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The Best Gambling Questions of 2019

It’s impossible to answer every gambling question on the Internet but every now and then...
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4 Ways to Improve Your Texas Holdem Post Flop Play

This article covers ways to improve your results after the flop playing Texas holdem, but...
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Why Do So Many People Gamble in Casinos?

It’s the same as asking why do people watch movies in the cinema or why...
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6 Essential Items to Bring When Walking the Las Vegas Strip

Over the course of 4.2 glorious miles, the Strip along Las Vegas Boulevard packs 28...
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Casino Definitions Every Sin City Visitor Should Know – (Part 3 of 3)

Any insular community that serves a specific clientele is sure to develop its own language...
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5 Texas Holdem Starting Hands You’re Overvaluing

It takes a long time for some Texas holdem players to understand the link between...
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Casino Gaming Terms Every Sin City Tourist Should Know – (Part 2 of 3)

In a previous blog post, I took the time to put together the first part...
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5 Secrets Only Locals Know About Las Vegas Slot Machines

For the more than 100 casinos scattered across Las Vegas, slot machines are the lifeblood...
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Gambling Terms Every Las Vegas Visitor Should Know – (Part 1 of 3)

Every visit to Las Vegas can become an educational experience for gamblers. Whether you’re trying...
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3 Things You Can Learn From My Gambling Mistakes

I’ve been gambling in one form or another for close to 40 years. The first...

3 Reasons You Should Never Play Roulette and 3 Reasons You Should

Every time I’m in the casino, it seems like the popularity of roulette is dying....

7 Examples of Gambling and Their Implications

You’ll occasionally run into someone who learns that you’re a gambling writer. They’ll usually have...

5 Things You Think You Know About Las Vegas That Are Actually Dead Wrong

After you’ve visited Las Vegas a handful of times, it can be all too easy...

5 More Mistakes Made by First-Time Visitors to Las Vegas and How to Avoid Them

So, you’re packing up and prepping for your first trip to Las Vegas, huh? Although...

7 Slot Machine Strategies I’ve Tried (And Which Ones Worked)

Even though everyone knows that slot machine games are entirely random, people still try to...