Proven Lottery Strategies Beginning Gamblers Can Use

Hand Holding Money With a Lottery Ball Background

I’m like millions of other gamblers. I play the lottery sometimes. But I don’t play it as much as some gamblers. You’re going to learn why I play the lottery, how I play it, and why you might not want to invest too much in lottery games in this article.

This article includes seven proven strategies for new lottery gamblers. But the same strategies can be used by gamblers who’ve been playing the lottery for a long time. Learn how to have a chance to win big while limiting your risk and losses.

The $8 a Week Lottery Strategy

The two big lottery draw games in the United States are the Powerball and the Mega Millions. They each draw twice a week and you can buy a ticket for $2. Both games also offer an add on wager that makes tickets cost $3 if you decide to take it.

You can buy a $2 ticket for each of the four draws every week for $8 a week. This is $416 a year. While $416 is a large enough amount to pay some bills or buy something nice, you can probably afford to spend $8 a week chasing your lottery dreams.

While your odds of winning a big jackpot are small, you’re going to hit a few numbers every now and then which you can cash out or use to buy more lottery tickets.

As you’re going to learn in this article, the big lottery draw games are the only ones I play now. They don’t offer good odds or a good return percentage, but they do offer large enough top prizes that if I ever get lucky it’s enough money to change everything.

The $2 a Week Lottery Strategy

$416 is quite a bit of money, and if you can’t stomach the thought of spending that much on lottery tickets every year you can use the $2 a week strategy. You can buy a ticket to one drawing on either the Powerball or Mega Millions every week.

Your total risk for the year is $104. And if you want to buy a few more tickets, you can use any small wins you hit over the course of the year to buy a ticket to the next draw.

Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

In all honesty, this is the strategy that everyone who plays the lottery should use. You have almost the same chance of winning buying one ticket a week as you do buying four, so why waste the extra cash?

Consider the $2 a week lottery strategy and save the money you used to spend on lottery tickets for something that you’ve wanted to buy.

Why Do You Play the Lottery?

Questioning why you play the lottery is important and you need to dig deeper than saying that you want to win. The fact is that you can’t beat the lottery. Yes, people do win a big lottery draw many times a year, but when you look at the millions of gamblers who buy tickets and compare it to the few that win big, you have to realize that the odds of you ever winning are extremely small.

If you want to use one of the two strategies that I just covered because it’s worth a few dollars to have a chance at a huge prize and can afford to do it, that’s fine. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have a real chance of winning.

The best reason I’ve ever heard for playing the lottery was a friend of mine years ago. He said that the time he spent dreaming about winning was worth $1 or $2. He didn’t expect to win, but he loved the feeling of dreaming about what a win would mean for him.

Scratch-Off Lottery

Scratch-off lottery tickets are designed to get gamblers right in the sweet spot. You can buy a lottery ticket and find out right away if you win. Society has trained gamblers and everyone else to desire instant satisfaction.

I stopped buying scratch-off lottery tickets close to 20 years ago. Once I learned that the return wasn’t any better than playing for a big draw, like Mega Millions or Powerball, I stopped buying scratch-offs.

If I’m going to risk money on a game with terrible returns, I at least want a chance to win millions. Playing scratch-offs for real money simply doesn’t offer enough upside for me to play.

Pull Tab Gambling

Pull tabs are a special type of lottery game, and these aren’t available everywhere that you can buy lottery tickets. I see these in clubs more often than in lottery locations.

The reason why I included pull tabs is because they’re quite popular. And they work on the same basis as scratch-off tickets work.

Pull Tab Lottery Tickets

Pull tabs are printed on a card or small pieces of paper and cardboard and they have a tab that you pull to see if you win or not. The cards are printed in batches that are guaranteed to return a certain percentage to the business selling the pull tabs.

The only strategy for beating pull tabs is if the business dumps an entire batch into a jar or bowl and you watch them being played. If no big winners have hit when the bowl gets low on tickets you buy the rest of the tickets.

Unless you have the opportunity to do something like this, pull tabs are just as bad of an investment as scratch-off tickets.

Daily Lottery Draws

Many states run daily lottery draw games. These often are pick 3 or pick 4 type games. Though these games don’t work the same way as scratch-off tickets and pull tabs, they have the same issues.

The top prizes for daily draw games aren’t anywhere close to the top prizes in the big draw lottery games. And the return numbers overall usually aren’t any better than the big draw lottery games.

So why would you take risks in games that don’t have better returns overall and give up opportunities to win a huge jackpot at the top of the prize chart? The answer is that it makes no sense to do so.

Some lottery players try to get cute and box numbers or use some other way to improve the odds of hitting a winning combination. But the thing you have to remember is that the return numbers are based on the total amount wagered.

What this means is that it doesn’t matter if you bet $1 or $429, you’re only going to get back a percentage of what you risk in the long run. And the percentage is going to be the same in the long run.

You could buy enough combinations to guarantee that you win, but it’s going to cost you more than you win to do this. Avoid the daily draw games just like the pull tabs and scratch off tickets.

Lottery Variations

So far you’ve learned about traditional lottery games including big draw games, scratch-off tickets, daily tickets, and pull tab tickets. But there are other lottery variations available. And some of them are actually better games than traditional lottery games.

The most common alternatives to lottery-style games outside of the traditional lottery games is keno. It used to be popular in casinos and is still available in some. Online and mobile casinos also often have keno available.

Online Casino Keno Game

Keno is a better game than most lottery games because it has a higher return percentage. But when you compare it to other casino games, keno is one of the worst gambling options.

This is what you’re going to find with all lottery games and lottery variations. Even if they’re better than traditional lottery games, they’re still worse than most other casino games. I’ve looked at so many lottery games and variations over the years that I usually just ignore new lottery-type games. I never find 1 to add to my gambling rotation, so I stopped wasting my time.


The best lottery strategies all revolve around limiting your risk. Lottery games have terrible return numbers, so you need to limit how much you risk when you play.

While you can buy a lottery ticket for $1 or $2 in most places and have a chance to win millions, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good risk. In fact, most other forms of gambling offer better odds.

Stick with a simple $2 a week or $10 a week lottery strategy. These strategies still give you a chance to win big, but they also limit your long term losses. And the only lottery games you should play are the ones that have a huge top prize.