Pros and Cons of Megaways Slots

Megaways Logo In Front of Artistic Bricks

Megaways slots have become extremely popular within the past couple of years. First introduced by Big Time Gaming (BTG) in 2016, they’ve revolutionized the online gaming industry.

Megaways slot machines have reached the pinnacle of the industry by offering countless ways to win. They also boast other features that players love.

However, Megaways games aren’t entirely perfect. They have drawbacks to consider along with the advantages. That said, in this post, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of Megaways real money slots. You can review these different aspects to see if Megaways games are the right game for you.

How Do Megaways Slot Machines Work?

Before getting into the benefits and downsides of this type of game, I’m going to quickly cover the basics of these slots. Here are the defining elements of Megaways slots that I’ve evaluated:

  • Wins occur with matching symbols in adjacent reels.
  • Each reel holds a different amount of symbols in every round (e.g. 2 to 7)
  • More symbols in each reel gives you more ways to win
  • The max amount of winning ways are determined by multiplying the number of potential symbols in every reel
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  • A six-reel slot with up to seven symbols in each reel would offer the following: 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649 ways

The key takeaway is that Megaways reels boast a different amount of symbols and winning combinations from round to round. You never know how many possibilities you’ll have to win with during a new spin.

Advantages of Megaways Slots

Some benefits of Megaways slot machines are obvious while others aren’t so clear. Here’s a full list of the perks that you can look forward to with these games.

Numerous Winning Possibilities

The most eye-catching aspect of Megaways slots is the sheer number of ways to win that they offer. Most BTG games feature up to 117,649 ways.

You won’t see this many winning possibilities the vast majority of the time. However, the simple fact that you can unlock this many potential combinations is exciting.

BTG has a patent for the Megaways engine. They license this format out to other online slots developers.

Some of these providers are pushing the boundaries of Megaways slot machines even further. Red Tiger Gaming, for example, offers up to 60,466,176 ways in their Laser Fruit slot.

Before BTG came along, nobody envisioned a game offering over 100,000 winning ways. Now, 117,649 ways seem small in comparison to what Laser Fruit features.

Fun Spin on Slots

Slot machines have existed in some form or another for well over 100 years. Due to this lengthy history, it sometimes feels like the inventive slots features and formats have been exhausted.

However, BTG has proven that this isn’t the case. Their Megaways format has reinvigorated the industry and brought something new to the table.

Screenshot of Megaways Slot Game

Of course, Megaways are now a few years old. But developers are finding new ways to present this engine and keep the excitement alive.

Frequent Wins

Considering the fact that some of these games boast more than 100,000 ways, you’re bound to pick up plenty of wins. You’ll find yourself collecting lots of prizes through Megaways slots.

Many of these payouts are small. After all, game developers can’t afford to deliver huge prizes in every other round and still offer 117, 649 ways. But you’ll likely still be satisfied with all the prizes you collect, both big and small.

More Excitement

The many winning possibilities offered through Megaways slot machines ramp up the excitement. You never know how many ways or features you can expect from spin to spin.

Assuming you’re a big fan of the unknown, then you’ll really appreciate the uncertainty of these slots. You’ll especially get excited when you’re able to unlock all the possible ways in a given game.

Drawbacks to Megaways Slots

These slot machines might be really popular among players right now. However, this popularity doesn’t mean that Megaways slots are entirely flawless.

Small Top Prizes

Megaways slot machines gain lots of attention for all of the winning combinations they offer. However, the number of ways a game offers doesn’t have a direct correlation with big jackpots.

Most Megaways games feature a top prize worth between 2,500x and 5,000x your stake. While these payouts aren’t bad in the grand scheme of things, they’re not quite what you’d expect from the most popular type of online slot game.

Now, these slots can offer bigger prizes when features are accounted for. For example, some of BTG’s slot machines deliver up to 100,000 coins during bonuses.

But the odds of you getting the right combination of bonuses to win 100k coins are very low. Furthermore, you can’t get rich off of these max payouts unless you make larger bets.

Confusing Gameplay

You may not even want to deal with Megaways slot machines upon your first time seeing one. These games feature a confusing mess of different reel heights.

For instance, you might see four symbols in the first row, three in the second, six in the third, and so on. Furthermore, you may also have difficulty understanding how these differing reel sizes combine to determine your winning possibilities.

Some providers even throw complicated features into the mix as well. For example, BTG’s Holy Diver features a complicated level-up structure that only adds to the confusion.

Only Available at Online Casinos

Many online slots innovations have made their way to land-based casinos and vice versa. The Megaways format, however, hasn’t graced brick and mortar casinos yet.

The key holdup is that BTG holds the patent to this engine. They’re not going to let any developer use their invention without paying up.

Megaways Slot Machine Screenshot

Online slots providers have already jumped aboard the trend of licensing Megaways. However, companies that provide land-based slot machines have yet to do so. As a result, you can’t currently enjoy this format in brick and mortar casinos just yet.

Not Available to All Countries

BTG and associated providers that license Megaways mostly serve European-facing online casinos. If you don’t live in Europe, then your odds of playing these games for real money will be lower.

You can still enjoy Megaways slot machines for free outside of Europe. Unfortunately, you won’t experience the true effect of cashing in when you do unlock all of the potential ways.

Should You Play Megaways Slot Machines?

You can see that Megaways slots feature both high and low points. The main benefits include being able to unlock a large number of winning combinations, experience more excitement, and collect frequent wins.

Downsides include small jackpots, limited availability, and confusing gameplay. It’s up to you to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons in this situation.

Even if you’re on the fence, though, I still recommend trying Megaways slots at least once. This way, you can feel and experience how these games operate and truly decide if you like them.

I personally feel that these slot machines are overrated. Of course, they can’t help but be overrated when considering the hysteria surrounding Megaways games.

Nevertheless, they serve as a nice alternative to traditional payline slots. If you’re tired of the standard drill of fixed paylines, then you’ll find Megaways slot machines to be a refreshing break.

You might even fall in love with these games if you enjoy the uncertainty regarding the number of winning possibilities in each round.


Megaways games aren’t typical slot machines. They don’t feature fixed paylines and deliver wins in predictable fashion. Instead, they inject more excitement into the equation by featuring reels that can change from spin to spin.

The first reel could hold three symbols in one round, for example, and seven the next. You obviously want as many symbols in each reel as possible to boost your available ways to win.

Uncertainty and numerous possibilities are two reasons why Megaways slots now sit at the top of the online gaming world. But these games could still stand to improve in certain areas.

They don’t offer huge payouts, easy gameplay, or widespread availability. Of these drawbacks, the low jackpots are particularly disappointing.

Nevertheless, Megaways slot machines boast enough advantages to make them worth playing. As long as you live in the right country, then you can enjoy these games for real money.

Even if you can’t play for real money, you can at least try free versions of Megaways slots just to see what all the hype is about.