5 Reasons Why Blackjack Is the Only Game You Should Ever Gamble On

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Of all of the different gambling options available, blackjack is unique. Many games have been developed that are similar to blackjack, but none of them offer the combination of things that make blackjack the best choice for every casino gambler.

Everyone can learn how to play blackjack. The rules are simple, and blackjack games are available almost everywhere that you can gamble. You can also quickly learn how to use good strategy, and if you’re willing to put in some effort, you can even learn how to gamble with an edge.

Here are five reasons why blackjack is the only gambling game you should ever play.

1 – Simple Strategy Anyone Can Use

Casino games take your money. They’re designed to fool you into thinking that you can win, and sometimes, you do win. But in the long run, they take your money.

This doesn’t mean that you should be happy about losing. In fact, you should do everything in your power to lose as little as possible when you play casino games.

The first thing to look at when you’re playing any casino game is if there’s a strategy or set of strategies that you can use to give yourself a better chance to win. This is one of the main reasons why blackjack is the only gambling game you should play at casinos. You’re going to learn another important reason why blackjack is the best game in one of the sections found below.

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Did you know that blackjack has a simple strategy that you can use to improve your chances of winning every time you play? This is usually called “basic strategy,” and it’s not the most simple strategy if you have to figure it out yourself.

But the reason why blackjack strategy is simple is because you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. All you have to do is use a strategy card. And these are readily available. You can just print one off the internet. Or you can also find apps on your phone that help you memorize basic blackjack strategy.

Once you have a strategy card, you simply check it every time you play a blackjack hand and do what it says. When you use the best strategy, you’re reducing the house edge as far as possible, which improves your chance to win. A strategy card alone isn’t enough to overcome the house edge, but it’s the best way to get started.

2 – Simple Rule Structure

Blackjack has simple rules and all of the possible rule variations are easy to understand. This makes it easy to learn for new gamblers, and it only takes a few minutes before you learn how to play like a pro.

The main rules to understand involve doubling down and splitting. Your strategy card tells you when you should double down and when you need to split, so you don’t have to worry about when to do them.

What is helpful to know is how blackjack rule variations change your chances to win. Each rule change either helps you win or helps the casino win.

You don’t have to worry too much about the rules until you learn how to get an edge. This is covered in the fifth section on this page.

The best rules for you include the dealer standing on soft 17, being able to double down, and being allowed to split pairs as many times as possible. If you can double down after splitting, that’s even better.

The one rule that you must always pay attention to is how much a blackjack pays. Only play at tables that pay 3 to 2 or better for a blackjack. Any other table is not worth playing, no matter what.

Learn what each of the available blackjack rules means and how they work, then learn more about how each rule changes the house edge. After that, all you have to do is find tables with a good mix of rules and focus on memorizing your strategy card.

3 – Game Availability

Other than slot machines, blackjack is the most popular game in the casino. This means that almost every casino in the world that offers table games will offer blackjack. In addition, you can log into any online casino and play real money blackjack right off the bat.

You’re never going to go to a regular casino and not have the option to play blackjack. At this point, it’s just impossible. But this doesn’t mean that you should always play blackjack. If you’re in a casino and they only offer blackjack tables that pay 6 to 5 for a blackjack, you should probably leave and find a better casino.

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As you gain experience playing the game, learn more about the rules, and play at more casinos, you can develop a list of the best places to play. The games offering the best rules are where you want to play most of the time.

You should also find an online casino or two that have good blackjack games so that you can play when you can’t go to a land-based casino. The only problem with playing blackjack online is you can’t get an edge. You can learn more about this before you finish reading this page.

4 – Almost Unlimited Resources

If you want to learn more about blackjack, there are unlimited resources available. You can find thousands and thousands of pages about blackjack online that are available for free. You can also buy many good books about blackjack at your local bookstore or online, at places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

There are blackjack apps available for your phone to help you learn blackjack strategy. You can also find apps and free blackjack games in most mobile markets.

Software programs are available for your computer, too. And these programs teach you how to play, how to use strategy, and how to count cards. You can learn as much as you want about blackjack. All it takes is time and effort.

I enjoy reading, so I have a large library of blackjack books and read many online articles about the game. But if you don’t enjoy reading, you can watch videos that teach you the same thing or get an app or two to help you learn what you need to know.

5 – Anyone Can Get an Edge If They Do the Work

This is the number one reason why blackjack is the only game you should play. The fact is that anyone can learn how to gamble with an edge playing blackjack. Most people are never going to do what it takes to reach this point, but you have an opportunity to make money instead of lose it when you gamble.

If you’ve never heard of card counting, it’s a strategy you can learn how to use when you play blackjack. When you learn how to do it well enough, you turn the tables on the casino. Instead of playing against a house edge, you start playing with an edge over the house.

If you have heard about counting cards and haven’t tried to do it, the good news is that it isn’t as hard as you think. Almost everyone who has tried to learn how to count cards and didn’t give up too soon has learned how to do it.

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The most common myth about counting cards is that you have to remember every card that’s been played. This is 100% false. All you have to do is keep a ratio of low and high cards as they’re played, and there are simple systems that help you do this.

It takes 20 or 30 hours of work to get good enough to count cards and win, then you improve even more the longer you work at it. Isn’t it worth spending 20 to 30 hours to learn how to win when you’re gambling?

The best way to get started is to read some online articles about card counting and/or pick up a few books about the subject. The only thing standing between you and gambling profits is a little bit of work. Don’t pass up the opportunity.


Blackjack is the only gambling game you ever need to play because it’s simple to play, easy to learn the best strategy, widely available, and if you’re willing to do the work, you can get an edge. I can’t think of another gambling option that offers all of these things.

I recommend learning as much as you can about counting cards. It’s not as easy as learning basic strategy, but you can learn how to do it. This is the only way to get an edge over the casino for most people. Why wouldn’t you give it a try if it meant you could stop losing when you gamble?

If you compare your chances to games like slot machines, where there’s no skill involved and you can’t change your luck, blackjack is easily the best casino game around.