Reasons Why Craps Players Lose Money

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The odds are good that if you’ve ever played craps, you’ve started to develop at least one bad habit. In fact, most craps players have multiple bad habits.

The problem with bad craps habits is that they end up costing you a lot of money. Some bad craps habits are worse than others, but they are all costly in the long run.

Here are five bad habits that craps players develop that end up costing them money. Learn how to avoid these habits and you instantly improve your chances of winning when you play craps for real money.

Ignoring the Odds Betting Option

When I play craps, I see other gamblers make all kinds of different wagers and use a wide range of betting methods and superstitions to decide what to do. I even see gamblers who honestly believe that they can influence the outcome of the rolls and get an edge.

I’m going to cover all of these bad habits in sections on this page, but in this opening section, I’m going to tackle the most important thing you can do as a craps player. This is one habit that every craps player needs to build.

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The most important wager option at the craps table is the odds wager. This isn’t used by every craps player, but it’s the single wager that every craps player needs to use. The problems with the odds wager is that there isn’t a marked space on the table for it and you can’t make this wager unless you place a come-out wager first.

Because there isn’t a space marked for the odds wager, some craps players don’t even know it exists. The odds wager is usually placed behind the come-out roll wager when a point is set. But you can tell the person running the game that you want to place an odds wager and they’ll help you.

Odds wagers are the only wagers in the casino with true even odds. This means that the casino house edge on this wager is 0%. But the come-out roll has a casino edge, and you have to make it first. This way, the casino still has an edge on your total wager amount, even if the odds are fair on the odds wager.

Break the bad habit of ignoring the odds wager. Instead, make it a habit of placing an odds wager every time you have the opportunity.

Betting Money on the Pass Line

The most popular wager on a come-out roll at the craps table is on the pass line. And this isn’t a terrible wagering option, but the truth is that it’s not the best option on the come-out roll. The best craps wager on a come-out roll is don’t pass.

The difference in the casino edge on these two wagers is small, so it’s not an unforgivable sin if you’re in the habit of betting the pass line. But I’m a big believer in getting every edge possible, even if it’s a small edge.

Here’s the difference between the two wagers. A don’t pass wager has a casino edge of 1.36%. A pass line wager has a casino edge of 1.41%. This isn’t big, but it is different.

If you make 200 come-out roll wagers at $40 each, your total risk on these wagers is $8,000. Your expected loss on the pass line at $8,000 is $112.80. Risking the same $8,000 on don’t pass has an expected loss of $108.80. This is a difference of $4 on $8,000 in risk.

To many people, this isn’t enough to worry about. And the truth is that I send more than $4 on water or on tips when I go to the casino. But I have the mindset that I’m not going to surrender a single penny more than I need to when I’m gambling.

This means that I want that $4. I want it in my pocket instead of in the casino’s pocket. So, I’m not giving it to them because I get in the habit of making the wrong wager.

Making Inside Craps Wagers

Here’s the simple truth. If you’re in the habit of making any wager at the craps table other than the odds wager and the don’t pass wager, you have a bad and costly habit. These are the only two craps wagers you should ever make.

You can find a few other wagers on the craps table that aren’t terrible, but they all have a higher casino edge than the don’t pass and odds wagers.

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For example, a casino sucker bet would be wagering on 2 or on 12 since they have a casino edge of almost 14%. The 11 or 3 wagers have a casino edge over 11%. The hard ways have a casino edge of over 9%. In fact, the only wager on the craps table that has a casino edge less than 2.44% other than the wagers I already covered in earlier sections is the place 6 / 8, which has a casino edge of 1.52%.

Don’t make any craps wager other than a come out wager and the odds. Every other wager option is costing you money you don’t have to lose.

Using a Craps Casino Betting System

Casino betting systems are almost always scams. In fact, it’s safe to say that any betting system that’s offered for sale is a scam. The only exception to a betting system being a scam is if you can learn a system that helps you count cards when you play blackjack.

I don’t see many craps systems for sale, but I have seen a few over the years. And none of them have any realistic chance of working. And most craps gambling systems actually make you lose more money than when you just stick with the two wagers I recommend.

The key thing that you need to remember when someone is trying to sell you a craps system is that they could make far more money using the system instead of selling it if the system really worked. Casinos are glad to let anyone play and use a system when they play craps.

This is because the casinos know the systems don’t work, and this just adds money to the casino’s bottom line.

Trying to Control the Dice

The subject of dice control has three sides. The first side is the most common, and this side is all of the people who don’t know what dice control or controlled shooting is.

The second side is craps players that know what controlled shooting is, but are convinced that it doesn’t work. The third side has the small group of craps players who claim that dice control is real and profitable. The third group is usually trying to sell you a course or seminar on how to win craps by controlling the dice.

Do you remember in the last section how I explained that anyone trying to sell you a craps system is likely to sell you something that doesn’t work? The same logic is at work here.

Person Holding Dice Over a Craps Table

If controlled shooting is so profitable, why aren’t these hucksters making millions playing craps instead of hundreds or thousands selling courses and books?

The reason why so many people fall for false dice control claims is because you wouldn’t have to alter the results of many rolls to make the game profitable. But once again, if the casinos were losing money to controlled craps shooters, the casinos would be doing something about it.

The casinos don’t let you slide the dice when you roll them, but this isn’t what controlled shooting is about. Controlled shooting supposedly can influence the outcome of dice rolls thrown the normal way.

If you want to waste your time trying to learn how to control the dice, be my guest. I’m even rooting for you. I hope you can figure out how to make millions and make all of your dreams come true. Just do me a favor and don’t try to sell the information. Just keep making more money playing craps.

Of course, you already know from this section that I simply don’t believe it’s realistic.


Some of the worst gambling mistakes can be eliminated if you follow one simple rule when playing craps. Make your come-out roll wager on don’t pass, and make the odds wager when the come-out roll sets a point. This simple rule takes care of the worst craps habits and improves your chances of winning a great deal. In fact, if you do anything other than follow this simple step, you’re losing too much money.

Don’t get sucked into the dice control myth, because it wastes your time and money. You also need to avoid using any other type of craps gambling system, because they don’t work either.