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5 Video Poker Tips for Beginners (Or Anyone Else)
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7 Facts About the History of Playing Cards
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Is Las Vegas or California Better for Young Poker Players?
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The 10 Best Tips for Keno Beginners
Among casino gaming enthusiasts, keno has a poor reputation. People quickly point out that the...
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7 Reasons Why the Blackjack Dealer Always Seems to Win
Of course, the blackjack dealer doesn’t always win, but many people feel the dealer wins...
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Why Hit Frequency Is Important to the Average Slots Player
Slot machines don't involve much strategy. Instead, you're mainly relying on luck to win. However,...
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Could Make at the Roulette Table
Roulette is a simple game, even though you have many different betting options. You decide...
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Why Insurance in Blackjack Is Sometimes Called Even Money
Anyone who’s read a reasonably good post about basic strategy in blackjack knows that you...
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Top 3 Mistakes Every Slots Player Makes
Slot machines are popular because they’re easy to play and they offer the chance to...
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The True Secrets of Blackjack Revealed
The most mysterious thing about blackjack is why anyone would bother splitting 10s. Reams of...
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The 5 Worst Card Counting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Counting cards is my favorite advantage play technique, and for most people, it’s way easier...
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The Rise and Fall of High Stakes Online Poker
Land-based casinos and private home games dominate the world of high stakes poker. Some of these...
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Should You Try to Become a Professional Slots Player?
Most routes to becoming a pro gambler are well known. Daily fantasy sports (DFS), card...
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Semi-Bluffs in Poker: What They Are and How to Win Money with Them
Most poker players and non-poker players alike have heard of a bluff. It’s a classic...
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Doubling Down for Less in Blackjack
“Doubling down for less” is an unusual move at the blackjack table, and it’s usually...