Paralysis by Analysis: 7 Reasons You Need to Study Gambling Strategy Less

Man Thinking on Right Holding onto Notes With Casino Chips Stacked on a Table on Left

Casino strategy is important for advantage gamblers and players that are trying to break the house edge down to the lowest possible figure. Games like blackjack and video poker are able to be diminished to below 1%, and in some cases moved to the player’s advantage.

So, it’s a good idea to study up on the best approach. You may be able to make a long-term profit by taking the edge from the casino.

However, some games are going to give you the roughly same edge regardless of how much strategy you employ. Spend too much time looking at strategy and you’re merely spinning your wheels.

Don’t get paralysis by analysis at the casino games. Check out the 7 reasons you need to study gambling strategy less.

You Could be Burning Through Your Profits

Reading books, scouring the internet, and studying strategy through video are all great ways to learn casino strategy. Whatever your chosen discipline or game, you’ll find a plethora of resources at your disposal.

However, the profit margins are slim for even great advantage gamblers. For example, sports bettors have to win over 52% of the time to make a profit.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at sports betting, you know how challenging it is to get above the break-even line. Still, there are expert guides and systems that can help you push closer to the area of making a profit.

That’s the case with a lot of gambling activities. While most still won’t make you profitable, they can drastically reduce your losses.

Unfortunately, when you start throwing money at books and systems, it pushes you further into the red. Some players will jump from system to system, racking up tremendous bills in the process.

It’s vital that you learn the basic strategies of the games you play. For the average casino gambler, this will be straightforward and won’t require you to spend money on programs.

For the advantage gamblers that look for every possible edge, understand that the money you spend on these resources is affecting your bottom line.

A Lot of the Information You Find will be Antiquated

There is a ton of information floating around the internet and recycled book stores that have simply lost their merit.

Casino games are ever-evolving and the strategy written for games 30 years ago may not hold up in the way games are played today. The same goes for other gambling activities as well.

Poker players are a completely different breed of gambler and someone is always on the cutting edge of the best poker technique. Due to the nature of poker, when one system begins to take a noticeable advantage over all others it’s time to create a better approach.

Poker Hand on Table

This cycle never ends and players could be throwing money at antiquated systems.

Real money sports betting has come a tremendous way in the last 15 years. The available metrics at bettors’ disposal can overwhelm the newbies that are trying to wade through hundreds of pieces of data to find the winning combination.

You could learn a lot about NASCAR racing by reading a book written in the sport’s infancy. However, if you applied those principles to today’s racing scene, you’d lose by 270 laps.

Most Casino Games Don’t Require Complicated Strategies

When you look at how many casino games exist, you’d be shocked how few of them actually require any complicated strategy. Casino games are a form of entertainment first and foremost, so any system needs to include a simplistic approach.

Otherwise, the games likely aren’t entertaining in the first place and players will go elsewhere for their casino action.

Baccarat is possibly the easiest casino game on the planet, it’s also among the most popular. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

The game doesn’t require much strategy at all. You merely place your wager on the banker and allow the house edge of 1.04% to slowly draw on your bankroll.

It’s as simple as that. You now know everything about baccarat strategy that you’ll ever need.

Yet, there are 400-page books written on the subject. They all come back to a single thing, bet on the banker for your best opportunity to score some wins.

Even slot machines have encyclopedic strategy guides. For those of you that have never played slot machines; you deposit money into the machine and press the spin button.

Here are two of the most popular casino games on the planet and neither require any skill.

You Get Too Many Conflicting Ideas in Your Head

It doesn’t make much difference if you’re a complete novice or a veteran gambler, getting too many strategies in your head will lead to frustration.

Part of your frustration will stem from the conflicting ideas you have about how to act in certain situations based on different schools of thought. This paralysis by analysis can make it impossible to make concise and confident decisions.

Poker players may be picked apart as they limp into pots unsure of the best time to raise or get out of the hand completely. When they do figure out that their beat, it usually costs them much more money than necessary.

Person Handling a Large Poker Chip Stack

Then there’s the losing that comes from trying to play mental gymnastics through different casino ideologies. Most casino gamblers aren’t equipped to adequately process 100 different ideas going through their head at the same time.

Find a system that you believe in and learn everything you can about the strategy as it continues to show positive results.

Having Perfect Strategy Won’t Do You a Bit of Good if You Never Play

What good is being the best Three Card Poker player on the planet, if you never play the game?

I’ve known several excellent casino gamblers that would spend hours on end studying the best strategy for a game. They read every book and watch every video available, but that’s all they would do.

Gambling is supposed to be fun, don’t become so consumed with learning how to play the game that you never make the time to get to the casino and play.

Being a student of the game is commendable, but don’t fall into the trap of believing you can master the game.

Tiger Woods was a true student of the game. He continues to constantly work on his swing (when he’s not injured) and learn anything he can about the latest advancements in the game. He’d spend insane amounts of time on the driving range and in the gym, but he was always playing on Sunday because of the work.

The result of his hard work is that the game of golf was forced to evolve. Even Tiger couldn’t master his discipline, although he did give that impression for a decent stretch.

Don’t become so consumed with perfection that you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy the game.

Trying to Commit All of the New Information to Memory Could Slow You to a Crawl

When you are regularly filling your brain with as much gambling strategy as you can find, it will slow you down.

That’s going to come with a few undesirable consequences. The first being that any hesitation may cost you.

If you’re a sports bettor or poker player, any hesitancy could cost you money. In the sportsbook, it might mean you fail to pull the trigger on a great value bet.

People Sitting at Casino Sportsbook, Three Dollar Bills Spread Out

For poker players, your opponents will see your indecisiveness as a weakness and attack you. Having too much information bouncing around your brain could make the right decision unclear.

The second problem you could face is with the table games. Your fellow players will not show the same level of grace and patience you could expect to receive from the dealer for slow play.

Slowing things down at the casino games is usually a good thing, but if taken too far problems will surface.

You Never Know if the Strategy is a Proven Method

Depending on where you’re shopping for your casino gambling strategies, the information you’re getting may be complete hogwash.

Everybody under the sun sees the vast money-making opportunities that casino gambling can provide. Unfortunately, the games are fickle and it’s a tremendous undertaking to beat the casino at their own game.

Selling a casino gambling strategy is a far easier path to making money. So, the system you’re paying for may not hold any merit whatsoever.

When gamblers incorporate poor methods into their gambling habits two things happen. The first is that you waste resources on another gambling strategy.

That only drives you further away from making a profit.

The second and more significant issue is that you’ll be tossing money into the fire in the casino. Losing is always an issue when you face the house edge, but the consequences are more severe when you believe you can win with bad intel.

Be certain that you research the casino strategies and vet the source before you start implementing them in the casino.


Keep things intuitive when it comes to your casino gaming. That will assist you in not falling prey to paralysis by analysis on the casino floor.

Use the 7 reasons you need to study gambling strategy less to keep you focused on the reasons you gamble in the first place. Everyone has a best system that’s slightly different, it takes time in the casino to perfect your style.