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How to Tell if a Slot Machine Is Loose

A slot machine is loose when it pays out a lot of money. It also...
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The 5 Best Poker Rooms in Las Vegas for Mixed Game Poker Players

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of writing up several guides to the...
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Celebrities That Have Lost Big in Blackjack

Blackjack attracts more celebrities than any other casino game outside of poker. Like many gamblers,...
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Best Ways to Spend New Year’s in Las Vegas

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is a special experience unlike any other city. It’s...
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How to Tell If a Slot Machine Is Honest

When people ask in gambling forums or general question and answer sites like Quora if...
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Which Gifts Are Best for Gamblers in Las Vegas?

If you have an unlimited budget and are feeling generous, please send me one million...
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How to Play Craps at Home

It’s no secret that craps is my favorite gambling game. It’s just more fun than...
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Best Ways to Spend Christmas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a town made for celebrations. Throughout the year, visitors travel to Sin...
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4 Whales That Fueled High Stakes Online Poker With Their Losses

High rollers aren’t as prevalent in online poker as they were several years ago. Certain...
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How Does a Casino Know When a Player is Cheating?

If you’ve ever watched Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels, you probably found yourself wondering how...
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The Top 10 Best Taco Places in Las Vegas

Tacos in Las Vegas?  You better believe it. I understand the reputation of visiting Las...
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Why You Should Almost Always Call on the River in Limit Poker

Most of the time, I like to focus on pot limit Omaha, but I do...
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The Best Way to Become a Casino Dealer in Las Vegas

What if I told you a lucrative career in the casino gambling industry can be...
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Why Your Blackjack Game Is Bad

If there’s one casino game most people should be able to master, it’s blackjack. Even...
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The Top 7 Movies on Gambling (And How Accurate They Are)

The good news about Hollywood movies is that they always accurately portray their subject matter...