Ohio Attractions Near Jack Thistledown Racino

Jack Thistledown Logo With Zoo Elephant and Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

While Jack Thistledown Racino is in North Randall, Ohio, population 988 as of 2019. But its location in Northeast Ohio will give you plenty to look forward to if you venture off the casino grounds and into the surrounding area.

Since the racino dwells in the southeast portion of Cuyahoga County, it’s not unusual for those to travel both north into Cleveland, Ohio and south into the Akron/Canton area.

So, if you’re gaming on the slots and horse races at Jack Thistledown, you won’t drive far in either direction to come across the state’s hottest attractions.

From world-renowned two hall of fames to Ohio’s North Shore along with an extensive system of natural preserves along the area collectively known as Cleveland Metroparks.

So, are you ready for the grand tour?

Excellent, because once you get a taste of all the Cleveland/Northeast area offers besides Ohio gambling, you won’t want to leave.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Located 30 to 40 minutes south in nearby Canton is where you’ll find the most magnificent structure in sports: The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Football fan or not, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will offer you a true treat given the 101-plus year interactive story that you will experience live, and in person.

With its interactive exhibits where you can measure hand, arm, and leg sizes with some of the NFL’s best players. You’ll also listen to motivational speeches from holograms of legendary NFL coaches like George Halas. After hearing from Halas, you can bet you’ll leave this venue feeling like you can take on the world.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

But, if you’re an NFL fan, you’ll rejoice in exhibits that feature timelines of each decade in NFL history from its beginnings in the 1920s to today’s modern game in the 2020s. You’ll also find pleasure in a close-up of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl Rings from every Super Bowl Champion.

And don’t forget to go up top and find the busts featuring your favorite Hall of Fame players, coaches, and contributors to the professional football game.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a must if you’re an NFL sports betting fan or a historian looking to gain further insight into one of the primary staples of American culture.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Like the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will attract a few distinct groups of people. Obviously if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll fall head over heels for the venue the second you walk through the door.

But if you’re an architecture enthusiast, prepare to lose your breath as you view its triangular glass-exterior extending out into the waters of Lake Erie.

Within its walls you’ll find an interactive story regarding the evolution of the music genre itself. From its origins in the 1940s to its continued evolution through the 2020s, come and learn about the pioneers that transformed the genre into one of the most popular and recognizable in the world.

Once again, you don’t need to be a fan of rock and roll to gain something of value here. Whether the music genre, history in general, architecture, or curiosity piques your interest, you’ll want to take a few tours through this venue if you’re taking a break from the casino games at Jack Thistledown and exploring Cleveland.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the home to many beaches and water-related activities that you’ll find whether you’re on the city’s east, north, or west side. Regardless of the time of year you venture to Cleveland, Ohio, there is always something going on in Lake Erie.

Whether you’re in the mood for water-skiing, fishing, boating, or relaxing on one of its beaches, find your favorite activity and pass the time gazing into the sapphire waters or if you’re in the water, catch breathtaking views of the Cleveland skyline.

Looking for a perfect day at the lake?

Lighthouse at Lake Erie

Head over to Huntington Beach on the city’s west side and watch the sun rise over Downtown Cleveland to begin your day.

Then go out for a swim, get a solid cardio workout on the beach. Enjoy the seafood at one of the dozens of restaurants scattered about the North Coast And head over to the east side and watch the sunset to end your perfect day if you need one off from the slots and races over at Jack Thistledown.

Little do people know that Ohio’s North Shore holds every bit as much fun as if you were on the Atlantic or the Pacific Coast. And since the sea of blue extends beyond the horizon, you’ll think you’re in a tropical setting if you venture up this way in the spring, summer, or even early fall.

Progressive Field

Home of Cleveland’s Professional Baseball Team and several significant events, Progressive Field remains a staple in the Cleveland area since it opened in 1994.

Whether you’re a baseball fan going on a nationwide tour to view every MLB Stadium or if your favorite team is in town playing Cleveland, you’re in for a day to remember at the ballpark.

And if you ain’t a baseball fan, no problem. There is still plenty to get excited over when you head to Progressive Field. Especially if architecture is your thing.

Did you know Progressive Field holds the distinction as one of the first retro-style ballparks built in the late 20th and early 21st century after Oriole Park at Camden Yards?

Uh huh, you’re heading to one historically significant venue here.

As the baseball enthusiast in you should know, many MLB teams searching out new ballparks followed that of Cleveland and the Baltimore Orioles, opting for the retro, classic design that exemplified baseball stadiums back in the early to-mid-20th century.

Progressive Field MLB Stadium

So like the Pro Football and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the architecture enthusiast in you will rejoice when you admire Progressive Field’s structure and design. As it is easily one of the best in all of baseball.

But if you’re looking to set your eyes on more than just baseball, Lady Luck has you covered. Progressive Field also hosts non-baseball events like college hockey, concerts, and similar events year-round.

So if the night’s entertainment at Jack Thistledown Racino isn’t cutting it, you may find yourself with another option if you head over to Progressive Field to see what’s cooking.

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse always has something going on. So even if you’re not interested in watching the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, the NCAA’s Cleveland State Vikings, or the AHL’s Cleveland Monsters, don’t worry. This venue is always hosting something worth experiencing.

In the past, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has played host to the US Figure Skating Championships, Mixed Martial Arts Events, rallies, and concerts.

But there is so much more than its diversity of events that makes this venue special.

Rocket Mortage FieldHouse

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is a great place for you and your family if you have kids with hypersensitivity needs, such as those on the autism spectrum. The trained staff will equip you with sensory bags that include headphones, blankets, and similar items.

Also available at the facility is a sensory room. Plus, if the environment becomes too overwhelming, they are exempt from re-entry policies if the need arises to leave the facility for a short time. This goes for all events, including NBA, NCAA, AHL, concerts, trade shows, and rallies.

The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has become the first KultureCity certified sensory-inclusive venue in the NBA.

Cleveland Metroparks

Outside the City of Cleveland and near Jack Thistledown Racino resides a network of reservations that encircle the city. They are collectively known as Cleveland Metroparks, and if you’re looking for a place that includes free admission and unlimited access, the Metroparks are your prime destination.

This is especially true if you’re a nature-enthusiast. Here, you can take a day off from the casino to go biking, hiking, running, boating, fishing, and more.

Also in the area is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. So if you or anyone in your group is an animal lover, they’ll get a kick out of the 3,000 different domestic and exotic animals along with the 600-plus animal species available.

The Cleveland Metroparks attracts an astounding 18.5 million visitors per year among its 18 reservations and zoo. So you can place a safe bet that you’re not the only one looking to turn your stay at Jack Thistledown Racino into a fully fledged vacation destination.

Heck, it may just be the other way around. Perhaps the Metroparks is your primary destination and you’re just looking to pass time at the nearby casino since there are so many outdoor activities available to get excited about.

One thing is for sure: Cleveland Metroparks has something for guests of all ages and interest levels. So find yourself at Cleveland Metroparks and gain a new insight on everything nature has to offer.


Cleveland and the entire Northeast Ohio region are on the rise and are such a far cry from the ailing situation they found themselves in during the mid-to-late 20th centuries.

Jack Thistledown Racino can definitely say that it took part in pitching in to transforming the Cleveland economy from its darkest days. But it doesn’t end with just the racino.

As you can guess, many attractions have turned Cleveland into a tourist hotspot.

From its water activities on the lake and nature activities at Cleveland Metroparks to its reputation as one of the hottest sports cities in America to the region being home to two prominent hall of fame venues, a new era has dawned on the city.

Have you taken a day off from the casino gaming at Jack Thistledown to explore any of the attractions listed above? If so, which ones?