5 Reasons Why It’s Critical You Gamble in the Morning

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Gambling is almost exclusively done in the evening and is usually associated with fun, a little drinking, and a lot of laughter. It’s not something the vast majority of people take seriously, and it’s not something that would ever be done in the morning.

But unlike drinking, which when done in the morning would be heavily frowned upon, there are many professional gamblers who make a living at casinos.

For these serious gamblers, finding the right time to gamble is critical. Just like any job, a regular schedule of work is going to be important for success.

That’s why I recommend you do what the pros do and gamble in the morning instead of at night. Here’s why.

1 – You’re Going to Be Sharper Mentally

I think above everything else, I’m going to tell you in this article that this is the most crucial reason to gamble in the morning—you’re going to be sharper mentally.

This is huge. Playing something like real money blackjack, and trying to walk away with more than you walked in with by counting cards, is something that requires a great deal of focus and concentration.

For most people, the time of the day when they’re at their peak mentally is going to be a few hours after they wake up.

Now I’m not saying you need to wake up at the crack of dawn and start gambling, or that you need to gamble the moment you wake up—I’m just saying you need to avoid waiting until night time to start playing.

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Think about it like this—if this was your job, would you wait to go to work at 6 p.m. if you woke up at 7 a.m.? Of course, you wouldn’t. You’d be lucky if you made it past 10 p.m.

It makes far more sense to gamble during the day when you’re fresh, you’ve had your coffee and breakfast, and your mind is at its peak.

Remember, you’re not clocking in or out here, so if your goal is to gamble professionally, no one is saying you have to get up at 5 a.m. to achieve that goal. You can wait until the time is right for you—when you’d wake up normally.

There’s another excellent reason why you should always gamble in the morning.

2 – You’re Less Likely to Drink

Another good reason you want to gamble in the morning is that you’re going to be much less likely to drink.

If you want to treat this like a job and be serious about gambling, you need to treat it the same way you would a real job.

Would you drink on the job? Of course not.

Even the worst workers who might actually drink on the job are at least going to wait until the end of the day to do so, right? I hope so, anyway.

If you gamble at night, you’re going to be tempted to have a drink or three, and as the night goes on, you might make gambling mistakes by drinking far more than you intended to drink.

Silhouette of a Man Drinking a Beer

Now, of course, there’s always going to be someone out there who is going to tell you that they’re a better gambler after they’ve had a few drinks, but the reality is that this kind of thinking is nonsense for most people.

You wouldn’t tell your boss that a few drinks at 10 a.m. will make you better at combing through complex spreadsheets, so why would it be okay for gambling?

The problem is that drinking and gambling are closely associated in the mind of the public because of movies and TV and the general idea that gambling is something done to relax and take it easy.

For the pro gambler, this mindset has to go. Gambling is going to be best done in the morning when you’re going to be sober, steady, and ready to concentrate.

3 – You Won’t Be Up All Night and Become Tired the Next Day

For almost everyone, staying up all night isn’t natural. Your circadian rhythm is designed to wake you up in the morning and let you sleep through the night.

If you break that cycle, you break it at both ends. When you stay up late, your mental acuity goes down because your body is ready to sleep, even if you aren’t.

When you’re up late, your body is still going to try to wake you up around the same time as you’d typically wake up. That means you’re going to either sleep in some or more likely, you’re going to wake up when you usually would and just be tired.

If you gamble at night, let’s say you’re feeling good and that you’re on top of your game. You’re playing poker, for example. You’re reading your opponents right, and you’re getting some fantastic luck.

What happens? You develop an unhealthy casino habit of playing until 3 or 4 in the morning. When you wake up the next day, you’re exhausted, but because you’re trying to make this a full-time job, you need to get back to the tables and play some blackjack.

So you find yourself suddenly struggling. You’re so tired that you’re making bad bets and just aren’t paying attention.

Sure, it can be hard to find a poker tournament that is going on all morning, but they certainly exist. That being said, casinos are open all night generally. They have no problem with you coming through at 8 a.m. and spending money, especially if you’re tired and throwing your money away.

Be smart—Gamble in the morning.

4 – You’ll Beat the Casino Crowds

I think this might be a more critical reason to gamble in the morning than any others. I don’t know about you, but I can’t exactly concentrate well when I’m surrounded by people who are all drinking, laughing, and carrying on.

The crowds at casinos can become enormous, and with there being tons of slot machines around, there’s noise and lights that serve as constant distractions while you’re trying to make some money.

When I work, I need to be able to focus. I need to close out the outside world and work just on the task at hand.

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Now sure, there are plenty of jobs that inherently have a lot of distractions, but gambling doesn’t have to be one of them—if you gamble in the morning.

There’s going to be a sweet spot during the morning where everyone who is up late partying is finally going to bed, and everyone who wants to come in for a day of gambling hasn’t woken up yet. This is the time for the early gambling bird to catch the worm.

If you’re able to get into the casino and start playing after everyone is gone, you’ll be able to play in peace for a while, take care of yourself, and focus on your craft and not worrying about the world’s distractions.

5 – You Won’t Be Affected by Shift Worker Sleep Disorder

It’s easy for gamblers to downplay this issue, but the truth is that gambling, if you’re not careful, can absolutely become something that you only do at night.

Which makes you a shift worker.

Shift workers suffer from all kinds of health problems. They’re at a higher risk of contracting all sorts of diseases, having heart problems, and dying younger, and it all has to do with the breaking of your natural circadian rhythm.

Most people aren’t night owls, and even people who are night owls are probably not staying up past 11 or 12. If you’re up until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. because you started playing at 7 p.m. and you need to get in a full day of playing, you’re forcing yourself to be a shift worker.

When you’re first starting out, and you’re trying to become a professional gambler, you’re going to have to work more hours than the pros, which means starting to play even at 6 p.m. probably means you’re going to need to be up until 6 a.m. to make what you need to make.

That puts you deep into shift worker territory.


Gambling in the morning is absolutely the best time to gamble if your goal is to become a professional gambler. Are you a professional gambler? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.