Overview of Trop Casino Greenville in Mississippi

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Trop Casino Greenville is a smaller casino in Greenville, Mississippi. And it’s perhaps the smallest of its kind in thesState of Mississippi. So, you’re not venturing out to this one if you’re looking for a complete vacation getaway.

However, if you like a more intimate gaming experience, or if you just dislike all those resort-style attractions at a gaming venue, then Trop Casino Greenville makes for an excellent consolation. In today’s post, we’ll talk about what the Trop offers, its dining options, and its loyalty program.

Oh, and if you’re part of Caesars Rewards, you’re already halfway there because they are a Caesars-operated casino destination.

Are you ready to see all Trop Casino Greenville offers? Keep reading for an overview, and we will dive into greater detail into the subsequent sections.

Overview of Trop Casino Greenville

You’ll find Trop Casino Greenville at 199 N Lake Front Road in Greenville, and it’s the home to an eclectic set of new and classic slot machines. The downside here is that it does little with table gaming or even sports betting, at least per their website.

So, if you’re a fan of electronic machines, it’s a good place to frequent. But you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’d like a more diverse array of gaming.

Like their small number of gaming options, they only have one dining option to get excited about, that being Big Waters Cafe. A one-stop shop, check out the dining section in today’s post if you’re looking for more details regarding Big Waters.

They have several exciting promotions to get excited about. But really, is there a single Caesars-operated location out there that doesn’t? But to maximize them, you must be a member of Caesars Rewards. If you’re already a member, you’re in the clear and you also know all about their loyalty program.

But if you’re new to casino rewards programs, check out the promotions and entertainment section for a greater rundown.

As little as Trop Casino Greenville is, they bring in some of the area’s hottest upcoming local acts. So if you’re looking for some music or comedy for the evening as opposed to another round on the slots, make sure you check it out.

Since this is a smaller casino, expect nothing in terms of accommodations. However, venture to the Accommodations Section and you’ll find a solid number of places to stay in the area.

Ditto for the nearby attractions, since when you visit these smaller casinos, odds are, you’ll be looking for more ways to have fun throughout the region.

Now that you have an idea of what Trop Casino Greenville offers, let’s dive into deeper depth, starting with slot machine gaming.

Casino Gamimg at Trop Greenville

The gaming floor at Trop Casino Greenville offers hundreds of the hottest slots ever created. But you’ll also find a few new themes that you’ll end up looking for back at your “home” casino. That’s assuming the Trop is not already your home.

They also have a non-smoking section, too, so if that’s you, make sure you take advantage. They also have multiple denominations here at Trop Casino Greenville. If you’re more of a high-roller, make sure you check out those high-stakes pulls while you’re at it.

Trop Casino Greenville Casino Floor

As stated in the overview, you’re getting nothing pertinent to table gaming, or per the website, sports betting. At least not during the time of this writing in July 2021.

So, again, look elsewhere if you’re into the tables, poker, or sports betting. But for those of you interested in real money slots only, you’re golden—especially if you’re a member of Caesars Rewards. But before we talk about them, let’s discuss their dining option.

Dining Options

Trop Casino Greenville’s dining option includes the one-stop-shop in Big Water’s Cafe. This outlet offers both dine-in and takeout options, and it’s open from Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm until 8 pm. They’re also open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

They also have plenty of popular menu options, including chicken fried steak, seafood such as catfish sandwiches, shrimp po’boys, hot dogs, and chicken tenders. So, as you can probably tell, you’re looking more at comfort food options than anything else here.

However, they also have specials featuring items like margarita specials and margarita buckets, along with sampler platters, and more.

Oh, and they also offer sensational panoramics of nearby Lake Ferguson, which serves as one of many reasons people from all over frequent Trop Casino Greenville. Plus, Big Water’s also has meeting and event space.

If you’re looking for a venue to host your next gathering, make sure you inquire at Big Water’s Cafe at Trop Casino Greenville.

Promotions and Entertainment

Promotions at Trop Casino Greenville include point multipliers, mystery cash, free slot play opportunities, and more.

If you’d like to take advantage of all the aforementioned promotions and more, make sure you join Caesars Rewards. If you play in Caesars-operated locations often, it’s not a hard decision to join the rewards program since you can use your membership to maximize promotions at each.

However, as a member of Caesars Rewards, they also allow you to earn tier points every time you play your favorite slot machine or table games (when applicable). Earn enough points, and you’ll get benefits like direct mailing offers based on play, more free slot play, and more.

Best yet, if you play and use your membership often at Caesars-operated locations taking part in the program. So, if you’re playing in another Caesars location halfway across the country, you can use that same exact card.

Caesars Rewards Program

The more you play, the greater those perks and benefits get. So, even if you win nothing at the slots or tables, you can still walk away with a few more tier points that may even lead to special discounts over at the dining and hotel accommodations.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Studio T for some live entertainment at Trop Casino Greenville. This venue hosts the hottest music and comedy acts in the area, and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the casino floor, or after a tour of the surrounding region.

You’ll find the 2,000 square-foot Studio T right outside the Big Water’s Cafe, and like most modern-day venues, you will not find a bad seat in the house when you venture over.

Nearby Accommodations

You will find nothing here at Trop Casino Greenville. However, Trop Greenville isn’t the only casino in the area, so if you’re looking for some resort-style accommodations, check out the hotel at Harlow’s Casino Resort & Spa.

You’ll find the hotel and the casino itself at 4280 Harlow’s Boulevard in Greenville. And for those of you who love the cards and sports betting, Harlow’s has them, so that gives you an even greater incentive to set up base camp here.

They offer rooms that include Deluxe Doubles and Deluxe Kings. Or if you’re raring to go long, check out their Deluxe Suites. You’re basically getting identical accommodations at each, including jacuzzi-style tubs. However, the Suites go a bit longer with the separate living space offered.

They also have a few cool amenities at the hotel, which includes a spa, fitness center, and a convenience shop called the Pantry. Stay at Harlow’s play at the Trop, or if you decide to, play in both.

Harlow's Casino Resort & Spa Front Entrance

But if you’re looking to spend the day outside the casino, check out the following section where you’ll find a few cool nearby attractions.

Local Attractions

Greenville, Mississippi has a few places to get excited over, and it’s not just the two casinos in the area. If you’re into local history, head over to the Greenville History Museum for an exciting educational experience.

And get more local stories over at the River Road Queen Welcome Center. Besides a few more exhibits here, they also offer brochures on other exciting attractions in the area.

The Century of History Museum at the Hebrew Union Temple is a good bet to discover more about the town’s Jewish population and the significant role they have played in the region. And it’s always worth visiting the Washington County Courthouse.

The 1927 Flood Museum tells a chilling tale of one of the largest natural disasters in American history, and the Winterville Mounds is a great site to see when you’re into ancient history.

Our Conclusions About Trop Casino Greenville

Trop Greenville Casino isn’t a large casino, but it’s a perfect place to engage in some gaming when you’re interested in nothing more than just a few hundred slots and a more intimate experience. As opposed to the resort-style gaming and amenities over at nearby Harlow’s Casino.

It’s even more rewarding when you play here if you’re a member of Caesars Rewards, given the tier points you can earn when you play your favorite games. Plus, it allows you to take advantage of more than a few promotions.

Have you visited Trop Casino Greenville? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.