading about and practicing your favorite casino games in a relaxed environment.