Progressive Roulette: How to Play, Learn Strategy, and More

Progressive Jackpot Ticker With a Roulette Background

Roulette features certain bets that offer large payouts, including single number (35:1) and split (17:1). However, it’s not considered a jackpot game.

Slot machines, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride are more representative of jackpot games. They can offer six or even seven-figure payouts.

Progressive roulette is an exception to the norm, though, because it can also boast large jackpots. It’s a unique variation that allows you to chase huge prizes for a small side bet. The following guide discusses how progressive roulette works, its win potential, strategy, and more.

Basics of Progressive Roulette

If you’re used to playing roulette for real money, you might think that the progressive version sounds intimidating. As you’ll see below, though, it’s not that much different from the standard game.

It’s Like Regular Roulette for the Most Part

The great thing about progressive roulette is that you can jump in with little time wasted. If you’ve played any roulette game before, then you’ll have no trouble adapting to this variation.

Progressive roulette largely features the same rules as standard roulette. You still place your chips on the board like normal and wait for a spinning wheel to determine the results.

The only difference, as covered below, is that you have the chance to place a side bet. Other than this aspect, you’re basically playing any other roulette game.

Optional Side Bet

Even on a progressive roulette table, casinos don’t force you to place the jackpot wager. Instead, it’s an optional side bet.

Roulette Table and Marker

The cost of the side wager varies based on the casino. Usually, though, you’ll only have to risk an additional dollar to qualify for the jackpot.

Given that this bet is optional, you can place it in some rounds and take other rounds off. Of course, you’ll probably feel like making the side bet if you’re going to play this game anyway.

The Jackpot Increases Until It’s Won

Every side bet that players make increases the jackpot by a small amount. The progressive prize continues increasing until it’s finally won.

The odds are long for winning these payouts. An incredible feat needs to happen before the jackpot is paid, such as the ball landing on 7 three straight times.

With that said, the progressive prize usually grows quite large before it hits. If you’re the lucky winner, you could be looking at a payout that’s worth six figures.

How Big Are Progressive Roulette Jackpots?

Not too many progressive roulette jackpots exist. Therefore, it’s tough to provide a standard average amount on these prizes. Nevertheless, some progressive roulette games are available across the industry.

Microgaming offers an online game called Roulette Royale. This progressive variation features a jackpot worth $426,243 the time of this writing.

$440,353 is the largest Roulette Royale jackpot that has ever been won. This being said, you might be able to win close to a half-million dollars with this game.

Roulette Royale Screenshot

TSC John Huxley—famous for developing a roulette wheel is that minimizes advantage play—features a progressive roulette game in land-based casinos.

This variant currently offers a jackpot worth $21,000. As you can see, there’s quite a discrepancy between the online and land-based jackpots.

This discrepancy is due to how land-based casinos can’t feature as large of a progressive network with roulette. Not every casino wants to offer progressive roulette, which cuts down on available players to pump up the jackpot. Online casinos, meanwhile, can draw gamblers from a wide variety of countries.

How Do You Win a Roulette Jackpot?

The qualifications for winning a roulette jackpot vary based on the game. As mentioned before, though, you’ll be banking on something outstanding happening to win.

You’ll be able to win smaller payouts for occurrences that happen more frequently. For instance, you might win the jackpot when the ball lands on a certain number 5 consecutive times. Meanwhile, you’ll receive smaller payouts when the ball lands on a number three or four straight times.

Here are the qualifications for winning the aforementioned Roulette Royale and TSC John Huxley jackpots. The side payouts are also listed for each of these games:

Roulette Royale Payouts

  • Jackpot – Same number on five consecutive spins.
  • 3,000x your bet – Same number on four consecutive spins.
  • 200x your bet – Same number on three consecutive spins.
  • 15x your bet – Same number on two consecutive spins.

TSC Huxley Payouts

  • Jackpot – A 7 on three consecutive spins (aka “Triple 7”).
  • Minor jackpot – Any number on three consecutive spins (aka “Any Triple”).

Is There Any Strategy to Progressive Roulette?

The chances of winning a progressive roulette jackpot are rather small. For instance, Roulette Royale only offers 1 in 1,874,161 odds of winning the top prize. So, you’re mainly relying on luck to win big.

However, some level of strategy does exist for these games. Research and patience are the main skills you need to get the most value out of progressive roulette.

The first step is to find the jackpot’s breakeven point for the game you’re playing. The breakeven point refers to an amount where you’re gaining theoretical value from side wagers.

Closeup of a Roulette Wheel

Roulette Royale, for example, features a breakeven point of $760,501. If you play when the jackpot is worth this amount or higher, then you’ll theoretically gain more value than you’re risking on each bet.

Of course, the keyword here is theoretical. You won’t actually realize all of the value on these wagers until hitting the jackpot.

Even if you’re a serious player, it’s very likely that somebody else will hit the top prize before you do. Your profits won’t be realized in such cases.

Nevertheless, you’re better off playing a progressive roulette game when you are gaining theoretical profits versus not. Furthermore, you’ll be chasing a bigger jackpot by waiting to play.

Earn Casino Bonuses When Playing Progressive Roulette

One more thing that you can do to boost your chances of winning money in progressive roulette involves going after bonuses and VIP rewards.

Both land-based and online casinos offer loyalty rewards. You qualify for these benefits immediately after signing up and depositing at a mobile casino. From here, you only need to start playing to rack up loyalty perks.

Land-based casinos are different in this regard. They require you to sign up for the players club either online or in person.

Afterward, you’ll need to take your player’s club card to the roulette table and hand it to the dealer. They’ll give you a card to the pit boss, who’ll then rate your play. The more you bet, the more comps you’re going to receive after a session.

Online progressive roulette comes with the added perk of bonuses. You can get plenty of bonuses just by depositing at online casinos.

The casino will then match your deposit up to a certain amount. At this point, you need to meet play through and other terms and conditions before cashing out.

Here’s an example on how roulette bonuses work:

  • An online casino offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $100.
  • You deposit $100 and qualify for a $100 bonus as a result.
  • Play through is 50x.
  • 100 x 50 = $5,000 must be wagered

Of course, you don’t have to go for VIP rewards and online bonuses when playing progressive roulette. After all, the main point of this game is to win the jackpot.

But you might as well take advantage of these opportunities in order to boost your overall winnings. You can also sustain your bankroll longer when going after jackpots.


Progressive roulette variants offer a different way to enjoy a casino classic. It allows you to chase a jackpot that’s worth five or even six figures while playing roulette.

You don’t even have to place the side bet to play. Instead, you get to choose when to make this additional wager.

Of course, progressive roulette isn’t perfect. Your odds of winning the jackpot, or even the side payouts, aren’t amazing.

Even if you don’t even win the top prize, though, then you’re not risking much on the side bets. That said, you might want to consider progressive roulette at least once if you’re searching for an interesting way to play this game.