The Only 5 Bets Casino Gamblers Need to Use

Craps Table on Left and a Roulette Wheel on Right

Most casinos offer 100’s of bet options, and a high percentage of the bet options are bad. So the way I judge whether a bet is a good option or a bad option is how good my chance to win is when I make the bet.

The five wager options listed in this post all give you a good chance to win. And when you compare these five bets to most other options in the casino, you have a much higher chance of winning. In addition, these five bets are the only wagers you ever need in a casino.

1 – The Basic Blackjack Bet

In many casinos, the best bet is at a blackjack table. When you find the tables that have good rules and use proper strategy, you can gamble with a house edge of .4% to .5%. But you have to know how to find the right games and how to make the proper plays.

The good news is that you can learn how to make the proper plays in just a few seconds. All of the correct blackjack plays are listed on a chart or card that you can use when you play. Most gamblers who use these charts or cards call them strategy charts.

The way blackjack is played, the way you play each hand determines the house edge. So if you play hands the wrong way, it makes the house edge higher, and when you play hands the best way, it lowers the house edge.

Every casino gambler needs to learn how to find blackjack games with a low house edge and use a chart or card. The most important rule is how much you get paid for a blackjack. Only play on tables that pay 3 to 2 for a blackjack. You can learn more about the best blackjack rules by doing a quick search online.

2 – Nickel Video Poker Games

Another good option for casino gamblers is real money video poker. Some video poker games have a house edge of .3% to .5%. But only machines with certain paytables offer a low house edge. And you have to learn how to play the games using the right strategy, just like blackjack.

I included nickel in the title of this section because you want to bet the smallest amount possible when you play. For example, a nickel video poker machine lets you play for a quarter per hand. If you play in a quarter machine, you have to bet $1.25 per hand, and on a $1 machine, you have to bet $5 per hand.

Casino Deuces Wild Video Poker Machine, Yellow Caution Symbol

The big problem is finding nickel video poker machines with good pay tables. You usually have to play in online casinos to find the right pay tables at the nickel level.

Spend some time identifying the best pay tables, find a strategy chart for the game you’re playing, and find nickel machines, and you’re gambling with a low house edge and limiting your losses because you’re playing for low stakes.

3 – Betting on the House

The house is the casino, and it’s difficult to bet on the casino. Some people buy stocks for casino businesses because they know that casino businesses tend to make a profit. While I believe that buying stocks is a form of gambling, this isn’t what I’m talking about when I say bet on the house.

In this section, I’m going to explain the best wager for any gambler who doesn’t know much about gambling. It’s an easy wager to make, and it has a low house edge. The bet I’m talking about is so easy to use that you don’t even have to understand the rules to make the bet.

Most casinos have a game called baccarat available. Some casinos offer baccarat in high limit areas on a big table. On the big table baccarat games, players have a chance to participate in dealing the game. But this isn’t the baccarat table where you want to play.

The baccarat table where you want to play is on the regular casino floor, and the table is the same size as most blackjack tables. A dealer runs the game, and all you do is decide how much money to bet on each hand and which spot to place your bet.

You can bet on a tie hand, the player hand, or the banker hand. When I say that you should bet on the house, I mean that you should bet on the banker hand. The house edge is only slightly higher than 1%, which makes it one of the lowest house edge opportunities in the casino.

Winning bets on the banker hand are charged a commission, but the house edge is determined after the commission. And the dealer takes care of the commission for you, so all you have to do is bet. The only other thing you need to do is make the table minimum bet every time you play.

When you make the table minimum bet and always bet on the banker’s hand, you’re playing with a low house edge and limiting your overall losses. Therefore, every casino gambler should have the banker bet in their bag of tricks.

4 – French Even Money

Roulette is rarely one of the best games in the casino. The house edge for most roulette games is much higher than the other bets listed in this post. In fact, every bet on a roulette wheel that has a double zero space is bad, and you should never play on this type of roulette wheel.

But there’s one type of roulette wheel with a particular set of rules that offers several good bets. The first thing you have to find is a roulette wheel that doesn’t have a double zero space. The total number of spaces on the wheel you’re looking for are 37. The spaces go from zero to 36.

But it’s not enough to find a roulette wheel with 37 spaces. While a normal roulette game with 37 spaces is better than other wheels, the house edge is still too high on most of these wheels.

Stack of Roulette Chips

What you need to find is a roulette table that uses French rules. The most important rule is called in prison or en prison. When you make certain bets on a wheel using en prison rules, the house edge is only 1.35%.

en prison is a rule that places your bet aside when you lose. If you win the next spin, you get the money in prison back. If you lose the next spin, you lose the money that’s in prison, and your new bet is placed in prison.

The bets that use the en prison rule are the wagers that pay even money. So when you play on a roulette wheel using French rules, the only bets you should make are the ones that pay even money, like red, black, odd, or even.

5 – The Craps Combo Wager

The final bet you need to know about appears to be a little complicated at first. And there’s a reason why it appears to be complicated. The casinos don’t want players making this bet because it’s the only bet in the casino that offers fair odds.

Every other bet in the casino is designed, so the casino makes money. But there’s a bet at the craps table that pays out exactly the same amount of money that it takes in on average. The bet you need to know about is called an odds bet.

If you could just make odds wagers, you could gamble as much as you want and break even. But the casinos don’t allow gamblers to make the odds bet without doing something else first. You have to make a bet on the pass line or don’t pass before you can make an odds wager.

The best way to play craps is to bet don’t pass, and when the dice set a point, you bet on the odds. You’re playing with a house edge under 1.5% when you use this combination.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s extremely difficult to win when you gamble in a casino, and if you make the wrong bets, you have no chance to make a profit. But when you know the right bets to make, you have a better chance than other gamblers to make money.

The best bet in the casino is at the craps table, but the casinos won’t let you make this bet until after you make another bet. Basic blackjack games also offer a good chance to win, and if you can find the right video poker games, you can play as close to breakeven as anyone in the casino.

The next time you gamble in a casino, stick with the five bet options listed in this post. They give you the best chance to win.