The People You’ll Meet Playing Blackjack

Silhouette of a Police Lineup With a Blackjack Background

One of the beautiful things about the game of blackjack is the sheer variety of gamblers you can encounter anytime you play. No two tables are the same.

The vibe of a table can change at the drop of a hat. Blackjack is one of the most appealing games at the casinos due to its simplicity, good comparative odds, and the fact that players can display all aspects of their personality.

Most blackjack players are just your average joe, looking to get away from reality for a few hours to do some gambling. However, there’s always that handful of players who will stick with you for the rest of your gambling days. Here are the 7 types of people you’ll encounter while playing blackjack.

1 ‒ The First-Timer

We’ve all been the new guy at a blackjack table, and if you’re anything like me, you were probably a nervous wreck the first time you played. The first-timer is typically in their early 20s and has no idea what they are doing. They think that playing a few hands on a mobile application is enough preparation to win some money at the tables.

Typically, the new blackjack player has a pretty small bankroll. They might only have enough money to play a few hands before bowing out.

Sometimes the first-timers get some serious beginner’s luck and go on a hot streak only to lose all their money when they get too overconfident. Most first-timers are either too scared or too cocky to ask for advice, so they commit error after error.

First-timers will blow through their bankroll in a matter of minutes and might scurry off to the ATM or park themselves at a slot machine for the rest of the time they’re at the casino. They tell themselves that they’ll definitely prepare more the next go around so they can win back some money and pride. But, in reality, they’ll probably repeat the same common blackjack mistakes a few more times before getting serious or deciding the game’s not right for them.

2 ‒ The Perfect Strategy Player

Despite a clear-cut set of rules, smart players should abide by the average blackjack player commonly commits several mistakes while playing. However, that’s not the case for a perfect strategy player.

This gambler studies blackjack strategy day and night to make sure they can minimize the house edge as much as possible.

This type of gambler can commonly be found consulting a cheat sheet in the early stages of their career to make sure they’re always playing the right way. That is until they’ve committed it to memory, at which point they’ll scoff at any player who has the audacity to bring a chart to the table.

Overhead View of a Casino Blackjack Game

Anytime someone at the table plays against the book, Mr. or Mrs. Perfect Strategy will be the first to let them know about their mistakes. This gambler will sit at the table for five hours without taking a bathroom break while drinking the same cup of luke-warm casino coffee.

When they finally get up from the table, their stack of chips hasn’t increased or decreased, which they consider a huge win.

3 ‒ The Flat Bettor

Similar to the previous type of gambler, the flat bettor is all about consistency. They might play slightly more liberally, but you’ll never see them bet more than the table minimum.

Even if they’ve won 15 hands in a row, they will continue to slide their $5 chip across the table, because flat betting is the only way to win money.

Anytime someone starts chasing losses, the flat bettor will cast a dismissive glance their way or even hit them with a passive-aggressive eye roll. They’ll never say anything, but you can feel their judgmental glances from across the table.

Like the player who uses perfect strategy, their stack of chips won’t move much, but that doesn’t bother them. In their mind, they just played blackjack for a few hours without losing any money.

Free entertainment, right? The flat bettor might have one or two drinks, but will never allow themselves to get too sloppy. Heaven forbid they loosen up their personality or their bankroll.

4 ‒ The Gambling Movie Fan

Either one of the most endearing or obnoxious types of blackjack players, depending on your interpretation, is the gambler who just finished watching their favorite gambling movie for the hundredth time. Whether it’s The Hangover, Rounders, or 21, this person will quote their movie of choice ad nauseum.

Typically this blackjack player is in their early to mid-20s and isn’t what you would consider to be a student of the game. That makes no difference to them; in their mind, their favorite characters have prepared them for the blackjack tables.

When they first arrive, they might seem ecstatic, but when they play for several minutes and still haven’t hit their first blackjack, a perplexed look will appear on their face.

This type of gambler is relatively harmless. You’ll watch as their stack of chip dwindles, and their dreams are crushed. If the night goes too poorly, there’s a good chance they’ll limp back to their house and toss their favorite DVD straight into the garbage.

5 ‒ The Belligerent Drunk

Whereas all the previous gamblers are somewhat amicable and unproblematic, the belligerent drunk by far has the worst casino etiquette. This gambler typically knows what they’re doing, but is past the point of making well-thought-out decisions.

They’ve most likely been at the table for hours. They might have shown up to the casino right after pounding a few drinks in their room or at the bar across the street.

At first, this type of gambler can be enjoyable for their tablemates, but once the losses start to pile up, the wheels can quickly come off. The belligerent drunk will keep drinking as they continue to make the same brain-dead mistakes.

Hands Moving Across a Blackjack Table

This attitude only makes matters worse. Instead of recognizing that they’re contributing to the problem, they’ll blame a variety of factors for their poor play.

Most commonly, they will point to the dealer as the source of their issues and fault them for dealing bad cards. If the dealer doesn’t react or shakes off the criticism, this gambler might start picking fights with other, less experienced players.

Gamblers like this can ruin everyone’s good time, so if you find yourself gambling next to someone like this, go find a different game to play.

6 ‒ The Yeller

While usually, the gamblers who enjoy raucous tables stick to playing craps, occasionally, one will wander over to play blackjack. This gambler is at the casino to have a great time, and despite the amount of money they win or lose, they want everyone to be as excited as they are.

The yeller will loudly offer advice nobody asks for, and if by some miracle they hit a blackjack, you’ll hear the shouts of jubilation from the parking lot.

If everyone at the table wins, they’ll insist on starting a round of high fives and loudly exclaim, “Table win!”

Unlike the belligerent drunk, this person’s intentions are good, and while they can be annoying, they’re mostly kind-hearted. They might only stick around for a few hands before realizing that everyone at their table is more interested in making money than engaging in a spectacle.

So, they’ll color up their chips and head back to the craps table. Don’t worry, though; you’ll be sure to hear from them for the rest of the night.

7 ‒ Mr. Moneybags

The last gambler you’ll encounter is one of the more polarizing personalities in the casinos: Mr. Moneybags. This type of gambler will drop a fat stack of bills on the table and start betting higher amounts than the rest of the table combined.

You might have felt content about the size of your stack of chips, but once they show up, you can’t help but feel envious.

Typically, this type of gambler can afford to lose a few big hands and doesn’t let the results affect his mood or style of play. At some point, you’ll probably question if they even want to win at all.

When their bankroll finally dries up, there’s a good chance they’ll make a run to the ATM, only to return with an even bigger stack of money they’ll inevitably lose.


Playing blackjack for real money is one of the most entertaining activities at the casinos. Adding to the entertainment value is the various types of people you’ll interact with while gambling. Unlike games like slots, blackjack features a communal aspect that enables gamblers to show you who they truly are.

Most personality types you’ll come across, like the shy newbie, or the perfect player, are innocuous, while others are rather entertaining. However, certain types of gamblers, like the belligerent drunk, should be avoided at all costs.

There’s something to learn from every type of gambler. If you can manage to play your game without being too distracted, next time you’re playing, pay attention to the people sitting around the table. You never know who you’ll come across.