10 Questions and Answers That Beginners Ask the Most

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I am constantly being solicited for gambling advice. The questions come in many forms, but they primarily center around the same subjects.

The more experienced gamblers are looking for an edge. Their focus is on finally beating the casino at their own game.

The beginners are merely curious or want to ensure they don’t make a fool of themselves in the casino. I can relate to that fear of coming across as foolish because it’s a fear I carried into the casinos for many years.

Today we’re going to cover 10 questions beginners ask the most and the answers to these questions. Hopefully, this sort of FAQ sheet will give you the confidence to take on the casinos with gusto.

How Do I Know If I Have Enough Money to Gamble?

One of the most significant stressors for casino guests of all levels is money. Beginners are at an even more considerable disadvantage because they have no clue as to what to expect.

First and foremost, you should never walk into a casino with more money than you can comfortably afford to lose. That’ll be different for everybody, but any money you have to gamble should be free and clear of all other financial obligations.

Next, you must determine how many days you’ll be gambling. If you’re on a 3-day trip, you’ll need to split your bankroll into equal amounts for each day of the trip.

That will prevent you from going bankrupt early and sitting out while your friends are having fun in the casino. Then it merely becomes a question of how long you can afford to gamble.

Play the low stake games with a soft house edge, and you can stretch a small bankroll pretty far. Still, if you’re concerned you may not have enough, it’s a good idea to stash some extra money before your trip.

Why Does the Casino Win All the Time?

The casino wins because the games all have a mathematical advantage in the house’s favor. We call this the house edge.

Every game in every casino has a house edge, and they vary significantly from game to game. The gaming commissions regulate how high of an advantage a casino can have on any particular game to keep things fair, but in the end, the casino is always going to win.

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You can flip the edge on the casino by learning advantage gambling techniques. But unless that happens, you’ll permanently lose eventually.

What Are the Best Games to Play?

Candidly, the best casino games to play are the ones you get the most pleasure from playing. Until you implement advantage techniques, you’re going to continue losing more than you win.

So, it’s all about getting the most entertainment out of your gambling sessions. Still, there are games that have a low house edge and will allow you to get more from less.

Baccarat, blackjack, craps, and video poker are four games that you should be able to find in any casino that offer a low house edge. The advantage of these games is that you’ll be able to gamble for longer as the house edge works to slowly drain your bankroll down.

I recommend playing casino games online for free to determine which games you prefer and then researching those games to find the ones with the lowest house advantage.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Does the Casino Cheat?

A lot of newbie gamblers seem to have concerns about the casino rigging the games to take advantage of them. I suppose they should be concerned in some regards because the casino games are carefully designed to ensure the players lose, and the casino wins.

However, beyond that, the casino doesn’t have any reason to cheat. The overwhelming majority of players are going to lose, and the winning players encourage the losers to come back and try again.

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They’ve figured out the perfect business model. Any implications of cheating could significantly damage a casino’s reputation, which would undoubtedly cost them more than cheating would earn them.

So, no the casinos don’t cheat because they win the moment you walk through the door.

How Do I Earn Free Rooms and Meals?

Many of the questions I get from beginners revolve around the casinos’ loyalty rewards programs. Beginners love the idea of earning free goodies like rooms, meals, gifts, and show tickets from the casino but aren’t sure where to start.

Many other newbies merely believe signing up for the player’s card is a waste of time and skip the exercise entirely.

The first step you need to take is stopping at the player’s club kiosk. These are scattered around the casino, and they’ll grab your attention immediately when you walk through the door.

You can then swipe your card before you place a wager on any game in the casino and begin earning points immediately. The casinos will give you rewards based solely on how much you’re betting and how long you play.

The freebies you earn are a fantastic way to offset the losses in the casino, but even when you win, the loyalty points are being acquired.

Yes, the program is worth it, and you should have a loyalty card before placing a single bet.

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Online Casino?

Many beginner gamblers prefer the idea of doing their casino gaming online but are unsure of how to find a legitimate casino.

Several years ago, the prospect of online casinos was dicey. Shady businesses were setting up shop in droves, and many gamblers were victims of identity theft or flat-out robbery.

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Today, the online casino market is far more stable. A simple Google search of a potential suitor will quickly paint a relatively accurate picture of what the casino is about.

Look to ensure that the online site has proper accreditation and licensing, and you should be safe. It’s beneficial to also contact customer support and read all of the casino’s terms and conditions before making a deposit.

Which Games Should I Avoid?

Precisely like the games you should play, you need to avoid any games you aren’t enjoying.

Aside from that, it’ll be best to stay away from games that come with a high house edge. Lots of novice gamblers flock to the slot machines for their straightforward gameplay.

Unfortunately, the slot machines also come with some of the worst odds in the casino. Many of the penny slot machines that players love so much have an edge of over 11%.

You should also stay away from any casino games that you don’t understand. Either take the time to learn the games you’re interested in ahead of time or ignore them completely.

Play games you aren’t familiar with for real money, and you’re burning cash.

Can the Player Ever Win Against the Casino?

Yes, players win all the time. Then they make a return trip to the casino and lose it back.

The casino wouldn’t have a sustainable business model without winners because the players would stop showing up. However, give the casino enough time, and they’ll get back every dime you win and more.

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There is hope. Advantage gamblers like card counters have discovered a way to gain a long-term edge on the casino.

So, if you truly desire to put in the work and become a long-term winner, the opportunity exists. Still, without taking steps to learn advantage gambling techniques, everyone’s luck will eventually run out.

When Should I Quit Gambling?

A lot of beginners want to know when to call it quits. Since most gamblers aren’t concerned with gambling addiction, which affects a small percentage of gamblers, I will focus on when to end a session.

This is another area of casino gambling that is unique to the individual. The best way for determining when to call it quits is by setting limits before you get to the casino.

The first number you should come up with is a time limit. The longer you gamble in the casino, the more fatigue will begin to impact your play and decision-making.

Give yourself a few hours, then take a break to grab some fresh air and evaluate how you’re feeling. Continuing to take regularly scheduled breaks will let you naturally recognize when you’ve had enough.

It’s also crucial that you set a hard limit on your losses and wins. Once you’ve hit your limits, it’s time to leave.

No trips to the ATM and no more hands. Get out of the casino before fortunes turn, or things get worse.

Where Should I Go on My Casino Vacation?

Again, this doesn’t have a definitive answer. If you’re operating on a limitless budget, Monaco is fantastic year-round.

If you’re 25 miles from the largest casino on the planet, that’s a solid choice. Your budget and gaming preferences should dictate where you take your casino vacation.

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However, you’re a beginner, and for the ultimate casino experience in the world, all roads lead to Las Vegas. Is there even any doubt?

Every casino gambler or red-blooded American should experience Vegas at least once. So, pack a bag and take your pick of any of the fabulous offerings Vegas has for you.

In Summary

Starting out as a novice casino gambler can be scary. I wish I had broadened the scope of my own casino knowledge before making the leap.

The 10 questions beginners ask the most and the answers to those questions will significantly cut your learning curve. More importantly, these will give you the confidence to take on the casino and steer clear of many rookie mistakes countless others make.