7 Reasons to Play Blackjack in Person Instead of Online

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the United States. The game is simple to understand, has some of the best odds of all table games, and is entertaining for gamblers who simply enjoy playing cards. In the age of the internet and the rise of online casinos, it has never been more comfortable and more convenient to play.

However, there exists a polarizing question that different sects of gamblers tend to disagree about: the differences between online and in-person blackjack. Newer gamblers may find their way onto an online casino, notice it features blackjack, and feel compelled to play a game.

It’s understandable to gravitate to games you feel comfortable playing. However, if you’re wavering between staying home to play blackjack or traveling to a casino to gamble, there are several factors you should consider. Here are seven reasons why blackjack at a brick and mortar casino trumps its online counterpart.

1 ‒ There’s Too Much Variance Online

All across the internet, you’ll find various real money online casinos. There’s almost too many to track at this point, making it challenging to distinguish one casino from another. Not only is there a plethora of options for aspiring gamblers, but there are also several different forms of the game on most of these websites.

Getting started at gambling is already a bit complicated, especially if you prefer to gamble online. The process of selecting a casino, creating a profile, verifying banking information, and depositing money can be somewhat overwhelming.

Then, gamblers must figure out which games they plan to play.

Certain online casinos have a list of various games to play, and it’s easy to pick the wrong form of blackjack. If you’re a seasoned gambler, the jargon is commonplace, but you might find yourself confused with the influx of information for those breaking onto the scene. If you choose a less reputable casino or a variety of blackjack you’re unfamiliar with, you could lose your bankroll at a rapid pace.

2 ‒ Online Blackjack Is Inconsistent

If you frequent popular message boards and internet forums, you probably read theories of online casinos being rigged to take money from gamblers. While there have been a few instances of casinos being caught cheating, most online casinos are reputable, licensed institutions.

The beauty of blackjack is its simplicity and a house edge that typically resides below 1%. However, the edge among online casinos can vary. That is primarily due to the inconsistent nature of blackjack and the change in rules between different online casinos.

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These disparities exist in the payout amount, the number of decks your online casino of choice uses, and whether the casino allows you to split your hand or double. Another variable is whether or not the casino uses live dealers. While most online casinos are reputable and legitimate businesses, it’s always preferable to have a human element when it comes to dealing cards.

3 ‒ Community Is Key

In my opinion, one of the best facets of gambling is the communal aspect of the casinos. My favorite memories involving gambling come at tables, surrounded by fellow gamblers with the same goals in mind. The gambling experience just doesn’t feel the same if you’re sitting in front of a computer screen.

This point is somewhat subjective because some gamblers might find casinos to be overwhelming. Overstimulation is a common problem at casinos given that most are filled with television screens, bars, loud music, and of course, other gamblers. However, I feel like online blackjack is a watered-down version of blackjack that can be played at casinos.

If you find yourself easily distracted, online blackjack might be your best bet. But if you can tune out the world and focus on the game at hand, then there truly is no comparison between the two forms of blackjack. The sense of community and camaraderie around a blackjack table makes the experience much more enjoyable than sitting in your home office clicking a mouse.

4 ‒ You Learn Best by Playing With Others

The best way to learn the gambling ropes is to play with other gamblers who have been doing it for a while. I’m not saying every single bit of information you gather at a table is going to be worth remembering. But by taking every piece of advice with a grain of salt, and vetting out the occasional misinformation, you’ll be able to pick up the game quickly.

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An added benefit of going to the casino for newer gamblers is a live, in-person dealer. Dealers are an excellent resource for you and should be used as such. Anytime you find yourself up a creek or unsure of subsequent moves, merely asking the dealer for advice can help you navigate your way around challenging situations.

5 ‒ Convenience Isn’t Always Best

A primary argument in support of gambling with online casinos is that it’s insanely convenient in comparison to traveling to a casino. Do you know what else is convenient? Grabbing a couple of burgers off the dollar menu at your local fast-food chain. But will those burgers offer as much satisfaction as a porterhouse from your favorite steakhouse? Absolutely not!

Just because it’s convenient to gamble online doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. Gambling in a casino is an experience that should be sought out, especially if you’ve never been to one.

I’m biased because blackjack is among my favorite table games at the casino, but there’s nothing like laying down your stack of money at the blackjack tables before spending hours playing cards.

I see no issue in playing online blackjack for little to no money if you’re looking for some quick, easy entertainment. But if you’re contemplating spending your bankroll on online blackjack, I’d recommend considering traveling to the closest casino instead.

6 ‒ Fast Pace Can Lead to Consecutive Losses

Newer gamblers often struggle with an inability to manage their bankroll properly. Money spends fast at the casino, especially if you’re not prepared for what to expect or how table games work. One of the saving graces of in-person blackjack is that its consistent pace and the human element of a dealer and other players allows you to gather yourself and catch your breath between hands.

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Depending on the online casino in question, it’s incredibly easy to blow through money in the blink of an eye. I’ll admit that I’ve lost a fair amount of money in a matter of minutes playing online blackjack. For whatever reason, I find it easier to control your pace of play at a table compared to on the computer.

If the losses begin to pile up, it can also be tough to tear yourself away from the game. This is true for both types of blackjack. But if you can take a step back for a few minutes, it’s just as easy to log back into your computer and keep gambling. Conversely, once you leave the tables and depart the casino, your gambling night is over.

7 ‒ In-Person Blackjack Is More Entertaining

Some gamblers go to the casino to have fun, others go to win money, and in turn, have fun. At the heart of casinos, entertainment is key. If you’re not enjoying yourself in some capacity, then gambling might not be for you.

Gambling online, while convenient, just doesn’t compare to gambling at a casino.

The sights, the sounds, and the entire atmosphere of a land based casino are intoxicating and can be a source of pure delight. Whether you play blackjack to entertain yourself or to make some money, gambling at a casino is your best bet.

Newer gamblers who have never played blackjack at legitimate brick and mortar casinos should heed this advice. The combination of all the elements of a casino makes it a spectacle to behold.


There’s only one correct answer in the age-old debate of whether you should play blackjack online or in person. In all seriousness, if you prefer to gamble online after trying out both, then go right ahead. Gambling is a personal experience and should be enjoyed however you see fit, especially if you’re gambling profitability.

Having said that, if you’re on the fence about which form of blackjack you prefer and live somewhat close to a casino, then it’s time to give casino blackjack a try. Online blackjack can be inconsistent in the odds, rules, and varieties, especially given the sheer volume of online casinos.

New players should find themselves learning the ins and outs of the game quickly if they choose to gamble in person. You might think of it as a baptism by fire, but most players and dealers are quick to offer advice to newer gamblers attempting to hone their abilities. If you’re searching for a middle ground, perhaps live dealer casinos and live dealer blackjack would best suit you and your needs. Try it all out and see what works for you!