Top 10 Reasons You Should Find a Casino off the Strip in Las Vegas

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For a vast number of gamblers making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip is the premier destination. However, you can enjoy several benefits by skipping the Strip as your home base for the trip.

The casinos off the Strip have a ton to offer in a more affordable package. But I don’t want you to fall into believing that you should only look at off strip properties if you’re on a budget.

From the experiences you’ll enjoy with the locals to better proximity to the wonderful outdoors, the area off the Strip has a ton of unique features. These are the top 10 reasons you should find a casino off the Strip in Las Vegas.

You Won’t Have to Battle the Massive Crowds

One thing the Las Vegas Strip casinos have over the off strip casinos is the marketing budget. The Las Vegas Strip has been able to build a brand that’s instantly recognizable with gamblers around the globe.

Furthermore, when many gamblers think of Las Vegas, their thoughts automatically turn to the Strip. Even non-gamblers want to visit the Strip; it’s become a destination unto itself.

This marketing push has made the Las Vegas Strip packed with tourists, party animals, gamblers, drunks, and crooks. It’s a pain to get from point A to B, even if the two spots are on the same property.

People crowd the Strip inside and out 24/7, and you’ll avoid a lot of the crowd by staying off the Strip. That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a complete Las Vegas experience, merely that you won’t be battling for breathing room while you’re doing so.

You Can Still Enjoy the Ridiculously Cheap Meals Vegas Is Famous For

When you select a casino resort, you’re making many decisions you’re probably not considering. You wouldn’t be the first Las Vegas tourist that arrived at the resort and was forced to choose between meals and gambling.

That probably won’t be your plight, but meals on the Strip are going to cost substantially more than eating off the Strip. Since most meals will be on the property where you stay, this cost needs to be accounted for when planning.

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You can save money on meals in off the Strip properties that still embrace the idea of cheap eats. For budget-minded travelers, the money saved can have a tangible impact on your enjoyment of the trip.

You’ll Play Games with Lower Table Minimums

One of the big reasons I love gambling in off the Strip casinos is the lower table minimums. As a rookie gambler, I was always hunting for games where I could play for the bare minimum.

I understood that the house would win and wanted to stretch the maximum entertainment from my bankroll. I didn’t have much disposable income, so I focused on the cheapest games I could find.

It didn’t matter what the game was; I’d play for the right price. There were a lot of nights spent playing the penny slots, which I didn’t care for then and don’t like much now.

The table minimums are going to be lower away from the Strip. You’ll find a massive selection of games you can get into for as low as $5 per hand, but the high rollers are just as welcome.

You Have a Better Window into the Local Flair

The Strip is an experience. The four-mile stretch is home to many of the most iconic casinos on the planet and has attractions galore.

However, you’re going to get the touristy experience on the Strip. I believe it’s something that every gambler should enjoy.

But there’s another side to Las Vegas that’s equally alluring. The local side to Las Vegas will introduce you to some true gems.

Las Vegas Strip

You can meet amazing people and enjoy a culture that is quintessential Vegas. The side of Vegas you don’t often see on television or film but deserves a special look just the same.

Breakaway from the conventional Las Vegas vacation and spend some time exploring the real Las Vegas. Booking your stay off the Strip can significantly improve your chances of having a memorable Las Vegas trip.

You’re Going to Pay Less for a Room

There’s not a thing wrong with saving some money. Every penny you can save for a casino trip is money you can be rolling into your gambling bankroll.

When you start shopping for a room, you’re going to see that the hotels off the Strip offer lower rates. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all the attractions of the Strip.

Really, the hotels off the Strip will give you more for your money. That’s enough of a reason for some gamblers to depart from the hypnotizing lights of the Strip, but I suggest getting the most for your money.

You’ll Have Greater Access to Recreational Activities

If your focus for recreational activities involves roller coasters and fountains, the Strip is your place. However, for those that prefer other outdoor activities like golf, staying off the Strip will put you closer to your adventure.

The desert landscape around Las Vegas is impressive and offers a world of possibilities. Getting away from the Strip will put these activities much closer.

Humvee and Helicopter Outside of Battlefield Las Vegas

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is much larger than most people realize. Staying in a place like the Strip draws you farther from many attractions outdoor enthusiasts seek.

When you’re on vacation, it’s hard to squeeze all the fun activities into a short time. The more convenient it is for you to get to activities outside the casino, the more fulfilling your vacation.

You’ll Save a Ton on the Little Things

Anytime you travel to a tourist destination, there’s an expectation that things are slightly more expensive. Those are the fundamental laws of supply and demand that drive business globally.

So, it won’t surprise you to pay more for the little things in Las Vegas. Still, because of the different vibe between the Strip and elsewhere, you’ll even save money on the small incidental costs by staying off the Strip.

Saving $0.50 on a bottle of water may not seem necessary. But when you’re staying hydrated in the unforgiving Nevada sun, it can add up quickly.

Many Vegas guests overlook the high costs of the resort fees. These fees are typically hidden in the fine print, and even the most budget-friendly motels are going to hit you with some form of resort fee.

Staying at a property off the Strip is typically going to translate to lower resort fees at the end of your stay.

You’re Going to Play Games with a Lower House Advantage

For recreational gamblers and savvy advantage gamblers alike, the house edge is a vital piece of the equation in the casino.

The lower the house edge, the longer novice gamblers can stay on the casino floor enjoying the action. A lower house advantage will ultimately translate to more significant profits for advantage gamblers.

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In general, the casinos off the Strip will have a lower house edge on games throughout the building. That means you’ll find better rules on blackjack and other table games and a higher return to players on slots.

To put it bluntly, you’ve got a better shot at winning at casinos off the Strip.

You’ll Spend Less Time in Traffic and More Time Gambling

If you’ve ever stayed on the Las Vegas Strip, you’re well aware of the headache that is trying to get around town. Even getting from one property to another is a battle.

You’re either forced to sit in the gridlock traffic or take your chances in the Las Vegas heat. Visit Vegas between June and September, and I guarantee you see at least one person be attended to by the EMTs related to the heat.

Take your action downtown, and you’ll avoid a lot of these headaches. Public transportation is faster than walking, but it costs money that could be better utilized elsewhere.

You’ll Avoid a Lot of the Vegas Party Crowd

If you’re heading to Vegas for a weekend of debauchery, that’s your prerogative. But you should know that there are consequences for your actions in Las Vegas, so try to behave.

If you’d prefer to avoid the raucous party crowd altogether, you’ll do yourself a favor by avoiding the Strip. Most of the party crowd prefers to stick to the Strip.

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That’s where the most people congregate; it’s also home to the biggest parties. Stay off the Strip for a quieter and less eventful stay that still feels authentic.


I’m not in any way suggesting everyone boycotts the Strip. I can assure you that’s where you’ll find me the next time I’m in Las Vegas.

Still, staying off the Strip has a unique set of advantages that many guests will appreciate. These top 10 reasons you should find a casino off the Strip will save you time and money. More importantly, you’ll see a side of Las Vegas that many gamblers ignore entirely.