Problems Casino Gamblers Run Into When Playing Roulette

Angry Man and a Roulette Wheel

Roulette is an old and simple gambling game. While I don’t play often, I do stop by a wheel and place a bet or two from time to time to watch the ball and wheel spin and listen to the ball finally land in a pocket.

The reasons why I don’t play roulette much are the same reasons why many other gamblers don’t care for the game. Here’s a list of six reasons why many gamblers dislike roulette games. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play roulette for real money, but you need to find the best tables available for a reasonable price.

The Best Roulette Tables Are in High Roller Areas

The best variants of roulette are ones that have 37 spaces on the table and wheel and uses a rule called in prison or en prison. These are usually called French rules tables, but some tables that are called French tables don’t use the in prison rule so you have to be careful.

These tables are the best roulette tables because they have the highest return that you can get as long as you bet on the even-money spaces. The return on these wagers is 98.65%. The return on other roulette tables is 96.3% or worse.

High Roller Roulette Tables

The problem is that many casinos don’t offer these roulette tables and the ones that do usually only offer these tables in high roller areas. You have to make much larger bets in these areas than you have to on the regular casino floor tables.

These tables are the only roulette tables you should use, but if you have to bet too much you’re still going to lose too much, even with the higher return. The only option for most gamblers to play at these tables is to find them in online or mobile casinos.

Playing Roulette Online Has Its Pros and Cons

It’s easier to find roulette tables that use the in prison rule when you play in online and mobile casino apps. And when you do find these tables you can make smaller bet amounts than when you play in land-based casinos.

This is good because you get to play roulette with the highest possible return and you can make smaller bets. This is the best of both worlds for roulette gamblers. But online and mobile roulette play isn’t all good.

The downside of playing roulette in an online or mobile casino is you can easily play 10 times as many spins or the wheel compared to how many you can get in playing in a land based casino.

Remember that the more you risk overall the more you’re going to lose overall. What this means is that if you bet 10% of the amount when you play online that you bet in a land-based casino but play 10 times as many spins, you’re going to lose the same amount of money overall.

You can take up to 10 times as many spins, but you don’t have to. The simple solution is to not play as fast as you can when you play roulette in online and mobile casinos.

You Can’t Change Gambling Returns Using Strategy

The only way to play roulette with the best return is playing a game that uses the in prison rule. Nothing else changes the numbers.

Some gambling games like blackjack and poker have extensive strategies that you can use to alter the return numbers. If you use good strategy the return goes up. But the only thing that’s close to strategy when you play roulette is playing on the right table and making the right wagers.

Live Dealer Online Roulette Screenshot

You can’t even use a system to change the returns when you play roulette, no matter what you read or hear. You’re going to learn more about roulette systems in the last section on this page.

If you want to be able to use strategy to get a better return than you can get playing roulette, start playing blackjack. It’s more complicated than playing roulette, but with good blackjack strategy you can easily get a better return than you can get playing roulette.

Mobile and Online Roulette Bonuses

If you decide to find good roulette games that use the in prison rule in online and mobile casinos you can receive bonus offers from some of the casinos.

You should take all of the online casino bonuses that you can get when you play digital roulette, but you also need to be aware of how these bonuses work.

The short explanation is that roulette bonuses are great in helping you play longer. With a larger bankroll you can take more spins. But these bonuses for roulette can’t help you win. The bonus doesn’t change the return numbers in any way.

Most roulette bonuses also have a clause that makes it impossible to cash out any of your money until you meet the requirements. This is usually not a problem because you end up losing all of your money anyway.

But if you get tired of playing and want your remaining money back you can’t get it if you haven’t cleared the bonus yet. Keep this in mind before you accept a roulette bonus offer.

Roulette Casino Comps Aren’t the Best

Gamblers should always look for ways to get a higher return and get more for their play. A big part of getting more for your play is signing up to get comps before you play roulette.

In land-based casinos this is usually as easy as finding the club desk and signing up for the casino VIP program. You get a card that you show the dealer at the roulette table when you join the game. The casino keeps track of your play and gives you back a percentage of your bets.

Roulette Wheel With Unique Pattern

This sounds good, and it’s not a bad thing. But the amount you get back is sad. The exact amount you earn for roulette play varies from club to club, but I can give you an idea of what to expect.

The normal return for roulette comps is somewhere between .1% and .2%. Here are a couple examples using dollars to show you how small these numbers really are.

You play roulette for four hours and take 200 spins. You bet $30 on each spin for a total risk of $6,000. At a .1% comp level you earn $6. At .2% you earn $12. You’re lucky if this earns enough to get you a free meal at the buffet.

Roulette Betting Systems Are All Lies

Every popular gambling game attracts charlatans who try to take advantage of gamblers who don’t know any better. These crooks offer systems that they make sound good to get you to give them money.

All of these systems share the same things. The sales page uses all kind of math that’s either an outright lie or presented in a way that isn’t accurate. And none of these systems help you beat the games.

Roulette is no different than other gambling activities when it comes to systems. If you learn how the math works at the roulette table you know that you can’t change the numbers. In the long run the roulette numbers are always going to be the same based on how many slots the wheel has and the rules.

No roulette betting system can alter the long term roulette results. But this doesn’t stop some dishonest people from telling you lies and trying to get your money. No matter how good the sales pitch is, don’t fall for these scams and lies.

The only way to play roulette with a high return is to make even money bets on a table that uses French in prison rules. Nothing else works.

Decide if Roulette Is the Right Casino Game for You

Roulette seems like it’s been around forever, but it’s not a wildly popular choice in casinos. You just learned the six top reasons why this is the case. A big reason for the lack of popularity is that casinos hide the best roulette tables in high roller rooms.

Online play gives access to the best tables to the masses, but the speed of play makes things worse, so in the end, it’s no better than regular roulette tables.

Roulette comps and bonuses sound like good things, but they’re not all that great when you look into them. And finally, all of the roulette systems that are for sale are scams.

Even with the downsides, however, roulette can still be a lot of fun to play and offers an exciting and classic casino experience. Feel free to give live or online roulette a try and see if it’s the right casino game for you.