Places to Visit Near Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

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Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack boasts some of the finest horse racing in the State of Minnesota, plus you’ll also find a diverse card room featuring all sorts of table games.

But, you may wish to take a day or so to explore the surrounding region. And if you do, you made one heck of a choice. While Columbus, Minnesota, may not feature as many thrills as, say, Columbus, Ohio, it boasts its fair share for a town whose motto reads, “Rural Nature, Urban Access.”

And today’s post covers a glimpse of the access you will discover around Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack.

Let’s discover all of what the area offers outside of the Minnesota casinos.

Skydive Forest Lake

You’ll find Skydive Forest Lake in two distinct locations, one of which is in nearby Forest Lake.

And yes, you read that right. You’re going skydiving. So if you’re afraid of heights, you probably won’t place Skydive Forest Lake at the top of your list. Instead, you may stay planted to the ground and play another round at the tables over at Running Aces.

Skydive Forest Lake

But if you’re up for a thrill or if you’re into conquering a fear, take the trip. And hey, if Murr from Impractical Jokers can conquer his fear of heights, so can you.

They also offer tandem skydiving, so if you’re here with a travel group, pick your best friend and bathe yourself in the fantastical Minnesota scenery from the Stratosphere. And believe me, there is nothing quite like the Minnesota wilderness, full of evergreens, deciduous forests, and a plethora of wildlife.

Waldoch Farm

Looking for a fun, family-friendly environment?

Head over to Waldoch Farm and gain access to the garden center and their adjoining barnyard.

While they offer no charge to the barnyard, they charge to feed the animals. So if you’re looking to gain cool parent access when you keep the kids entertained, bring quarters.

Oh, and if you’re around in the fall, they have this epic corn maze that runs through September 22nd until Halloween. They also offer complimentary hayrides to the pumpkin patch during specific weekends, along with half a dozen of other activities, all of which remain kid-friendly.

Hallberg Center for the Arts

You’ll find Hallberg Center for the Arts in nearby Wyoming, Minnesota. A smaller art museum, it’s a fine place to visit if you’re both a lover for the arts and if you’re looking to spend up to an hour away from the casino floor, the Hallberg Center for the Arts is the perfect place for you.

Hallberg Center for the Arts

They feature work from local and regional artists, bringing in 11 new exhibits each year, per their description on TripAdvisor. They also bring in three songwriters each month to perform original pieces. So if you need entertainment for the evening, come and check out these upcoming local artists.

And if you’re in the area for an extended stay and would like to take a class or two, be sure to sign up if you’re looking to perfect your artistic skills. Or if you’re looking to dive into a new hobby slash passion, an art class is a wonderful opportunity to unlock new potential.

Hammerheart Brewery

A lot of us love to try local crafts, and Hammerheart Brewery is the ideal place to sample something new. So if you’re looking to go local or if you’re a beer enthusiast, this is a place you need to check out.

And if you have a thing for the Norse theme, it’s what makes Hammerheart Brewery so special. Per one reviewer on TripAdvisor who visited the area, they stated the bartender looked the part by wearing a Viking outfit.

Just one look at the crafts on the menu also shows just how much into the culture this brewery is, with names like Sol, Hail to the Dark Gourd, Barrel Aged Gorm the Old, and so much more. The brewery itself, from the outside, also resembles a log cabin.

Oh, and they also play Scandinavian Heavy Metal in the background. You know, bands like HammerFall, Brothers of Metal (one of the best), Arch Enemy, Ensiferum, and so much more. Yes, more than worth a quick getaway from the gaming and racing at Running Aces.

So even if beer isn’t your thing, coming here is more than worth the visit if you’re looking for a fun activity besides the casino games at Running Aces.

Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve

Alright, are you looking to find yourself in the middle of Minnesota’s nature scene?

Head over to Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve, where you’ll find plenty of wildlife and recreational activity all around. This is the perfect spot in the area if you’re looking to go biking, hiking, or running.

Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve

Yes, if you need a workout to burn off those calories either at the brewery or Running Aces, this is the place to do it. And it doesn’t get much better than a ride through fantastical scenery that we know Minnesota to offer.

They also feature several lakes, and many of them contain beaches. Given the hot summers in Minnesota, where the average high temperature difference from the coolest month to the warmest month is a whopping 60.1 degrees, a day at the beach may interest you.

And if it does, you’ll find an even greater number of activities, including swimming, fishing, and even canoeing.

Chomonix Golf Course

We all crave a good golf game from time to time, and you’ll find your fix at the Chomonix Golf Course. You’ll find this attraction about 8 miles from Columbus in nearby Lino Lakes. And it’s a phenomenal place to experience the area’s North Woods.

And best yet, if you’re staying the night in the Twin Cities instead of the Columbus area, this golf course is just minutes away from both downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. And best yet, if you’re at Rice Creek Chain of Lakes, you’ve come to the right location.

Chomonix Golf Course

Because the course is right there.

They also feature a challenging game of golf for golfers of all levels. So whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, come on out and experience a new challenge featuring well-lined fairways, and more water hazards than you can handle.

Plus, you’ll catch Minnesota’s abundant wildlife in action from the surrounding tree lines, as the surrounding North Woods flank every inch of the Chomonix Golf Course.

Lakeside Commons Park

Lakeside Commons Park is a prime option if you’re in the area during the heat of the Minnesota summer or warmer months of the year. On the surface, it looks like a great way to keep your kids busy. But you too will have fun here at Lakeside Commons Park.

Aside from the illustrious Minnesota scenery and beaches lining the nearby lake, this is a perfect spot for picnicking and for your kids to have a blast at the nearby playgrounds.

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned family picnic, head over to those shelter gazebos. They keep the surrounding scenery well-maintained, and it’s the perfect place to catch some shade if you’re here in July. Enjoying the outdoors could be the perfect activity if you feel like you need to change your gambling luck.

Emagine Theatres East Bethel

If you’re craving entertainment outside the walls and racetrack of Running Aces, take a trip to Emagine Theatres East Bethel. Yet another fantastic family activity, come on in and catch a movie at one of the area’s finest attractions.

Best yet, they boast their ability to entwine an affordable experience with a luxury feeling. Especially if you indulge in those gourmet concessions. How many movie theaters serve stone-fired pizza? It gives you an idea on the refreshments this highly rated theater offers.

Emagine Theatres East Bethel

They also have 3D & Dolby Atmos screens for the ultimate viewing experience, along with D-Box seating that allows you to move with the action on the screen. A bit of a thrill. And if that’s not enough, they also have seat-side food and beverage services.

What is there not to love here?

Brown Family Adventure Park

Running Aces Casino Hotel Racetrack will give anyone of age a fun experience. But as with so many places in the Columbus, Minnesota area that will transform your trip to the casino into a vacation, Brown Family Adventure Park is yet another family-friendly outlet.

It’s the ultimate indoor playground, so if you’re on kid watch and the weather isn’t cooperating, Brown Family Adventure Park is a fantastic alternative to the outdoor parks and lakes on today’s list.

Brown Family Adventure Park

They offer a clean environment and a warehouse full of obstacles that your kids will love. There are even separate areas that cater to kids of different age groups. So whether you got toddlers with you or preschoolers looking to expend energy, Brown Family Adventure Park provides.

Explore the Area Around Surrounding Running Aces Casino

Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack provides the ultimate vacation destination if you’re into horse racing and table gaming. But the area surrounding Columbus, Minnesota goes so far beyond just the casino.

With its fantastic scenery, Norse-themed brewery, and variety of family-friendly options, you can transform a simple trip to Columbus, Minnesota, into an all out family vacation.

Who would’ve thought?

Have you spent time at Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack? If so, did you visit any of the attractions listed on today’s post? Tell us about your experience with the casino and the surrounding area in the comments. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.