Thinking of Gambling at Night? Here Are 5 Reasons to Think Again

Man Thinking With a Roulette and Las Vegas Background

Gambling can be difficult even in the best of times. While it’s very common to visit casinos at night, and that’s often the most popular idea of gambling you’ll come across, that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea.

There are several reasons why. Let’s dig into them here, and see why you might be better served by gambling during the day.

1 – Your Reactions Are Dampened

Gambling at night isn’t a good idea for a straightforward reason—your reaction times just aren’t going to be where they need to be.

Think about it. After a long day at work, you go home, take a shower, change clothes, then get in the car and start driving. You’re already pretty tired, but you get to the casino and have a few drinks.

Now, you must feel like you’re ready to play. But do you really think you’re going to be at the top of your game at this point? It’s probably unlikely. Your thoughts are going to be cloudy. Your reaction time is going to be slow. You’re just going to struggle to do a great job.

Man Gambling at a Craps Table

Professional gamblers don’t think like this. First of all, they don’t spend 10 hours a day working and commuting, so they’re not running into the problem of being exhausted by the time they start gambling.

Second, they generally know not to drink at all (or not to drink very much) if their goal is to make money at the tables.

Even for the average gambler who just wants to have a little fun, gambling after a long day at work can be a great way to quickly blow a lot of money and not exactly enjoy the experience.

2 – You’ll Probably Have Too Many Drinks

As you can see from the situation above, one of the biggest problems with gambling in the evening is that you’re likely going to find yourself having a few drinks (or more than a few).

That’s just how drinking goes. People don’t usually drink in the morning and go gamble (hopefully). Most folks drink in the evening as part of the casino experience.

If your goal is to not lose all your money the second you walk in the door, it’s probably better for you to gamble during the day instead.

Now, I’ve got nothing against drinking. And while it’s probably not true that alcohol will improve your gambling skills (for most people), some gamblers who tend to feel nervous might benefit from having a few drinks just to loosen up.

Variety of Colorful Cocktails in a Casino

With that being said, for the vast majority of people, a handful of drinks isn’t what’s happening at a casino. Even if it is, having too many drinks will have a significant impact on that person’s ability to play and is one the biggest mistakes that gamblers make.

Sure, you might have it in your head that rolling some dice or picking a random number can’t be too hard, and roulette might be one of those games where you can’t really mess it up no matter how much you drink. But for most casino games, you’re going to need to be paying attention to do well.

If you’re playing something like craps, for example, you need be aware of changes in the game that happen as the game moves on. Having too much to drink will be a recipe for disaster.

Gambling in the evening when you’re tired is already a bad idea, but when you add that you’ve had a few drinks, you’re going to struggle not to lose all your money.

3 – You’re Going to Stay up Too Late

As an adult, you don’t have anyone dictating your bedtime, but staying up later than you usually do means that you’re going to become more and more tired as the evening progresses.

This is so common because most people are going to the casino on a Friday or Saturday evening. The pressure’s on, so your routine schedule of hitting the sack at 10 PM goes right out the window.

Throughout the evening, even if you’re not drinking, your mind is likely getting slower and slower. You’ll find yourself yawning and pretending that your mind is working just fine, but in reality, you’ve got significantly impaired cognitive abilities.

Staying up too late is something your mother told you never to do and for good reason. This can also dovetail with the issue of drinking to cause additional disaster. The later you’re up, the more drinks you’re probably going to have.

Even if you’re pacing yourself, you’re no scientist—you’re probably not going to take your drinks at the precise times you need to if you’re trying to make sure you don’t get too drunk.

Your inability to play the best gambling strategies because you’re too tired is going to have a big impact on your bank account in the morning because you might make a few bad plays early in the evening then end up pulling money out of the ATM to keep playing.

When gambling is hitting your bank account hard enough to be a problem, the next issue only makes things worse.

4 – You’ll Be Tempted to Pay for a Room

Unless you’re spending big bucks at the casino, you’re probably not going to get your room comped, so let’s get that out of the way now.

Many people seem to think that they’re going to get casino comps because they’ve been playing $20 hands all evening, and that’s just not always the case.

With that being said, if it’s late in the evening, you’ve driven a long way to get to the casino, you’ve had a few drinks, you’ve made the decision to stay up later than you usually would, and now it’s getting a lot later. Plus, you’re probably sticking around a lot longer than you planned. And you’re more likely to want a room if you live far away.

Now, if you’ve got a ton of money lying around and you don’t mind spending it on a room, that’s great. Go ahead and get a room. But for the rest of us, being tempted into paying for a room is a pretty bad idea.

Rooms at casinos are great, so they’re usually not cheap. But if you’ve been up too late and had a few too many drinks, you may not have a choice.

At a certain point, when you’ve been up too long, you’re probably so tired that you might as well be drunk in terms of how well you’re going to drive a car. Add to that the fact that you might actually be drunk because you’ve been drinking in the casino all evening, and you will hopefully make the wise decision to get a room.

Making that decision requires more money. You might end up gambling in the morning and losing even more money when you wake up.

This isn’t a great idea if your goal is to just play a few slots and have fun. Gambling during the day is a much better bet.

5 – You’ll Eat More in the Evening

If your goal when you enter a casino is to not spend too much money, then brother, you better stay away from the food.

The food in a casino is always overpriced, even if it’s delicious. This is simple economics. They have a captive audience who has demonstrated a willingness to spend money, so they might as well offer some expensive meal options for gamblers who don’t really plan on leaving the tables for long.

Spread of Asian Dishes

If this is you, then your bank account might be in for an even harder hit than when you were just sitting in front of the slot machines for a few hours.

And let’s not forget that all that food piled on top of drinks is going to have a potent effect on your waistline the next day.


While it’s most common for gamblers to gamble at night across the world, it’s probably not the best time to gamble in terms of clarity and strategy.

If you’re an avid morning gambler, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments why you prefer gambling in the morning.