Promises Every Blackjack Player Needs to Make and Keep

Blackjack Hand With Promise Locks and Money

To start winning as a blackjack gambler, you need to make enough effort to gain an edge over the casino. On this page, I will tell you what you need to do to start winning more often.

Most blackjack gamblers don’t know what they need to do to win, and the ones that do know rarely put in the work.

That’s why I’ve turned a simple blackjack system into a series of promises you can keep to yourself as a gambler. If you make and keep the six promises listed in this article, you’re going to learn how to win more often when you play blackjack for real money.

You Only Play the Best Blackjack Games

The first blackjack promise you need to make is to never play at any blackjack table that doesn’t have a good set of rules. This means that you need to start by learning which blackjack variants are good and which variants are bad.

You’re not going to find blackjack tables that have the absolute best rules in every area, but you can find tables that have mostly good rules. It’s easier to find these promising tables in mobile and online casinos. But in the long term, if you like land-based blackjack, then you should look around locally and ask your fellow gamblers, too.

Here’s a quick overview of good rules in blackjack. You need to do your own research to learn more, but this list is a good place to start:

  • Blackjacks pay 3:2. Never play where they only pay 6:5.
  • Tables that offer surrender is likely better than those that don’t offer it.
  • You should be allowed to double down after splitting a pair.
  • You should be allowed to double down on any hand.
  • You should be allowed to split pairs multiple times.
  • The dealer doesn’t draw another card when they have a soft 17.

You Learn and Use Blackjack Strategy on Every Hand You Play

This list of promises isn’t listed in order of importance. The truth is that every promise in this article is important. If you want to win at blackjack more often, then you need to make and keep every single promise. With that being said, if you don’t learn and use blackjack strategy on every hand, nothing else that you do matters.

The reason why you have to use strategy is because when you get any blackjack hand, there’s a single best way that you need to play it. The best play either produces the most profit in the long run or limits your losses as much as possible in the long run.

Closeup of a Blackjack Hand

Some hands are profitable in the long run, and some hands are going to lose money in the long run no matter how you play them. But you need to maximize the profitable hands and minimize your losses on the losing hands.

You can take one of two paths to determine what the best strategy is on each blackjack hand. The first path is using math to determine the best play. Anyone can do this, but it takes a lot of time and work.

The second path is to use a strategy chart. You can find these online and in casino stores. This is what I recommend because it’s effortless.

You Never Accept Insurance

Insurance is a side wager offered at every blackjack table that I’ve ever played at. I suppose there might be a few tables that don’t offer blackjack insurance, but I’ve never seen one.

The main reason why every blackjack table offers insurance is because it makes the casino more money. Every time a blackjack player accepts insurance bets, the casino earns a profit in the long run. So, this should tell you that you should probably never take insurance in the first place.

Here’s a quick explanation to show you why taking insurance is a mistake.

The insurance wager is really about whether the dealer has card worth 10 points in the hole. On average, the dealer has a 10 point card 4 out of every 13 times. The wager pays 2:1 when you win, but the odds of winning are only 2.25:1. This means that you lose money every time you take insurance on average.

Some blackjack games have other side wagers available. These are usually just as bad as insurance or worse, so you should pass on all side wagers when you play blackjack.

You Always Bet the Minimum Until You Have an Advantage

You can look at your blackjack career in two different halves. The first half is before you learn what you need to do to win consistently. The second half is after you learn how to win and put your knowledge into action.

Understandably, your betting strategy tends to be different in each of these halves. Before you learn how to win, you probably bet the smallest amount that you can. You’re playing against a casino house edge, so every dollar you risk is losing more money. You aren’t sure of yourself, so you play it safe.

Online Casino Blackjack Game

But once you learn how to win, then you’re more likely to want to bet as much as you can. When you reach this point in your gambling knowledge and experience, you’re right in line with the house edge. The more you can get in play, the more you make.

This sounds simple, yet I see blackjack players who aren’t playing with an edge betting more than the table minimum all of the time. The best way to play blackjack when you don’t have an edge is at an online or mobile casino.

The table minimums are smaller in these casinos, so you can play without risking as much money. Once you learn how to beat blackjack, you’re going to have to find good tables in land-based casinos. By this time, you’ll want to be able to bet more, and it’s much easier to cash out.

You Never Use Casino Gambling Systems

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to casino gambling systems and blackjack. The truth is that winning blackjack gamblers use a system, but it’s not a gambling system. Winning players use card counting systems, which you’re going to learn more about in the next section.

A gambling system isn’t like a counting system. Most gambling systems involve changing the size of your bets based on past results. This goes against what you learned in the last section.

The truth is that no gambling system is going to change the long-term edge. When you change your bet sizes without changing the edge, it simply means that you’re going to lose more over time.

I don’t care how good a gambling system looks; you can’t ever use one when you play blackjack. If you’re convinced a gambling system works, only use it to play games for free. And test it for a minimum of 100,000 hands before you try it in real money play.

If you test a system 100,000 hands and it still works, you’re welcome to try it in real money play, but you’re going to eventually lose. Gambling systems are always a bad idea.

You Learn How to Count Cards

If you make and keep the first five promises listed in this article, you’re going to be one of the best blackjack players in the world. But you’re still going to be losing a little bit of money. But when you add this final promise, you’re going to start making money.

The final promise is to learn how to use a counting system. With a counting system, you do away with the casino edge and put the edge in your favor.

Don’t believe what you might have heard about counting systems. They’re not illegal to use, and they aren’t as hard as some people want you to believe.

Multiple Blackjack Hands on a Table

Many gamblers think that in order to use a blackjack counting system, they have to remember every card that’s been played. The truth is that counting systems don’t work this way. You do have to see every card that’s been played, but you don’t have to remember what they are.

All you have to do is add or subtract 1 from your running number based on the value of the cards you see. Start researching counting systems, and begin practicing today.

Make These Promises Before Playing Blackjack

Now that you know the six promises you need to make and keep to be a winning blackjack gambler, all you have to do is follow through. Start by promising to never play at a blackjack table that doesn’t have good rules.

The next promise is to use strategy on every hand. You can’t make a mistake in this area if you want to win.

Two additional steps to winning at blackjack include never taking insurance and betting the table minimum until you learn how to gain a long-term edge over the casino.

Finally, you have to stop using gambling systems and start using counting systems. This is the promise that’s going to make you the most money.