10 Reasons Video Poker Should Be in Your Gambling Routine

Closeup of a Video Poker Screen on Left and a Man Thinking on Right

I recently did an article asking whether or not video poker was dead. I can assure you the game is alive and well, but without some new life, the game will continue to diminish in market saturation.

This concerns me as a gambler who prefers to leave the casino with all of my cash and as much of the casino’s cash as I can get. Video poker is one of the rare casino gems that allows players to gain a positive long-term expectation.

In other words, you can make a real profit playing video poker using the correct strategy. Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons video poker should be a part of your gambling routine.

You’ll Never Match Video Poker’s Amazing RTP Playing Slot Machines

Many casino gamblers lump the video poker machines into the same category as slot machines. The main similarity between these two games is in regards to being electronic gaming machines.

How they payout and the gameplay itself are incredibly different. Still, if you’re going to play an electronic gaming machine, wouldn’t you rather play the game that gives the player a better chance of winning?

The average RTP on a slot machine on the Las Vegas Strip is close to 91%. That’s not to volume, merely the average for all denominations.

For video poker machines, the RTP rarely dips below 98%. That means for every $9 you lose playing slot machines, you’ll lose below $2 playing video poker.

You’ll never catch those kinds of odds playing slot machines in a land-based casino.

You’ll Get a More Engaging Gambling Experience Playing Video Poker

Video poker is a fantastic game because it’s one of the few games that allows players to implement a strategy to improve their chances of winning. You can even gain a long-term positive expectation, but I’ll get into that later.

I hear from a lot of casino gamblers that struggle to stay engaged when playing on electronic gaming machines like slots based games. The lack of strategy and having little to no influence on the games bore them; they don’t feel connected.

Video Poker machines on Casino Floor

Video poker answers the call because it allows players to use a strategy on every hand that keeps the game interesting. Furthermore, you are avoiding the dangerous slots trance that milks money away from slots players at an alarming rate.

You Are in Control of Steering the Ship

Another significant aspect of video poker is that you steer the ship. Many players prefer to play games where you’re not relying on a dealer to provide the action.

Being in control means you have much greater control over how many hands you see per hour. Almost exclusively, playing fewer hands is better for the player because it weakens the effects felt by the house edge.

Video poker is among the rare exceptions, but only if you’re playing a game that gives you a positive expectation. In that case, you should play as many hands per hour as possible while maintaining 100% integrity to the best strategy.

The more hands you can fit in, the more money you can expect to win. However, the opposite is true for players merely trying to get by losing as little money as possible when a strategy isn’t involved, and the house edge is still in play.

You Can Obtain a Sustainable Profit Playing Video Poker

Yes, you can make a long-term profit playing video poker. But first, you’ll have to wade through a ton of variables to find the correct game.

Once you’ve found a game that gives you a positive expectation and becomes familiar with the best strategy, you’re on your way to making money playing video poker. The true challenge lies in finding games with a positive expected value.

Video Poker Odds

The casinos were once full of video poker machines that would give players a return to the player over 100% under the right conditions. These days it’s nearly impossible to find these games for the untrained eye, but savvy gamblers still know where to find the high-paying games.

If you are serious about making money playing video poker, it’s possible. Sadly, you’re going to have a more challenging time than players a decade ago.

The Potential for Huge Payouts Is There

I couldn’t make much of a case for video poker if I only focused on the advantage gamblers. The game is an excellent game for players that want a sustained profit, but they aren’t the only players that can benefit from video poker.

Any player hoping to strike it big from one fail swoop will appreciate the constant potential to hit a considerable return on one lucky hand.

It’s essential that you’re betting max credits for every hand. In order to trigger the massive bonus payouts for the Royal Flush, you’ll have to bet the max credits.

Since you have no idea when the best hand in the game will come up, you should always bet the most credits available. When you finally get the 4,000 to 1 payout, all of the trouble will have been worth it.

You’ll Have an Opportunity to Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Casinos are wild places full of excitement and constant stimulation. Sometimes it’s great to get away by yourself for a moment and take a breath.

Video poker affords players the rare luxury of escaping from the chaos commonly associated with casino gambling. The game has several factors that make it an excellent hideaway for players that have had enough of the typical casino scene.

Casino Video Poker Machine

The games are played solo on a machine that typically resides near the corner of an empty bar. So, you won’t be subjected to constant bombardment from other players.

If you prefer to gamble alone or merely need to get away from the raucous crowds for a couple of hours, video poker is a fantastic option for your gambling routine.

Video Poker Has a Wide Variety of Games to Choose From

Video poker makes an excellent game for players because of the vast selection of games players have to make a selection. The variety keeps things fresh and ensures players can have a fantastic gambling experience time after time.

However, gamblers need to take note of the video poker varieties offered in the casinos they frequent and do their part to research and discover the best games. Not all video poker games are on the same exceptional level.

In many cases, a casino may offer two or three different games with vastly different RTPs. That makes it tougher to know if the game you’re playing is giving you the best shot at winning.

Study up online before you head to the casino, and be absolutely sure that you’re implementing the correct strategy for the variant you’re playing.

More Casino Boom From Your Gambling Bankroll

Video poker is one of the premier games in the casino for getting your money’s worth. Because of the low house edge, you can play for hours without losing too much.

Even the games that don’t give players a positive expectation will provide you with back enough in small wins to keep you afloat for extended gambling sessions. That’s one of the key benefits of playing video poker; you can gamble for hours on end without ever bankrupting your gambling funds.

Closeup of Video Poker Machine

If you’re trying to get the most play from your gambling bankroll, video poker will take you farther into the night than ever before. Don’t forget that you may even find a game that gives you a shot at making long-term profits.

Video Poker Tournaments Keep the Costs Low and the Rewards High

I love competition; it’s what drives me to be my best. So, I have a natural affinity for video poker tournaments.

These tournaments give you the opportunity to face off against other players, and for a small entry fee, you’re able to get hours of casino excitement. In some instances, you’ll even turn that small entry into a large prize.

However, it’s critical that you understand the difference in strategy playing in tournaments versus playing solo. In tournaments, your primary goal will be racking up as many wins as possible in a predetermined amount of time.

So, you’ll be more interested in hands that merely pay rather than chasing the massive royal flush. Try out a video poker tournament the next time you’re in the casino, and you’ll be hooked.

The Casino will Be Giving You Back More of Your Losses

Casino comps are an area of the total gaming experience that can be overlooked by recreational players. Yet, the casino’s free gifts and perks can prove to be extremely valuable to players.

You can earn free rooms and even get cash back on your wagers through these casino rewards. What makes video poker remarkable is that you’re earning comps at the same rate you do on slot machines in many casinos.

Video Poker Screen Displaying Royal Flush

That’s fantastic for the player because you will not be losing nearly as much playing video poker. So, you’re earning the same comps at a much faster rate than players at the table games while simultaneously losing much less than the slots enthusiasts.


If you’re curious about becoming an advantage gambler, want to find an electronic gaming option that won’t break the bank, or merely wish to gamble in solitude, video poker has you covered.

These top 10 reasons video poker should be a part of your gambling routine cover a wide range of gamblers. You’ll probably fall in love with several aspects of video poker once you’ve given it a shot.