Places Worth Visiting Around MGM Northfield Park

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MGM Northfield Park is located in Summit County near the historic city of Akron, Ohio. And while Akron is smaller than other major metro areas that host casinos, it’s not without its fair share of nearby attractions.

So, if you find yourself at Northfield Park and looking to take a day off from the endless Ohio casino gaming to explore the area, you’re in luck. If you enjoy the arts, sports, nature, and science, then you’re sure to fall in love with Akron.

Below are six must-see attractions worth visiting around MGM Northfield Park. Brace yourself to discover a little of what the Akron area has to offer.

Summit Metro Parks

Alright, so we’re starting the journey at the parks to let the nature enthusiast in you shine. Here, you’ll find 14,000 acres of real estate that include six developed parks, six conservation areas, over 150 miles of trails, and 22.4 miles of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

If you’ve been to Cleveland Metroparks, the latter trail may sound familiar to you as parts of it also runs through the northern trails. What activities are available for you to do? Let’s just say that even if nature isn’t your thing, you can place a safe bet that you’ll find at least a few things to fall in love with.

You can hike at any of the parks on-site. But you can also engage in picnicking, sledding, skiing, soccer, baseball/softball, fishing, ice skating, and more. So, yeah, if you’re an athlete, it’s definitely worth playing a new kind of game if you’re looking for a break from the slots and horse races.

So, come on out to the parks, grab some fresh air, a fresh workout, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul before you engage in another round of casino games.

Akron Art Museum

Opening its doors as the Akron Art Institute back in 1922, the Akron Art Museum has found status as a kingpin in the area for its extensive collection. If you love art, you know where you should find yourself if you need a break from the gaming over at MGM Northfield Park.

So, what will you find at this museum? 20,000 square feet of art-related real estate that dates back to 1850, or 170 years in the past. The museum is divided into two distinct sections. The first section holds artwork that dates from 1850 to 1950 and the second section deals with artwork from 1950 until the present day.

Akron Art Museum

Therefore, if you’re looking for something specific, you won’t have to hunt for it when you venture off the casino gaming floor and over to the Akron Art Museum.

As you may predict, you’ll find collections of artwork that reflect such eras. For example, you’re looking at early modernism and American impressionism if you’re interested in viewing artwork from 1850 to 1950.

And if you’re an art enthusiast who is into contemporary works, brace yourself for Pop Art, photorealism, and other examples of postmodern art.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

Do you enjoy exploring old mansions? Are you looking for a relaxing and calm activity? Then, this estate should rank number one on your vacation itinerary when you’re looking to venture off to area attractions away from MGM Northfield Park.

Here, you’ll discover estate gardens, a greenhouse, a carriage house, and of course, the mansion itself. But what makes Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens a must-see? Well, ot served as the home of F.A. Seiberling, the co-founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

This makes sense, as we know Akron as the Rubber Capital of the World. So, the next time you put those Goodyear Eagle tires on your car, you’ll know where they came from. And now, you get to see the manor where most of the work began.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

What will you find on the estate? Furnishings that will take you over 100 years into the past, along with a quaint yet upscale interior design and antique decor relevant to the era. But the outdoor recreational space really makes this place worth your time.

There, you’ll find two tennis courts, croquet and roque courts, horse trails, a small golf course, an indoor pool, and even a gym.  F.A. Seiberling had it made for a man of his time, didn’t he?

If you’ve hit a losing streak and need a break, tour this historic landmark, and leave this place feeling motivated to perhaps sell the next significant innovation to humanity. Who knows? Maybe you’ll hit it big like F.A. Seiberling?

Dr. Robert Smith House

Locals call it Dr. Bob’s Home. You can find this historic landmark at 855 Ardmore Avenue, and it served as the home of Dr. Bob Smith, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA.

If you want to know where the first AA meetings took place, you found your answer. Right at this century-old home, started by Dr. Smith himself along with his sidekick, Bill W.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 and designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2012. Today, the Dr. Robert Smith House operates as a museum dedicated to the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So, if you or someone you know has been part of AA for any reason, this place is more than worth venturing off the casino grounds to pay homage. And if you’re looking for a quick couple of hours away from the casino gaming, this venue is also worth the visit.

Canal Park

While sports betting is yet to be a thing in Ohio, baseball surely isn’t. We got the MLB’s Cleveland Baseball Team plus the Cincinnati Reds. We also have a Cleveland Baseball Team affiliate, the Columbus Clippers a few hours west, and up in Toledo, you got the Mud Hens in action.

Well, Akron is also booming with a minor league team called the Akron RubberDucks, the Cleveland Baseball Team’s Double-A minor league affiliate.

Canal Park Ohio

So, if you’re a fan of the Cleveland Professional Team, it’s definitely worth paying a visit if you need time off from the casino. With as good as Cleveland’s farm system is, you can place a safe bet that a few of the RubberDucks will find themselves in the Big Leagues sooner rather than later.

Here’s a little fun fact about Canal Park: The stadium gets its name from the Ohio and Erie Canal. If you didn’t already know, the canal itself actually runs behind the left-field wall. And now that we mentioned the canal itself, let’s talk about it.

Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

Yes, we’re beginning and ending the six places worth visiting around MGM Northfield Park immersed in nature. And in the first section, we briefly covered the fact that you can find over 20 miles of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail within the Summit Metro Parks system.

Believe it or not, this trail—which has been under construction since 1993—isn’t quite finished yet. At 85 miles, there are still another 16 planned miles until they complete the trail. Yeah, it’s taken some time. But hey, imagine hiking the entire thing.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this multi-purpose trail. In fact, if you’re into hiking, biking, running, walking, jogging, or even cross-country skiing, you’ll have a blast at the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

It’s a great place for a cardio workout if you need a break from the casino slots and races over at MGM Northfield. And on an ideal day, you can accomplish a hard run or hike while you lose your breath in the surrounding scenery.

Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

You literally won’t find another place in the area. And if you’re into extreme endurance sports, give the Annual Towpath Century Bike Ride a go if you’re in town for the event. There is nothing quite like a good old bike race (or ride) to test your endurance.

But if you aren’t there quite yet, there is always the half-marathon and the ten-ten races. So, if you’re a runner, it’s definitely something to look into if you’re in town for the event. And of course, you can always rest those tired legs back at MGM Northfield at the slots and the races.

Whether you love nature, endurance sports, or just a hike to refresh the mind, body, and soul, a trip to the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail should be a definite hot spot.


As noted, you have a bit of nature, a lot of history, and some sports to go along with your gaming experience at MGM Northfield Park.

Best yet, this list offers just a handful of things to do in the Akron, Ohio, area. If you found nothing appealing here, don’t worry. You’re bound to find something that appeals to you the second you cross the threshold from the casino and into the city.

There is literally something to do at every turn here, including plenty of historic locations, parks, and even sports scenes to visit as you venture through the City of Invention.

Have you taken a trip to MGM Northfield Park? And if so, did you have time to visit the City of Akron or any of the attractions on this list? Let us know in the comments and share your experience.