Promises Every Gambler Needs to Make and Keep

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People make promises all of the time. And many times, they don’t follow through. This is a bad habit, but it’s even worse when you promise yourself something and don’t do it.

I’ve put together a list of six promises that every gambler needs to make in order to help them win at casino games more often. In order to become profitable, gamblers have to follow through on each one of these things.

You can start with any of them and be more profitable when gambling for real money.

Only Gamble When the House Edge Is Low

Every gambling activity has a return to player percentage and a casino house edge. Most gamblers have no idea what these things mean or what the exact numbers are for the activity they’re doing. So, the first thing you need to do is promise yourself that you’re not going to participate in a gambling activity again until you know these things.

The house edge is the percentage of money you risk when you gamble that the casino makes as a profit. If you bet $1,200 over the course of a gambling session and you lose $50, the $50 is the amount the house edge made you lose. That house edge would be around 4.17%.

Looking at it this way isn’t always helpful. The best way to look at house edge is to find out what it is and multiply it with the total amount you’re going to risk. This gives you a number that represents how much you can expect to lose.

If you play blackjack with the house edge of 0.5% and you’re planning to place $1,200 in total wagers, you can expect to lose $6.

Notice the large difference in how much you lose between a game with a 4.17% edge and a game with a 0.5% edge. This is why you should only participate in activities that have a low house edge.

Learn and Use the Best Gambling Strategy Every Time

Many gambling activities have strategies that you can use to make the house edge lower. As you just saw in the last section, anything that you can do to make the house edge lower is going to help you win—or at least make you lose less.

This is why learning and using the best strategies for your chosen gambling activity is so important.

It’s going to take some time and some effort to determine which gambling activities have the lowest edge and to learn what the best strategies are and how to use them. But you should stop trying to gamble for profit if you’re not willing to do these things.

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If you’re not playing the gambling activities with the lowest house edge and using the best strategies, then you’re just throwing money away. And the truth is that you only have to do the work once for each gambling activity.

Once you find good gambling activities and learn the best strategies to go along with them, then you’re well on your way to increasing your edge over the house.

Use Your Casino Bankroll Correctly

The first thing you need to know is that most gamblers don’t use casino bankroll management in the way that they should. In fact, many gamblers don’t even have a bankroll. So, the first thing you must do is start using a bankroll if you’re going to gamble.

A casino bankroll doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply decide how much you’re going to use for gambling and separate it from the rest of your money. Don’t use this money for anything other than gambling, and don’t use any of your other money for gambling. Easy enough!

Then, you can add money to your bankroll from your other money when you want to or need to, but you need to do this wisely and consciously. It’s best to set a transfer limit from the get-go.

With your gambling bankroll established, you can then use it to determine how much you should risk whenever you gamble. You can decide how much of your bankroll to risk, but I highly recommend using 10% of your bankroll for each gambling session.

When you determine how much money you’re going to use for a gambling session, you can then use this amount to determine the best size wagers. For example, if you’re going to play blackjack and use $400 from your bankroll, you might decide to make $10 wagers to stay afloat.

Stay in Control

I’m sure that you want to have as much control over your life as possible. Most people seek as much control as they can get.

Unfortunately, you don’t have much control over other people or random occurrences that can happen. But you do have a great deal of control over your gambling activities and how much you win or lose.

Everything that you’ve learned so far in this article helps you control your activities at the casino and how much you stand to gain or lose from them. If you know the house edge, understand how using strategy helps you, and know exactly how much you’re going to wager, then you can ballpark your gambling results.

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When you get to the point where you can predict your results accurately, then you can make better gambling decisions. In fact, once you learn strategies that help you win, you may even start predicting how much you’re going to win before you play.

The only thing you have to remember is that predicted results are an average of your total number of gambling sessions. In other words, your results over a playing session might not exactly meet the expectation. But over 47 gambling sessions, the results should be extremely close to the expectation.

Learn How to Win at Gambling

The reason why almost every gambler loses is because they never figure out how to eliminate the house edge. They constantly participate in gambling activities that they can’t beat.

But there are a few opportunities for smart gamblers to gamble in a way that gives you the edge. You just have to learn what these opportunities are and learn how to take advantage of them.

The best opportunity for you to gamble with the edge is by learning advanced blackjack skills. The main skill you need to master is how to count cards.

Another opportunity for long-term profits is playing regular poker games. It takes quite a bit of time to learn all of the profitable strategies that you need. But once you do, you can make profits playing consistently against weaker gamblers.

The final gambling activity that I want to cover that gives you a chance to win is betting on sports. Just like poker, it takes a long time to develop the skills you need to make a profit. But once you develop the right skills, you can make a decent profit. And it’s fun!

The first step is understanding that there are opportunities to win. The next step is learning exactly what you need to do to win.

Track and Focus on Your Gambling Results

In order for everything that you’ve learned in this article to benefit you as much as it can, you have to know what your results are after every session. This is another reason why it’s so important to use a bankroll. It’s a tool that helps you track your gambling results.

You have to focus on your results, but remember to focus on the long-term results. The more you track and focus on your results, the more you can learn. And the more you learn, the more you improve the results.

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In the last section, you learned a few ways that you can turn the edge around when you gamble and start winning instead of losing.

Whatever you focus on the most is an area where you have the best chance to improve. Focus on learning what you need to learn to win when you gamble. Spend as much time as possible tracking, focusing, and improving. This is how you’re going to become a profitable gambler.

Keep Your Casino Gambling Promises

You can use the six promises every gambler should make and keep in this article to help you win. But if you make a promise and don’t keep it, you’re not going to benefit.

Make a promise to only gamble when the house edge is low. This helps you gamble with lower losses and in turn helps you win more often.

When you make a promise to learn and use the best strategies, you’re taking the next step toward winning more money over time. Eventually, you can learn how to win by tracking and focusing on your results, and you can use bankroll management to help you stay on track.